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Friday, December 05, 2008

crazy? a little.

that was our house last night. we had SIX kids all UNDER amelya's age, that'd be about three and a half. my friend, melissa, had a really crazy day, and needed a time out. so i told her i'd watch her kids and then her and her hubby could have a date. so that's what happened. the girls were so excited maddie was coming to THEIR house and PLAY. they had SO SO much fun together. and breigh immediately asked me upon waking (at 640 AM) where's maddie? i felt bad telling her she was gone...but she got over it quickly and wanted to know if maddie was coming back again. and really the house wasn't too crazy. just at meal time when there were five kiddos needing something. but really it made me think...hmmm we COULD handle another baby. lol. not for a little while though. or at the LEAST nine months. i mean it. but you know...GOD has other plans. lol.

church got moved to today. our pastor works construction, in the winter has to plow snow. so because there is snow predicted for tomorrow he needs to be ready to plow all day and sometimes into the night. so then they move church to tonight. not really too big of a deal, we just have to rush when shaun gets home from work, but shaun has to work this weekend, and we'd be rushing sunday as well. so no biggie.

i have to change diapers and clothes yet this morning. so i'm going to keep this short, but here is a link to MORE pics. just of the girlies though. ENJOY!!

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