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Monday, December 29, 2008

didn't do it.

well even if mckmama isn't doing an 'official' mr. linky and all that jazz...i thought i would still do my not me monday...sooooo

i didn't answer the guy at best buy like this when he asked if i needed help in the camera aisle. "no thanks...i'm just coveting". he didn't laugh at me and smile.

i haven't been thinking of the list of reasons buying over a six hundred dollar camera will actually SAVE us money. i haven't been telling shaun all of them. he didn't tell me that i actually have a point!

i haven't been racking my brain for things to sell to 'earn' money for the said camera. (changing table, printer, a digital camera...) i haven't thought that i would just tell people who owe me money to pay me in best buy gift cards.

i haven't almost seen just how many days are until my birthday...when i could possibly get the camera...it's over a hundred though...darn...

we still don't have the SAME barney dvd playing in the van. i'm still not singing along (quietly, so amelya doesn't say anything). i do not get the songs stuck in my head and i absolutely do not just randomly start singing them.

shaun also has not started singing the songs. he didn't tell me yesterday that he would try singing the 'clean up' song to the guy he works with today. i did not laugh and tell him to try it.

after dropping the girls off at my sister's house. the said barney dvd did not play for minutes until i realized i could shut it off for awhile. i did not go back on as soon as the girls got back in the van.

my arm is not sore from playing wii. shaun has not beat me repeatedly in wii tennis, because i was a number one singles player in high school...i should be beating him! even if high school was eight years ago. i do not beat him in boxing. and i do not jump around after doing it. i have not been having any fun at all with our wii. :0)

i was not bummed that i couldn't find the wii fit anywhere. i have not made it a mission to look for one this week. i am NOT that obsessed. i did not talk about the wii fit at church yesterday and hear how fun it was from someone who has played it. that did not make me want it more.

geez...i better just stop while i am ahead! i didn't realize all those things that never happened to me.

i have my dr's appt with the endrochrinologist today. shaun is coming with me. please keep that appt in your prayers. i'll try to update tonight on the appt. if i think of it i'll try to twitter after it. that way you may know a bit sooner. but i said TRY!! :0) i appreciate your prayers. and i covet them! more than the silly camera.

i'm at total peace about it all though. because our loving god is in total control. regardless of any sort of bad or good results...god knows the answers and has a plan so much better than my own. i just can't wait to see it all unfold. and i just want to glorify him through all of it. to lead someone to him through this would be so beautifully wonderfully perfect. so i am excited to see his hand in all of it. because i KNOW it is in all of it. and it is ALL good.

soooo i'm off. short rambling today. i'm actually tired. it probably has nothing to do with staying up past eleven playing wii...because that wasn't me!!

7 loving words from you.:

He And Me + 3 said...

Boy...cameras can do that to a person. I am in the same boat. I love that your husband wants to sing Barney at work. Cracking up! I am praying for a good report.

Ashley said...

I am so not jealous that you have a wii and are having so much fun with it! I am not almost halfway to considering buying one because I did not hear from almost ALL of my cousin's on my dad's side that they have one and LOVE them too! Hope your appointment goes well today!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Good list! I love the camera thing. I am trying to talk my husband into a new point and shoot camera, cause ours is old and slow. {He} doesn't hear my case because he has a canon 5D (which I am, under no circumstances, allowed to touch) I hope you get one soon!
My {boys!} got a Wii for Christmas, and we love it!

-stephanie- said...

you have to keep us posted if Shaun sings the Barney clean up song at work. That cracked me up.

Prayers for you.

heidi said...

I banned Barney after the second kid and I STILL sing the clean up song, dangit!

Praying for you today.

Jill said...

Praying for you...
I constantly have Veggie Tales songs running through my head. :)
I wanna Wii!

C.C. and Double T said...

LOVE your "not me's!" Totally understand the camera obsession, and my husband wants nothing more than a wii! Maybe sometime this year...