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Sunday, December 28, 2008

did you miss me? :0)

i know i've been gone for one day right? lol.

well the three little kiddos are sleeping. and shaun and amelya went outside. she wanted to help shovel. which he already did. but she'll play regardless.

i've really not got much to say. imagine that!

we went yesterday and got the water heater element. oh yay! only 27 bucks. and it works...even better. i guess i didn't realize til this morning that i haven't been having to super hot showers i am used to!!

oh and i went shopping for the wii fit. with no luck. i didn't look THAT hard, but am hoping to find it soon. i also saw some beautiful digital slr cameras. mmmm. i want one. soooo i've decided to start 'raising' money to buy one. in cash. no credit card. because um yeah otherwise i so would've talked shaun into it yesterday! we have the best buy card...it would've been SO easy. but i want to buy it, and have it be mine mine mine. and not have that bill over my head. so yeah. i'm off to sell everything. lol. i do have a changing table to sell. need one? want one? come on!! i also have to sell an old digital camera. need one? want one? sure...come on! lol. actually it is a very nice kodak one and i just upgraded to my current one. nothing is wrong with that. we also bought a new printer. so i am going to try and sell our old one. our old one quit printing pictures decent. so i wanted a new one. well actually i also wanted a copier because starting to homeschool means i need worksheets, and it is way easier to copy at home then try and remember to bring them to the library. the printer was on sale and way cheap. and prints beautifully. it is the 'best' as far as picture and copier printers go. so yay!!

so now remember, if you need a changing table, digital camera or a printer. let me know. really. seriously. because i wanna buy that camera. :0) and i figure i can ask for best buy gift cards for my birthday (april 10th if you wanna donate. :0) ) and i'll have that camera in no time at all. maybe even before birthday. i also told shaun i could quit taking the kiddos to sears for pictures every three months if i had my super nice camera to take better pictures with. so you see...we're all saving money. i spend almost 200 every time at sears. quit going to sears...and save 200 bucks. so yeah...makes COMPLETE sense to me!!

well i suppose i've rambled on and on. and amelya wants to go on color dot com. (as she says, it's really crayola dot come...but whatever) so have a super sunday evening and i'll see you in the morning for all the things i didn't do. :0)

4 loving words from you.:

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Loving the new look for the blog? Did it happen during our hiatus? You are always setting the bar so high with your designs! I always look forward to logging onto your site and seeing what changes might be in store.

You and I have the same items on our wish list...an SLR camera. Sadly, Santa did not deliver this year...despite my best hints. Well, maybe we'll both get lucky for our birthdays. (I am in March.)

Wonderful to hear from you! Happy New Year!


He And Me + 3 said...

I hear you on paying cash for a new camera...I want one too. But I will wait til I can pay cash as well. Great plan. I hope those items sell for you!
Love the new look and the new header. Great job!

-stephanie- said...

I'll keep my ears open on the items you have for sale. Love your new header. It's fun to change it often.

Jill said...

Love your new look!
I need (ahem, want) a new camera, too. :)