i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


already?!? wow. this week has gone by quickly already.

although last night i was thinking it was SO SLOOOW of a week. yesterday was a long day. we had dance in the morning. and we barely made it there on time. poor time management on my part nothing else. then we went to the family resturaunt. and then target. then the chiro. then because i didn't want to go to walmart by myself, with the kids, i went to my mom's house and went to walmart by myself. then after we got home the girls were all cranky. and i was exhausted. i also had to make supper while dealing with all of it. and all supper was, was hot dogs with garlic crescent rolls wrapped around them. (hard huh?)

so needless to say, i wouldn't 'let' shaun go plow our field until the kids were in bed. and they were in bed by 815. their normal bedtime is usually 830 or after. but i think they were just as exhausted as i was. (and they all slept til almost eight this morning, and i woke caitlyn up a little before nine!)

i missed sleeping with shaun for most of the night though. he didn't get in the house til after midnight and had to be to work by five again this morning. he's had to go in early all week. and hasn't gotten home til after six either all week. so he's the one who should be exhausted!! and apparently when he came to bed he was cold. he touched me and i freaked out at him. i vaugely remember telling him something. apparently i said, get the heck away from me you're cold! i feel bad for freaking out, but i don't remember it. does that help? who knows.

thanks for all your prayers for my little caitlyn. her fever is FINALLY gone today. and she seems to be feeling better today. she even ate something. (mcdonald's chicken nuggets...lol) but that's a start anyways. we had story time today and went to mcd's with maddie. it's kind of a tradition i guess. we go there once a week with them. either on monday after mom's group or wednesday after storytime. i guess i enjoy the time with melissa and the girls all enjoy playing together...or getting it 'trouble' like last week, but that was at a pizza place not mcd's. so it's nice to get together and chat with someone.

my kitchen is way super clean. well not the kitchen itself but the cupboards are. i got my big messy one all cleaned out. the one that's in the rachael ray video. (missed it? go down a few days and find the link...i'm too lazy to relink it...) i had tons of old food in a lot of my cupboards. but it feels nice to have them all organized. even though no one else can really see that they are unless they're going through my cupboards...which would be kind of weird too i guess....so regardless they're clean.

i also need to pick up toys. the younger three are sleeping and i need to 'organize' the playroom again. or at least everything is where it belongs. it's gotta be that old day care teacher in me. everything has it's own place...now if i can only apply that to the rest of my house....hmmm there's a concept. an entirely organzied house...hmmm...almost seems boring to me. lol. only because i know it may never happen...at least for a long while...and wanna know something? i don't really care. too much.

so last night i had a crazy dream. i had 15 children. yep 15. all i can remember is that i kept counting them to make sure i had them all. crazy?!? yep. take away a one and maybe that'll be better. lol. 5. would i be able to 'handle' five children? hmm. i think so. but i also think i'm going to wait awhile...at least a year...hopefully...we all know what happened last time i said that. i was pregnant way sooner than with the others...but in all seriousness, kind of, i think my body needs a break. it'll protest. if it could. but i also know that 'if' and that's a BIG IF we have another baby, whenever it comes it will be in GOD'S PERFECT TIMING. because like god his timing and plan is always just that...perfect. absolutely perfect.

as i look at my babies i know that. he planned it all out. perfectly. as i 'stress' i know it's only a short time. soon my babies won't be babies. and then i'll be wondering what i ever 'stressed' about. so i enjoy each and every milisecond i've been given with these wonderfully perfectly made babies. because my god is wonderfully perfect.

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