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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

t-i-r-e-d...tired...that's me...

hey everyone. i've got a quick minute, and instead of napping i'm blogging...hmmm...maybe next time i should nap. i've been tired the past few days. although i don't know why! lol. actually i was the most tired yesterday because it was a very busy day. i was up at five to try and hold off dustin til five thirty...which he did very well. and i fed him at five thirty and then got showered and ready to go for the day. it was dance day of course. i woke the girlies up a little later than i should have and we kind of had to rush around to get ready in time. but god answered my prayer and had shaun's mom come earlier than eight thirty, the time i told her to come.

so we were out of the house by eight thirty for dance. doris took the girlies to dance, and i took dustin to get his bili levels checked. his auntie danielle got to do it for him. it was her first time, but it went well, and worked out well for us beacause the clinic is right by the dance studio. i only missed breigh's class. and after amelya's class we went to eat at the 'family restuarant'. that's what amelya calls it. then off to the chiro. i couldn't wait. my back has been so tense and tight while feeding dustin. because he can't latch on properly because of his tongue i tense up as he gets 'on'. the pain goes away after a bit, but it always hurts like crazy to start. the chiro loosened me up a bit and checked dustin. she was impressed with how well he was 'in line'. just his pelvis was way out. after the chiro we went home. as i pulled into the garage i got a call. we had to redo dustin's required state newborn blood screen. there is nothing wrong with him they said, but the test was hard to read or something. so i asked doris if we could drive BACK up to appleton. i figured since i had help i might as well take advantage of it.

we waited a bit to get in, but then when i did, the lady was taking blood and then i said how we had his bili checked this morning. she said then why are you here again? i said for the newborn screen. well she apparently was misinformed and thought we were doing a bili. so she stopped and had to go get the screen for the state testing. she started that and then made a mess on the screen, and because the state is so picky, had to start over. poor guy had to get poked again by that point. i'm so glad he's such a trooper. he cries, but doesn't scream bloody murder like he could be.

we finally made it back home by four thirty. i was exhausted, but very thankful doris was along with me to help. it would've been worse had i been all by myself.

i also have an update on dustin's tongue. they called me at five on monday to set up his appt with the ent. the first available is next friday she tells me. i said are you serious?!? i explained to her the pain i am in and she told me to call the ped's office the next day to see if we can get him changed to urgent. so i called the nurse yesterday and she was able to move me up to tuesday, getting better. dr birn was out of the office yesterday and she told me she would have him see what he could do as well. and today i got a call. we get in TOMORROW! praise the lord. we may only be able to see the dr. and then have to come back on friday for the actual procedure. but i don't care. god totally answered my prayer and we got in tons earlier than NEXT friday. i'm so happy. i also have to take dustin to get his bili levels checked tomorrow at nine. his levels have been borderline and yesterday they had gone down, but they want to make sure they keep going down. so we haven't had to have the blanket, and i don't think we will. he doesn't hardly look yellow anymore at all. now i have to get to appleton by nine tomorrow. shaun's mom is still off of work and actually taking amelya and breigh to veggietales live tomorrow afternoon. so i'm going to see what will work out with her to help me or take the girlies a bit earlier than we had talked about. i'm just thankful for the help. dustin's ent appt is at ten. so it works out rather nicely. i love god and his intimate planning of details!!

shaun has been working late this week. he doesn't like it and isn't happy about it. today the guy he works with had to leave at noon, shaun's excited to try and be done by five. which would be nice. i need to go to walmart. but i am still a little nervous to do the first walmart run by myself. i think i'll give myself another week to do that!! all the mom's at dance couldn't believe how i was there yesterday. i don't understand that. i mean seriously all i did was have a baby. i didn't have major surgery or anything. i don't have the nice opportunity to have a husband who gets weeks off either when i have a baby. i've had to get right in it with each of them. actually with amelya he took a few more days off than with the others. but breigh, caitlyn and dustin he was off for the hospital stay and that's it. it worked out that we always had a weekend in there too. i also don't want to depend too much on his mom this week, because next week she'll be at work. i need to just do it, and by the grace of god, it's been going super well. today is the first day that no one has stopped out and it's been going good. all four of them were up at the same time this morning, but we made it through it with no breakdowns from me or them. although i was close.

dustin still only gets up twice a night. it's so nice. i'll feed him in bed right before i go to bed. and then he's up two times after that. last night it was 1230 and 330. then he slept again til 730. he usually waits every three hours to eat. and there is one time during the day that it's two. so it's been pretty 'easy' with him. we've been so incredibly blessed with all four of our babies being super good newborns.

now i start thinking...is this it? are we done? most of my heart says yes. and then there is that little smidgen that says...hmmm are you sure? what i am sure of is that this is it for now...and for awhile. i DO NOT want to be pregnant again in eight or less months. my body and my mind does not want to handle that. i need a break. so for now i still pray. and trust. and know. that god will take care of it all and that he will give me his answer i just have to wait for it to become clear to me.

sooo go check over at mckmama's blog (www.mycharmingkids.net) she had her little stellan today. and you know what? he's doing wonderfully...truly a miracle of our god. seeing a story like hers i don't know how there can still be people who don't believe in god. how can you not? god and ONLY god can do something like that. it was nothing a dr did. god did it. our master physician. because he's cool like that.

well my break is over. breigh's awake. back to mommyhood again. :0)

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CityMom, CountryMom said...

So glad to hear what's going on. Yes, God is amazing. And 2 boys to be thankful for (my blog family of Stellan and Dustin!) As much as I like to hear what's going on, please get some rest, blogging can wait, but you need all your strength to take of baby and girlies! Congrats again!