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Thursday, October 30, 2008

quick update...

okay quick update here. dustin got his little tongue snipped this morning. yay!! now i don't have to go back up to appleton tomorrow. he got his bili levels checked this am too. pretty much slept through that. and then we went up to the ent office. we were quite early, but we also got in a bit earlier too. the ent dr was interesting. i noticed a hole for an earring in his ear. it made me giggle actually. like oh yea drs are real people too. i could care less if he has a hole or an earring in it. i just found it amusing...could be lack of sleep who knows. so he looked at dustin's tongue and said well if you're up for some screaming i could do it now. so that's what we did. and you know what?!? our god is so cool...dustin SLEPT through it. didn't make a noise! only god can give a week old baby peace about having a scissors cut under his tongue. i was so happy.

nursing went well after this too. and it is a lot less painful. super big yay!

the girls are all fancied up for their date with nana tonight. they're both wearing dresses, with tights, the tights are breigh's favorite. i'm hoping they enjoy their time with nana at veggietales live. then they're going out to eat and staying over at nana's. shaun and i are going to go to walmart later with just the two little ones then. we're out of bread, diaper cream and almost out of wipes. and i'm sure we need lots more things. having dustin should save us money in the long run, it'll be a lot harder to just go to walmart because i'm bored. i'm sure shaun will enjoy that!

so i said quick. that's what i mean. the three little ones are napping, and i need to switch the dishes in the dishwasher...then i'm going to sit on the couch and relax. and not feel a single bit bad about it either. toodles.

3 loving words from you.:

Ashley said...

Hope the girls have fun at veggietale live... sounds like lots of fun! Happy to hear (read) that all is well at the Popp household, can't wait to see everyone next weekend!!!

Beth said...

Glad things are going well!!!

Anonymous said...

yay, praise the lord for working that out that dustin was able to get his tongue done and slept!!! enjoy your time tonight with shaun and just two kids. crazy-you'll sorta feel for a few hours that you only have a little girl and a real little boy. love ya! chantae