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Friday, November 14, 2008

peace and quiet.

it's pretty peaceful in our house. amelya is playing my 'pbs' which is actually my nintendo DS, and yes i said MINE. and the three little ones are sleeping.

a friend and her daughter came over today. the girls had fun playing with izzy. but breigh was exhausted, hence the napping now. caitlyn was up early. hence the almost four hour nap now. and dustin, well he's three weeks old...what'd you expect? lol

oh and me you ask? i'm tired. half contemplating a nap myself. but i know dustin will want to eat soon and caitlyn will wake up as soon as my eyes shut.

there's a tape of criminal minds i need to watch. and yes i said tape. my mom taped it with her VCR the other night, and i'll watch it on my VCR. we still have those you know. so it's calling my name. i love that show. but instead of watching it wednesday i went out to eat at hu hot. um yeah. i'd rather eat at hu hot and watch the tape. plus i can fast forward through commercials.

last night i went to a purse party. and bought three purses. but stayed under the 150 dollar limit. (by 12 dollars even) i'm good on purses for awhile. at least a few months.

my neighbor and her kids came over yesterday. we've a few busy days of little friends. the girls love their little friends though.

in fact the girls got in trouble with their little friend on wednesday. they were playing by the games at the local pizza place. and we were all at our table talking. (the friends mommy and my sister and her HUSBAND ((that's weird yet)) ) so i saw the owner walk back by them and melissa went to check on what was going on...well one of the games were broke and the door was open...so our three girls decided to empty out the tickets...all over the game room...um yeah. oops. so stifling laughter, because really it is funny, i told the girls it was wrong and made them apologize to the owner. she smiled and actually laughed too. and said it was the game people's fault for not locking to door again. so it was okay...and funny...but the girls didn't get a bouncy ball because of it...and breigh wasn't happy...but they were not behaving well by emptying out the game.

i probably could've been more creative telling that story, but i'm tired. forgive me. tonight i'm actually making a yummy supper, hopefully, i got of the rachael ray show. here's the link to the recipe because i'm too lazy to type it out: http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/food/recipes/sloppy-joe-manicotti/

did i ever tell you i was on the rr show?? i know i did...but wanna watch my segment? and see my kitchen?? here's a link to that too...http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/show/segments/view/worst-kitchen-in-america-search-day-2/
to tell you the truth, my cupboard still looks like that! but we did buy a new stove with the 500 gift card from sara lee.

alright enough linking, i'm off to watch criminal minds now. have a great weekend. shaun doesn't have to work. super big excited!! that's me...

2 loving words from you.:

Ashley said...

I love criminal minds too (my fav is reid, but morgan is pretty good looking too!) but I haven't watched much of the new ones this season yet as Jay likes to watch Ghost Hunters on Wednesday night. Hope you have a great weekend!

Jill said...

Wow! You are cooking new recipes just short three weeks after having a precious baby who has three young sisters? Amazing!
I totally understand how you're not sure about another baby. We didn't want to permanently decide either. :)