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Saturday, November 01, 2008

a quick quiet moment...

...it's pretty quiet hear at the moment. breigh and caitlyn just went down for their naps and now i wait for dustin to wake up from his to eat. and amelya...well she's just hanging out. and my husband you ask...well he's working. the 'plan' was to be done by noon. because we have stuff to get done here at home, and shopping to do for the wedding next week. well the 'plan' was changed. something is majorly broke at the farm...which means a later day than normal for a saturday...

...when shaun called and gave me the heads up, truthfully, i cried. must be the hormones. then i 'sucked it up' and prayed. and god has now given me peace and calmness about it all. and i also realized it's much better for this to have happened today than tomorrow and shaun would have to miss church. the grass can get longer today..who cares. i'm hoping that it still isn't too late and that we can go shopping. we need to get shaun an outfit to wear for the wedding next weekend. usually he just wears polo shirts and nice pants, but i feel since me and the girls and dustin are going to be all nice looking, he should be too. i also want to find the girls some sweaters to wear with their dresses. that way if it's cool at church or the hall they'll be warm. i'm excited to see them all dressed up. i'm hoping dustin's outfit fits. the size is big, but it's the smallest size i could get. we also need to find a gift for my sister and grant. amelya suggested a card. i said sure we can do that...but we need a present for the card!

amelya and breigh had fun with nana the other night. they didn't get back til late yesterday afternoon. i was happy to see them. it's amazing how quiet the house is without the two of them. it was weird to not have anyone to talk to and answer me back too. caitlyn enjoyed the alone time with us though. it was nice to have that special mommy and me time with her yesterday morning. caitlyn is getting adjusted to her little brother. i feel bad that she's still a baby herself, and now has to share the spotlight with another baby. but she's handling it quite well, and i'm quite happy.

dustin is doing super good. he's adjusted his eating to eating at around 1030-1100 when i go to bed, or rather wake up on the couch and move to the bed. and then he's been getting up around 3-330 to eat. then not again til 630 or later! it's super nice. so really he's getting up only once a night. because i COULD get up after he does at 630 but have choosen to enjoy a bit more rest. this morning i got to sleep til 730. one problem him getting up at 630 poses however, is waking up caitlyn. yeah. my secret is out. caitlyn is still sleeping in our room. in a pack and play. and that is another thing i wanted done this weekend, moving her out and in with the girls. but the girls' room poses yet another 'problem'. clothes. all over. in piles. some in totes. mostly folded. i have clothes from size 6-9 months all the way up to a tote full of clothes too big for amelya. i would love to get their room clean. but now...find me the time. when breigh and caitlyn are napping i'd have plenty of time...however breigh naps in her room. so that's out. when shaun gets home it's late and i want family time. so that's out. after the girls' go to bed...well you get the picture. but now it needs to be done, we were planning on doing it, and shaun's working. ahhh. i am not an organized person by any means. well i am in some stuff...others i'm not.
if you came to my house you wouldn't be offered a tour, and if you asked...well don't...because i don't know what i'd say. at any rate...i wouldn't give you a tour. my laundry room has clothes in piles, of mine and shauns. and there's lots of other things that need to be gone through. however i'm a little scared to do it at this time of the year, i don't want to see a mouse...or a rat...we had rats last year! yuck. so that means it'll wait. our room has boxes of boy clothes all sorted out by size. and a dresser that used to be in my room at my parent's house...it's just randomly placed, not being used. and let's see another dresser, a night stand. and then there's our bed, bassinet and pack and play all set up too. i'd LOVE to get our room and the girls' room organized ASAP. then there is one more room upstairs that will be dustin's room. it's still has stuff in it from when it was shaun's bedroom growing up! dustin's room can wait a few months anyways. i usually leave them in the bassinet next to our bed for awhile. so lord willing in a few months i'll have an organized upstairs...THEN that only leaves the laundry room that's a disaster. hey not too bad. i'll give myself...a year...i know that's a long time..but i'm a busy mommma...so a year...then you can come over for a tour...of my ENTIRE house...not just the parts i want you to see. since we've had the playroom done, i've had a clean downstairs. there has been a few days of dishes on the cupboards and some stuff on the dining room table. but that's it. god is so good. i just keep praying for ambition and a clean house. and so far he's helped me do that.

well i took a break to feed dustin and now i should shower, since i've been afforded the time to. so i'm off to finish cleaning up lunch...blogging took a front seat to that..lol..but now blogging goes back to the back seat and i get back to a bit of reality.

1 loving words from you.:

The Beaver Bunch said...

You know, I used to (and sometimes I still do) care about the fact that my house is ALWAYS a wreck. It would really hit me when I'd go to certain friends' houses and they would have everything in it's place, with no stray toys, or shoes, or burb cloths (or dirty diapers) laying in the living room.

Then, God really pressed it on me. He said, Jessica, WHY do you want your house to look that way? Do I get more glory if it's cleaner? Do I love you more if it's cleaner? Are you doing more of my work if it's cleaner?

The answer to all of those was - No.

Know, that in this season of our lives, our houses will be dirty, laundry will be piled high and stuff just won't get done. However, in 15 years we will long for piles of too large clothes, a laundry room full of sorted but not folded clothes, if it meant one more afternoon with our little babies.

When I feel in a funk b/c my house looks so bad, I try to see past it and look at the good. I see the crusty glue on the table and I force myself to think about how much fun my kids had making their art projects. You get the idea.

I'm thinking of you and, we are in this season of life together.

Many Blessings,