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Thursday, December 11, 2008

biggest loser.

i just want to clarify that i want michelle to win biggest loser. just so you know. because i do not likey miss icky vicky. i also feel heba was kind of mean through the whole show. ed is nice enough to 'give up' his spot. but really it doesn't matter because either way their family is given the chance to win. kind of 'luck out' that way i guess. michelle deserves to win because she worked hard and didn't 'play the game' i think if you want to 'play a game' go on survivor. that show is full of people playing the same game. i do not like how biggest loser turned into that this season. but what can i do? just hope michelle has worked her tail off and looks smokin' at the finale and blows the other two out of the water. we'll see. can't wait til tuesday. for now i'll wait for tonight for survivor and the finale of that on sunday. (i have a bit of a problem with the whole reality tv thing...amazing race was SO good sunday. and i teared up a bit when the couple put their rings back on...)

i also finished jen's header, and a background. once i'm given the 'go ahead' i'll share it with you all. i've spent a lot of this morning working on it. i'm exicted to share it with you all. and i'm so glad i have such good kids. i put dustin in my sling so he hung with me...literally i guess...and the girlies were so good at playing by themselves. i just wanted to finish it for her. :0) alright. i guess i've 'ignored' my children long enough. (i did take care of them...i can take breaks from the computer when they need me and come back...that's what is great about it.)

til later. and probably tomorrow. :0) amanda

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Jill said...

Go Michelle! I don't think I like Heba or Vicki very much at all.

Anonymous said...

well, it's good to know that we have been thinking the same thing again this season on biggest loser. i was actually wondering why you liked heba so much since she has been kinda mean and such a player the whole time. actually this year has held my interest the least. other years ppl i really wanted to stay in have until closer to the end and this year the two couples i didn't want in stayed in until the end and michelle seems so sweet and doing this for herself more than the win. which i feel the 'win' is just a bonus they should be working so hard for themselves not the money. but sense i don't get into any other reality tv maybe i don't have the drive in me on biggest loser. i just want the ppl to feel good and happy about themselves.
alright, there is my take on it--so glad we agree strill!

The Johnson Family said...

Michelle rocks! I'm a reality show junkie also. I cried at the ring scene of Amazing Race and can't wait for 7pm tonight for Survivor.

Honey Mommy said...

I totally agree with you on Biggest Loser. I don't know where they got the contestants this season, but I thought a lot of them were very mean and petty!

I hope Michelle wins because if Vicky does I think I may throw up.

Stephanie said...

Okay well we agree on biggest loser now :) I'll get you my info before the nights up!

Stephanie said...

There's something for you over on my blog..come check it out :)

Also let me know what info you need for my blog...yippee

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I watched! I watched! All of your posts re The Biggest Loser inspired me to tune in. I must say that I definitely see the draw. You made a convert out of me.

Also wanted to tell you how much I am loving the latest design on your site. You've got mad, mad blogging skills! Totally worth ignorning your kids for a bit. :)


Jen said...

Amanda, you are so cool to help me with my blog!! I can't wait to "debut" the new look!!
Also, you know I am SO WITH YOU on this whole biggest loser thing. I SO DESPERATLY want Michelle to win...but if she doesn't then PLEASE let it be Heba because like Honey Momma said...if Icky Vicky wins..I may puke. It will certainly change the way I look at this show. Although...I will give her some props--she HAS worked out diligently through this show...but I totally think her motivation is the money and the "win" and not at all about the lifestyle and being healthy.
Anyway...till next Tuesday...guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed!!

Kimberly5 said...

I am so rooting for Michelle to win!!!

Go Michelle!!!!!!