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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

updated: update a bigger one...or at least more detailed

the 'updated update" is in red

well i'm starting this, we'll see if i get it finished now or wait til later. only breigh and dustin are up...and they're happily playing in the playroom and bouncy seat respectively. sooo i figured i'd start updating you about the appt.

the dr i saw was way nice. and talked way fast. good thing i am a fast talker...i don't think a 'slow' talker would've caught much of anything she said. but because i am a fast talker i totally caught it all. :0) to the point right? SO the lump is pretty big she said. she also said i have a hyperthyroid. but my numbers are not low enough that they warrant meds for it right now. while i was pregnant i was way hyper, but have never been on meds. and my ob never said much of anything. hmmm. i don't know. it just puts you at higher risk for pre-term labor or miscarriage. but the meds you get put on can give the baby cosmetic birth defects. so whatever. and i know when i did have my miscarriage my dr thought it could've possibly been from my thryoid levels. but whatever. it doesn't matter right now. because i am NOT pregnant. (two months in to my 'nine month' no pregnancy goal. lol)

update: **i just want to add to this that as far as i know this is considered a thyroid nodule, not a goiter, which from what i understand is two different things, but thank you to the comment left my 'ot' about reducing iodine intake, my dr said nothing about changing my diet so it leads me to assume that it is not a goiter.**

so she now wants me to have another test done. we are waiting two weeks for it. the reason we are waiting is because i need to get dustin to take a bottle. the day of the test i have to take a radio-active iodine pill and have a scan done six hours later of my thyroid. because obviously the pill is radio-active and i don't need a radio-active child i can not nurse dustin that day. quite honestly that is what bugs me the most! i have to 'pump and dump' my breast milk that whole day. i don't know if i'll be able to bear watching that precious liquid gold go down the drain!

it will also be a bit annoying because i go in at 830 to take the pill then come back at 230 for the test and then be back in at 830 the next day for another test. shaun is taking off of work that day so that'll be nice! his mom also said that she might have off of work that day and could help us out that way too. so we'll see what happens.

the test then will show us what sort of 'lump' this is. ie...a hyperactive thyroid lump or something not so nice. apparently when you have a hyper you it can form this lump. IF that is the case then we would just leave it and watch it. the reason for this is because they get rid of it with a more intense radio-active pill and i can't be nursing or pregnant or having more babies. so we'd just watch it. and if it got bigger or whatever then they would just remove it. and if after doing the radioactive thing and that didn't work, we would just remove it. (my thinking is...just remove it and be done with it!)

IF it is something not so 'typical' then we would do a biopsy and see exactally what it is. and then based on those results go from there. if after two biopsy tries they still can not figure out exactly what it is they would just remove it so it couldn't turn into something bad i suppose.
now i'd rather just have them remove it, because it seems that's the results almost anyways. but i'm not the dr and she doesn't want to 'jump into surgery' if it isn't necessary. so i suppose that does make sense! lol.

we tried a bottle with dustin for the first time last night. it went kind of okay. it took awhile to convince him that mommy's milk was just as good out of a silicone nipple. (because my breasts are not silicone...just in case you were wondering...because i'm SURE you were!) he actually took the bottle better from me than shaun, which surprised me, but shaun didn't know what to do and got frustrated easily. i have had some experience with stubborn babies, from working at the daycare, so i pulled some of those tricks out of my head and with success dustin drank the bottle all. i also think that the nipple isn't quite right. if we weren't supposed to get some 6 inches of snow today i'd run to wally world. but i don't think i will trek out with all four kiddos to do that. if tonight he still has an issue with it, i probably will go to walmart or somewhere to find a bottle he will drink out of. he seemed to gag on the nipple. i don't know. none of the girls ever had an issue and all drank out of the same type of bottle. (the playtex drop in kind) i did have a nipple to attach to the bottles that came in my breast pump bottle kit. those didn't work either. i think the milk came too fast out of that one. we did try the slow flow and the fast flow on the other bottles too, he did better with the slow which i figured he eventually would. we were just desperate to get the baby to eat! he wasn't screaming or crying, but you could tell he was hungry and frustrated that it wasn't coming out of me!

so please just keep praying for god's continued peace and also for my little man dustin. i'm going to try to pump and give him a bottle once a day so that way he gets used to it before my test on the 15th.

i want to say thank you again to all my praying blogging buddies. i want to say thank you to heidi and stephanie for posting my prayer requests on their blogs! it truly means SO much to me. and while you're praying for me and stellan and whoever else...add heidi to your prayers too. her fam is dealing with some medical stuff with her daughter. prayer is powerful. if you don't believe it is just look at the things around you. prayer is so evident every day of my life. i KNOW that i felt SO at peace yesterday because of the prayers of my church fam and you, my friends.

when i started this blog oh so long ago i NEVER thought i'd meet SO MANY wonderfully awesome people. so thanks for meeting me and being my friend. :0) if we don't meet in person here on earth i know i'll meet so many of you when jesus returns and takes us all home! we'll have one big blogging friends party in heaven. how cool will that be? lol.

well i got this done. caity and amelya are STILL sleeping. so i suppose i should go start the wash or something productive...wait blogging IS productive...it just doesn't get my house clean! i've fired my maid and my cook. they rarely show up! and the chauffeur! he's even worse!

7 loving words from you.:

He And Me + 3 said...

I will continue to pray for you and your family...and that nursing baby. I had to stop nursing cold turkey when all this was going on with me...so I know what you are going through. It was not easy, but you do what you have to do to take care of yourself. Praying for good test results.

C.C. and Double T said...

I think it is neat how God brings so many wonderful ladies together to pray for each other.

I will be praying for you and your test.

o.t said...

If you are hyper, you should reduce iodine uptake, so the goiter would not grow

Mrs4444 said...

Sounds like you have the plan all laid out. Here's hoping Dustin cooperates. I gave you an award today, so that should help :) Heehee I will keep you in my prayers...

-stephanie- said...

thanks for the update. I'm with you on taking that lump out right away and be done with it. Continued prayers for you and Dustin.

Beth said...

WOW!! You are certainly in our thoughts and prayers!! I can totally relate to the having to pump and dump - oh my, do they know what they are asking, this stuff is too precious!! HAHA

Brady has already taken two bottles from his Nana and I hope he does ok once I go back to work full time in 3 weeks!!!

Keep us posted as you can and feel comfortable doing so!!! In the meantime - we're hoping all goes well with Dustin and that bottle!

Jane Anne said...

I just said a prayer for you, your appt on the 15th, and baby Dustin. I really appreciate you sharing all of the details. That helps me remember to pray.