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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

it's late...but...

...i don't want you, my faithful readers, to think i'm abandoning you. because i'm not. really. actually what i'm really not sure of is if i have faithful readers. but i do know i love blogging and letting it all out there for whoever to read.

today was dance. and praise the lord...breigh did it ALL BY HERSELF. no amelya in class with her. no tears. yay! yay! yay! i was so proud of my baby girl. amelya learned, 'fifth position' and was commended on it by the teacher because she was the first one to do it 'right'. so another proud mommy moment. and caitlyn, i'm proud of her too. she still isn't walking. i have a feeling she won't quite be either before baby d comes. oh well. two babies then to carry around.

after dance it was chiropractor time. let me tell you. i needed it! i love dr. jamie. she helps so much. i'm excited to see if going to her and being all 'in line' for delivery will make a difference. either way it's gonna hurt, but it'll be interesting. i'm getting anxious for this baby again. i keep praying for me to enjoy these last few weeks i get this baby all to myself. because after it's out...there's no going back...and i'll have to share this baby. amelya is getting excited too. she keeps talking about her little _____ (nope not telling).

halloween is coming. i don't like halloween time. i know i've gone on about this in tons of posts. but i guess it frustrates me sometimes. i just am trying to understand why christians choose to celebrate it. i do understand why those 'in the world' celebrate it, they don't know the meaning behind it, or don't care to know, or just don't care. and that's fine. what i get frustrated with is those who follow jesus with their whole life, yet still choose to partake. i don't get it. for me i cannot, and will not, participate in a 'holiday' that celebrates satanic rituals, sacrifices, etc etc etc. i mean seriously people have babies, just to sacrifice them on halloween!!??!! that makes me sad, it makes me want to cry. i've mentioned it before, but i will again, watch the movie Halloween:Trick or Treat? it's a good movie. and gives great insight as to what halloween is. so now i've recommend two movies this week, fireproof and this one. i don't know what else to really say about the topic. i truthfully don't. i just guess if you're a believer, and celebrate halloween, can i ask why? if we're supposed to live by what the bible says, and it says to avoid witchcraft...are we doing that by celebrating halloween? we're given free will. and it's your choice. you all know mine. :)

sorry. i'm rambling, i'm tired. but i'm super excited. tomorrow i have my dr appt for the week. then it's thursday...and then friday is the day to leave for the weekend!! i'm excited. i still haven't recieved some packages, praying they're here before the weekend, otherwise it won't be as 'fun'. ha. and i'm even more excited...i found a calvary chapel in rochester. i've contacted the pastor and the church is less then ten min from our hotel. so that's good news. it'll be fun to go to a different calvary.

alright, time for bed. so that's where i'm going, right after i wake shaun up from his position on the couch and probably take a trip to the bathroom, so i don't have to get up during the night...i'm so bad...i hate coming downstairs in the middle of the night 'just' to go pee. so i hold it til morning. or as long as i can. i've been doing good so far...okay too much info...good night. for real this time.

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JDK said...

OK, so how in the world do you hold it all night?? That is amazing; not this pregnant momma! When I gotta go; I go!

Anyways... I agree with the Halloween thing. It is icky. I don't understand why people decorate their lawns with ghosts and celebrate death (skulls, graves, etc.) It is odd that so many Christians choose to celebrate Halloween. But, remember, we're all on our own journey towards Christ. God is working on us all, and He picks out different things to change in us as time goes by. Ya know?