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Monday, November 24, 2008

nope it wasn't me monday

so it's that time again! head on over to mckmama's blog for the full rules and loads of fun...so here i go...because all the girlies are still sleeping and i just may get this done in ONE sitting. lol.

so nope no way was it me changing dustin's diaper on the couch. and when i didn't look away he so didn't PEE ALL OVER the couch. and then i didn't make shaun clean it up because i was too lazy to do it myself.

i was not the one all excited to get dressed up for our date to the melting pot. i didn't get bummed when i couldn't wear my favorite perfume because it broke all over the counter a few weeks ago.

while at the melting pot i didn't giggle when a lady dropped her knife, really loudly, at the table next to us. and because i didn't do it the first time i sure didn't laugh the second time either.

while at walmart after our date, i didn't take dustin out of his carseat to carry him. and because i didn't do that i sure wasn't holding him as i FELL. and because i didn't fall i don't this big ole bruise on my knee. and i wasn't blaming my 'high heeled' boots the entire time we walked, well limped, around walmart after. (dustin is fine i didn't drop him or anything...i seriously have no idea what happened...besides me being embarrassed!!)

oh and it so was not me all excited to be NUBMER 2 last week for not me monday!! lol.

well this is short, sweet and to the point. i've gotta get moving to get ready for mom's group this morning...check back later i'll try to post about our date and weekend. toodles for now!!

12 loving words from you.:

Julie said...

I've changed my boys' diaper on the couch...now I'm scared!

I never wear heels if my kids are around. I KNOW I'd fall! I'm clumsy!!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ooh, I love the melting pot! Couch thing? Been there. Silly boys!

Jessi Dawn said...

Oh, I love your new header; super beautiful.

Thought about you this week in my moments of motherhood "fun". :)

Have a great week!


heidi said...

Ugh. I've done the falling thing. Once I did it at church and I landed on Cara's TOE. I smashed it AND took the skin off of it. Horrible.

Ashley said...

I never changed Ayden's diaper on my bed and he never peed all over the blanket... and I never made Jay clean it all up either! Gotta love little boys!

-stephanie- said...

awwww, sorry about the fall. glad you're ok.
we are loving the 1st snow here.

Following Him said...

I totally did not find you through MckMama and get excited that you were #2 last week. So I do not have a really busy life and do not get excited over small things.

Jill said...

What a scary fall! I'm so impressed that you managed to hang onto your little boy. Glad you're both okay.
Sounds like you had fun on your date!

~*Mistee*~ said...

Bless your heart! That had to have hurt!

Oh and you think babies pee on the couch is bad! Try dog!! UGH!!

Honey Mommy said...

I was third last week... and pretty excited about it. This week I couldn't think of anything, so I posted something else.

By the way... I'm sure I've NEVER changed my baby on the couch!

Lisa said...

You indeed have your hands full. Oh, I have so been there before and been pee'd on. Gotta love it when the hose gets out of control (lol).

Mandy and Jack said...

AH! Babies peeing on couches... it's bad enough my dog does that. I think we'll wait a while for the babies.