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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

breigh has now...

...grown up...well sort of...we set up her toddler bed last night. and she slept in it. til five thirty when she fell out...but then she went right back in it and right to sleep. yay. AND at seven when she got up...she stayed in the bed til i came. wow. so maybe this toddler bed isn't such a bad idea. i'm hoping she will still nap as well.
BUT now caitlyn is in their room. and it may take longer for them all to go to bed. it was over a half hour last night. they were giggling and laughing and talking. it was so fun to listen to. i didn't yell at them. nope not once. they were all in their beds and weren't being naughty. so i figure let them have their fun. which they were. plus the 'fun' is bound to wear off eventually.
today was dance and chiro day. woo hoo. dance went well. i just love watching them. next week is observation week, so we get to go IN the studio and watch them closer. so i'm going to talk shaun into taking the day off of work so he can come watch. plus i want to bring the video camera to tape them. ohhh i'm excited already.
the chiro appt went well as always...and breigh finally pooped. it's been DAYS people...i'm excited. after the chiro i went to a lady's house to pick up something i got off of craigslist. i LOVE that site. i got TWO PAIRS of robeez for TWENTY bucks. alright!! plus they look brand new. and they're for dustin. who to date ONLY has one pair of shoes. we can't let that stay that way. now he has three. :0)
i'm addicted to shoes for the kiddos, and hats and jackets. i can't help it. i also own tons of shoes and jackets. at least they get lots of wear out of them..most of the time. and hey i PUT BACK the jacket i was trying on on friday. :0) be proud...i SO wanted it...and it was way on sale. and i still didn't get it...be prouder. lol.
biggest loser is on tonight. i LOVE that show. i however do NOT love vicky. she's 'icky' as one of my blogging buddies has called her. icky vicky so better not win the whole thing. i just may not watch biggest loser ever again if she does...well at least until next season. i do love most reality shows...survivor, amazing race, biggest loser are by far my three fav.
i also stayed awake to see the end of csi miami last night. big whoop. it was a repeat that i've already seen. didn't they get the memo to play repeats of the shows i've fallen asleep to?!? darn. oh well.
so this is all i really have to write about. plus i keep using the backspace to erase my mistakes. good thing for that button. otherwise you may just not have any clue what i am saying. :0) or maybe you don't already...and that'd be worse...i tend to ramble...and change subjects like the wind. so okay. done. really i am. have a super duper biggest loser night. :0) i'm tired too...that's when i get REALLY weird.

2 loving words from you.:

Jill said...

Yeah for the big girl bed!!!
I'm not a Vicki fan either. I was so rooting for Amy to boot her off the other week. Can't begin to tell you how disappointed I was when she caved! :)
Have a good night!

Jen said...

icky vicky...I love it!