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Monday, November 17, 2008

not not not for sure not me monday

well of course as always from www.mycharmingkids.net it's not me monday. here are the things i for sure did not do this week...

...i absolutely didn't laugh when breigh said "i need to take my shirt off" while trying to nurse her baby...and before she did that i didn't giggle when she asked ME to NURSE her baby doll

i didn't giggle when after explaining to amelya that we put money in the red bucket for people who don't have money and she said "but we don't have money"

i absolutely didn't find it highly amusing when at pizza hut our waitress had the audacity to FLIRT with my HUSBAND right in FRONT OF ME!! when we had TWO of our FOUR children with us!! i didn't almost bust a gut laughing when she leaned against the wall, flipped her hair and asked very interestingly flirty "would you like some more mountain dew" i didn't giggle more when both times i left the table she found a reason to immediately come check on my HUSBAND. i so didn't only leave a few dollar tip either because of all of this. i also did not tell this amusing story to everyone i could after it happened!!

i didn't sit last week at mom's group and say "if i could be guaranteed a boy, i'd for sure have one more baby". i then didn't contemplate 'e' baby names for a boy or a girl (emilee or eli). i also didn't laugh at shaun after telling him the story when he walked out of the room with his hand up and shaking his head.

shaun and i didn't talk last night about what we're going to do about having anymore babies. and then we didn't decide we're not doing anything permanent because NEITHER of us are too sure if FOUR is ENOUGH...crazy? probably. :0) (for first time readers...we just had our fourth baby in about three and a half years)

i absolutely didn't blush when my husband sent me a text saying 'love you babe' because my husband is ALWAYS like that and it was NOT the first time EVER he sent a text saying that. i also am not so excited that for our anniversary next saturday (five years praise the lord) he suggested going to eat at THE MELTING POT!! when he asked if we could 'afford' it i didn't say i'll make it work!

my husband didn't make me feel all 'giddy' inside when he kissed me in SAM'S CLUB...and he absolutely didn't do it TWO TIMES! and i wasn't the one all silly and said while grocery shopping "i'll tator your tot" when he said we needed tator tots. ((side note: it was like the first 'us' time in awhile...even though we had dustin with us...and we were feeling all silly i guess...and had lots fo fun...grocery shopping!! lol...))

i didn't giggle when at old navy shaun said 'you've dressed our girls for years, now i get to dress one' because he kept telling me all the stuff i was picking out for dustin was too preppy. by the way it wasn't...it was way super cute!! while at old navy i didn't get all excited when i used my 30% off coupon and saved almost fifty bucks!!

this morning i didn't tell amelya at 704 it was too early to get up and go back to sleep...just so i could go back in bed for a bit...it worked though she slept til way after eight!!

wow lots about my husband this week! it should be not shaun monday i guess. lol. so anyways.

please keep my little caity in your prayers...she's been running a fever of 102 since yesterday. not feeling good at all.

and my friend's son gage (http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mittelstaedt) had his surgery moved to thursday, lord willing. please keep him in your prayers too!!

so because i have a sick little baby drinking milk in the high chair and two other girlies done eating breakfast...dustin...well he's just in my lap. :) i'm going to leave you all with a shorter not me monday in awhile...

19 loving words from you.:

CityMom, CountryMom said...

Soooo funny! And not so funny (the flirtatious waitress and the prayer requests) Have a good day, mama and enjoy your little ones!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you have a sweet hubby. Congrats on the arrival of your little boy. WOW, I can't imagine having that many kids!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Julie said...

Funny post! Will be praying for Gage & Caity.

-stephanie- said...

your not me's are always so funny. I thought of you when gas prices went under $2. in Appleton. Woohoo
Have a nice anniversary.

Gardner Momma said...

I agree, it DOES sound like you have a sweet hubby! Love your "not me's" - Oh, and my hubby is the same way about dressing our boy!

heidi said...

I don't know if I congratulated you or not, yet but congratulations!

We're crazy, too, and not doing anythign about BC. I guess I Just figure that when we're done, God will tell us. *shrug*

Happy Monday to you and your obviously hot hubby. HA! ;-)

Jessi Dawn said...

There is so nothing wrong with a hot date at the grocery store!!

Another baby? I thought you were in with me on this whole "break" thing. While I am not ready to start contemplating baby names, I am as crazy as you... we don't think we're done having babies yet, either. BUT! We are wanting that seemingly unattainable break.

Thanks for your sweet encouragement and prayers. Means so much!

Blessings from your fellow proud mommy of four,

Honey Mommy said...

That is SO funny that that woman was flirting with your hubby. I guess at least you know he is still desirable, right?

Anonymous said...

That was a funny Not Me Monday. Ah the little things us mothers live for! :)

Anonymous said...

woah, what has got into your husband?!?!?! i know he is sweet, but usually not a pda type of guy! don't ya just want to print the text and scrap it? LOL ok, that's something i would want to do! and all the sweeter to know he's doing all of this and there is no wedding coming up and dustin is only 3 weeks!;) boys. awesome how b/c of jesus we still are 'in love' with our husbands(maybe more so at times than others ;)) all those special little things really make us feel special! praise the lord! (but are you sure that was your shauners kissing in a store? not once, but twice- as weird as it sounds i kinda wish i was there to see it-and maybe with a camera in hand for ya to scrap it!) i'm sure come this saturday i won't think of it(sorry) with gage just out of surgery, but happy 5 year anniversary!!! God is so good! remember when we were counting the days until the wedding..then we couldn't believe it was one full year..and now we're praising god for FIVE years...doesn't that seem crazy?!
thank you for the note on gage and his surgery...all the prayers are appreciated!!!
love ya!
ps-yay, the melting pot!!!! how sweet of shaun to think of that yummy place! i always tell him about 'brownie points'-this week he's really got the points rackin' up! =)

Following Him said...

I can not believe that the waitress had the nerve to flirt with your hubby in front of you. WoW!!! Found you through MckMama!!

annb said...

So cute! I remember when my daughter would "feed" her babies the way my sisters were feeding theirs. My first time to visit (from Not me Monday) and I'll be back again. I love the picture of your family - I put up my first "Not me" today.

Jennifer said...

It's so cute when little ones try to "nurse" their babydolls! I have 4 kids as well, but I think I'm done..lol! Notice I said "think"! Your hubby is on a being sweet roll! Hope it lasts for ya! Sounds great!

Rachel said...

love it, love it, love it! Isn't it funny how the smallest signs of love and affection can make your day, week or even month! My husband and I joke around like that too!

Kameron said...

That's too cute! It is fun to get all giggly and flirty with your hubby! Enjoy the melting pot! I'm going on Tuesday!!!So yummy!

Robin said...

Your "Not Me's" are too funny! Okay, I don't know you but I know full well having a newborn in the house and I can't believe you're talking about baby names!!! That is cracking me up! I myself was happy with just 2 kids...so God was gentle with me and brought the next 3 along with 2-3 years between them :o)


Junita said...

I always think it's funny when the waitress flirts with my husband. What do they think we are doing there???? Cute Not Mes!

Liz said...

so cute - you have had so many opportunities to giggle this past week - how wonderfully happy!!

Gabriel & Krystal Garza said...

I laughed out loud a little with the "I'll tator your tot comment!" Oh those moments alone :)