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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

dreary morning

**warning** i'm updating on caitlyn's dr's appt yesterday and there is lots of talk about poop and anus, if that bugs you skip the first paragraph...

it's a dreary wisconsin morning. kind of fits my mood. i'm tired and dreary. but i wanted to let you all know about caitlyn's dr. appt yesterday. we met with the GI doc again and then with the pediatric surgeon to see if surgery is something that is needed right now. the GI doc and surgeon both feel surgery is NOT needed. caitlyn has been managing well on her own, well with the help of miralax. but the miralax is keeping her soft and going mostly everyday. in the past month i think there has been one or two days she has not gone. but went three times the day before. the doc feels that she is doing well enough to not do surgery NOW. surgery is still an option, IF things change, or if she starts getting UTI's. then it seem that surgery would be better than not. the only thing that she has to do is continually be on miralax. that is something that will probably not change. as she gets older she may be able to control it with her diet, but for now we're keeping her on the miralax, to make sure things stay soft. the surgeon drew us a picture of what her insides look like. it's basically like she has a "shelf" that she has to push her poop over, hence the constipation. 'normal' people have a straight shoot. she doesn't. it's because her anus is anterior placed. she has a minor form of an imperforate anus. but that's okay because imperforate anus is MUCH worse. the surgeon also said that all of her muscles are around her anus and she can squeeze good. sometimes people have their muscles all in front or behind the anus. he said that surgery, right now, probably wouldn't be of much help to her. so now we continue to pray that god keeps her soft and regular and that we'll never have to have surgery. she'll probably never be able to deliver her babies naturally, but god can fix that too, so we trust and pray and pray and trust continually.

dustin is three weeks old today. it is so hard to believe that three weeks have gone by since we had him. he's just as good of a baby as his sisters. we've been so incredibly blessed by good babies!! he gets up between 2 and 3 am and then again between 5 and 6. so really not too bad, but i'm still tired!! yesterday i got a nap in with him before amelya and breigh got home.

so because i'm not ready to divulge lots of details, and i'm not sure if i will ever, please just keep our family in your prayers. there's a little bit of drama happening and i'm not able to 'deal' with it by myself. i need god's help and your prayers to help me through it. it's nothing life threatening or anything bad like that. but it's a situation that needs to be dealt with. and quite honestly i hate having to deal with it right now. i'm just not 'in the mood'. so remember us in your prayers. thanks and sorry to 'leave you hanging'.

mommyhood calls me now. so i must be going. til next time my friends be good. :0)

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The Johnson Family said...

Glad to hear Caitlyn is doing well for now.
WOW...3 weeks already...I never can understand and probably never will understand where the time goes.