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Friday, November 07, 2008

it's friday...already

wow. i can't believe i've left you all hanging ALL week...sorry about that. and this post is going to be quick because i've/we've gotta busy busy day ahead of us.

the wedding is TOMORROW. that means i've been doing 'wedding stuff' a lot this week. my dress fitting was not so good...on monday...wednesday the dress at least fit...but i feel a little tubby and not the least bit pretty...so i ask my praying blogging friends please just pray for me about the dress and feeling pretty. i don't want to spend the day feeling yucky and tubby. i KNOW i had a baby two weeks ago. but i don't want to 'look good for just having a baby' i just want to 'look good'. i know i'm going to hear the ...for just having a baby..comment. but i don't want to. it doesn't make me feel better. okay so that's my rant on that.

amelya is excited to wear her dress. and i'm sure she'll look like a little princess. i'm excited to see her. breigh and caitlyn will be all cute in their 'fu-fu' dresses too. and of course my little man will look oh so handsome in his suit outfit. and my hubby...he'll probably look all cute too. i'm hoping to sneak a dance with him at least once at the wedding. don't know if that'll happen with four kids in tow. or we all can dance...very romantic...

we're off to get pedi's today. i'm bringing all four kids with me. breigh wants her toes done too so if i'm bringing three i might as well bring four. my friend offered to watch breigh and caitlyn and that is what i was thinking...til breigh wanted her nails done. so fine...i'll bring them all. on tuesday i went to target...by myself...with ALL of them. yay. it went well. and today while my mom is getting a mani before our pedi i'm going to the mall with them!! only because i have to pick up something for my mom and that will kill some time.

so okay boring post. but you know i'm alive. i have to get ready now for the day. i doubt i'll be back before sunday. and i'll try to post pics asap!! please just keep us in your prayers for a successful easy day for all of us involved...and that dustin doesn't need to eat until after church is over...and that i can figure out a way to nurse in my dress!! :0)

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Anonymous said...

hey-praying all goes well today with the wedding, kiddos, and nursing! i can't wait to see pictures--can you believe your little sister is getting married today? it seems too weird to think of shaun getting married. lol
my email isn't working so if it takes me a bit to get back to you-it won't let me on. i wish it wasn't such a crazy week-i'd like to talk to you about something, but i knew you were busy yesterday so i didn't want to call you. i don't think we will be at church tomorrow. gage still might have surgery on thurs. and all three of us are coughing and feeling yucky so we'll probably stay home and try to get better and not spread it around.
anyway, put pics up!
love ya!