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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

hypo hyper it's one of the two...

..but it's looking hypo. well i never went into how my six week check went. it went well i have lost MOST of my baby weight. over half! so that's exciting to me. especially because i've been feeling not so cute. and then my dr. checked my thyroid. well she noticed it's too big. so i had my blood taken, and got the results today that the levels are suppressed. so now i have to have an ultrasound done on it. because i really don't trust our local hospital in chilton, i am going to appleton to have it done on the 15th. i'm not too worried about it. everything seems manageable with medication if that's the case that it's a hypothyroidism. too bad it's not hyper...then i'd be losing weight. weight GAIN is a sympton of hypo.
i have to stop myself from going crazy though. i start thinking about shaun's dad, who DIED from THYROID cancer. there is no reason for me to even think it's cancer. but then i start thinking about it. argh. but it's all in GOD's hands...and i have NOT A THING to WORRY about. okay. done.
oh and i'm not sure if i remembered to ever post about dustin. who ROLLED over. off his belly. on thanksgiving. um. yeah. totally shocked me! he is way strong though. last night on his belly he held his head up the entire time and was close to rolling over again. if i already told he rolled over, which now, i'm pretty sure i might have...sorry. but i'm so super proud of him. he's starting to get SO big and change. yesterday at dance the other moms were going on and on about how big he was getting. which..well...he is. i can't belive it. his cheeks are getting all chubby and cute and he's starting to outgrow all one piece 0-3 month outfits. so it'll be time soon to pack away those clothes and get out the next size. sigh.
i almost have all the girls' stuff organized in their room too. breigh has not fallen out of her bed again and is NAPPING in it right now. woo hoo. no lost nap. and caitlyn is napping in the same room and they're actually sleeping. last night the girls were exhausted and all went to sleep with out chatting. all the kiddos actually slept til almost EIGHT today. that was nice. dustin got up around 2 and 5 to eat though. one of these days he'll skip that 2 feeding. but for now i deal. plus really...it's not as bad as it could be. he is only six weeks old.
so biggest loser...darn vicky is still in it. if i were her i would've totally voted off ed. now ed and heba have an advantage. one if not BOTH of them could make it to the final three for sure. so she pretty much could've just handed them the 250,000 dollars. whatever. i know it's not about the money for most of them anyways. it's about changing their lives. which they all so did. now the makeovers. um i didn't like vicky's hair red, either that or her makeup was done badly. her face looked super pale. and it's not even because i don't care for her. it just looked not nice, even shaun said so...so see. i was surprised they didn't cut more of michelle's hair. and renee's looked SO cute short. heba and ed looked nice too. and of course i totally teared up when they got to see their family members. even though i KNEW it'd probably happen, because that is what usually happens on that episode.
snowstorm brooke is hitting our area of wisconsin today. we treked out in 'her' to go to storytime and of course, mcdonald's after. i drove 40ish the entire time. but hey, i get where i need to go...WITHOUT going in the ditch. although monday i got stuck in the driveway during snowstorm andrew. but yay. i got out myself. after awhile of trying.
so i suppose. not much more to write about. so i'll leave you for now. toodles.

6 loving words from you.:

agk11808 said...

i thought the exact same thing when i saw vicki last night...funny thing grant agreed when i said red wasn't a good color!

Jen said...

Hey Amanda,
Im totally with you on the whole Biggest Loser assessment. Vicky....GRRR!! :o)
Good luck with your thyroid situation. Don't let the devil slip in any of those "cancer" thoughts. Your healing has been paid for and it is YOURS!

Following Him said...

Good luck with your thyroid stuff. I know it is difficult. Hang in there and do not think of cancer!

Julie said...

Tyler's 4 months old & I'm up the same times as you. If you can tell me how to skip a feeding, I'm all ears!

Don't think worse case scenario with your thyroid.

Jill said...

I'm normally a very sweet and nice person, but I have to say I laughed at loud at that poor woman as she sat there crying, suspended over the water. [slaps self on the wrist]

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Just read your commentary on "The Biggest Loser"...super funny. I love your attention to detail, e.g. your points on hair and make-up. They are vital to any TV critique.