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Monday, November 03, 2008

not me monday...the quick version

well i'm afforded a quick minute to blog again...this 'fall back an hour thing' has my two oldest girlies up before seven again!! so i guess it's given me time to shower and look presentable before the two little ones get up...so i'll do my not me's and see where i get...mckmama (www.mycharmingkids.net) wasn't sure if she was doing hers after having her little baby last week, but i have time, so i'm doing mine...plus it's fun..

so it wasn't me who teared up while reading mckmama's blog about her beautiful baby stellan, and then sit and reminsice about my own baby's births...because truly they're all miracles...

it wasn't me who cried when shaun said he had to work late on saturday, because i wasn't looking forward to getting out of the house for a little bit...even with all four kids (well okay it is true i did cry, i already told you i did on saturday...oops)

it wasn't me so happy to hear that we could still go to appleton saturday even though shaun worked til five, and i wasn't happy to just leave the house for a bit as a family

i wasn't happy when someone made a NICE comment about us and all our kids...

it absolutely wasn't me who teared up this morning while reading a comment on my post from saturday, it isn't me who feels 'special' that someone who doesn't even KNOW me cares enough to share her heart, and messy house, with me...i LOVE blogging buddies...especially ones who whole heartedly admit to having a messy house JUST LIKE ME!!

diapers on the living room floor?? NEVER NOT ME!!

dishes in the sink??? NOPE NOPE NOPE

laundry...clean and dirty in piles in various rooms of my house??? GASP! NEVER EVER!

toys that didn't get picked up before bed??? ABSOLUTELY NOT

hmmm...that felt good.

i'm going to mom's group today. i'm excited. there's a 'mentor mom' speaking, so that's always fun. after mom's group we're going to gage's house for a bit. it'll be nice to get together with him, and his mommy of course, again. keep gage in your prayers too please. he has a sedated echo this week and could possibly be having surgery next week. visit this site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mittelstaedt to read all about gage's story
i'm also going for my first dress fitting today....i was brave at my mom's house yesterday and stood on the scale for the first time since having dustin...i did it with all my clothes and shoes on...usually i take the shoes off anyway...and i was 204 when i went in with dustin, yesterday i was 185. i was pretty excited. now i'd still like to lose 25-30 more pounds...but i think in two weeks losing 20, okay 19, that's pretty good. i was about 175 when i got pregnant, then i lost 10 pounds at the beginning. but since i'm 'pretty sure' i'm done having babies...at least for a long while...i'd like to get to 155-160ish. but no hurry. i've never been in a 'hurry' to lose weight. i am not a good dieter...plus i'm too picky of an eater. i've just been so far trying to cut back on soda and snacking...but will afford myself a snack if i'm hungry for it. lol

well caitlyn is awake. so my blogging break is over...hope you all have a super fantastic monday...

3 loving words from you.:

Anonymous said...

19 lbs off-yay!!! ok, so, winter will be tough, but we should start walking and getting the kids outside after i have this baby in spring!
i'm so glad you were able to get out of the house this weekend with the entire family-plus i was glad to see shaun at church b/c i knew what that meant! i even told nathan on the way there-he thought i was weird for hoping shaun would be there until i told him why!
thanks for continueing to pray for gage and asking all your blogger friends to pray for him as well!!!
see you at mom's group!
love ya,
chantae and gage

heidi said...

Congrats on Dustin's arrival!!!

I will come over and clean your house for you. If I bring my 4 kids, though, we'll be running a daycare and there will be no point in cleaning! LOL

CityMom, CountryMom said...

Wow. I'm expecting my third at the end of Dec. and as I'm reminiscing about #1 and #2, I (feel like) I can really understand where you're coming from. Heck, we even have the same weight goals and practically started off (and hopefully will end) in almost the same places. Since my #2 and this baby will only be 19 months apart, I'm also planning that it will be quite a long time before any more come along! And yet I too am a very bad dieter and am picky, etc. Anyway, this is me saying- it's nice to know there's another Mommy out there who seems so similar. So thanks for the encouragement. Blessings, CityMom