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Monday, January 26, 2009

i didn't do it.

monday. already? sooooo as always i'll tell you the following things...with the understanding that they never happened. if you want to join head over to mckmama's site and join in the crazy fun.

...as you may or may not know we have four children. because three of the four children are still in diapers we'd make sure that ONE of the two adults in the house had the diaper bag in the van before leaving for church. because it would be difficult to have NO diaper bag for church and lunch and a trip to walmart after all that.

....because the diaper bag may have been forgotten dustin was not squeezed into a number ONE diaper borrowed from a cute baby girl one month older than him...my son is not tons bigger than her and i did not just buy size three diapers for him.

...and because he may have been squeezed into the size one diaper he did not have a major blowout diaper after we got home...thankfully it was after we were at home!

...my son was not raising an eyebrow and smiling and that cute baby girl either. (lol yes he was!! it was so darn cute...i know it doesn't mean anything...yet...but it made for a laugh)

...our family and gage's family were not crazy enough to think chuck e cheese's would be less busy at four in the afternoon on a saturday. it was not jammed packed with kids all over and rude parents to join them. i have not vowed to never go there again on a weekend!

...i am not already bummed because shaun has to work this weekend. i do not enjoy having my husband to myself for two days and not have to share him with his job. i do not keep praying that god will provide my husband with a job he absolutely loves so he can quit this one.

(i'm so thankful that he has a job. i just wish he could love it so spending 11-13 hours a day there would be more 'fun' for him. the other job he worked he could work 16 hours and never once complain. and neither did i. i hate the fact that he was forced to quit that job because of management issues. and well because that is what god led him to do. even though we don't understand always WHY god tells us to do certain things i am so thankful i have a husband who is obediant to what god leads him to do.)

...i am not sore because of having a wii fit. i am more in shape than that. i do not keep trying to 'perfect' the advanced step game. i did not read how a woman lost SIXTY pounds with the wii fit and have been inspired to at least get in shape and TRY to lose the 40 pounds i need to lose.

well there you have it.

we had a busy weekend. but it was fun. we had a fun time at chuck e cheese on saturday despite the loads of people. after that we bought a new tv for our kitchen. it makes our eating area seem so much bigger with a flat screen tv in there. no i know we probably don't 'need' a tv in the kitchen. but there's been one there since i can remember and i enjoy watching the news in the morning and while making supper. and we usually eat while jeopardy and wheel of fortune are one. the girls love watching wheel. it's funny. caitlyn has even started clapping when the people do. and breigh and amely are always 'guessing' letters. i also enjoy amelya's excitement when i guess the puzzle and she yells...momma you were right!!

yesterday we had shaun's family over for his birthday. his mom and one sister stayed most of the time. his other sister and her boyfriend didn't stay very long because one of his kids had a basketball championship game to play in that she didn't know about when shaun called her to tell her about his 'party'. i was a little bummed that she didn't choose to stay while they left for the game...but whatever. she is a big girl and can make her own decisions.

i made the rachel ray recipie i ALWAYS make. :0) the sloppy joe manicotti. and it turned out pretty yummy. and we bought an ice cream cake from DQ. and that is always yummy. we played the wii and the wii fit with shaun's mom and sister too. that was fun and got us all movin'. lol. amelya had a 200 bowling on the wii yesterday...and a 203 on saturday!! she made PRO LEVEL on it too! she since lost it...but is close to getting it back again!! i can not believe how good she is at the bowling. we'll have to take her 'real life' bowling sometime....

so today is mom's group. then i don't know what. maybe a long hibernation. i'm tired. a nap would be nice...but not possible i'm sure. so i'll deal. but before i bore you more with this nonsense...i'll let you go...so have a good monday!!

13 loving words from you.:

Hey Mama where's my... said...

Chuck E Cheese...on a Saturday...with four kids?? Brave woman, there has got to be some kind of medal for you! Great list, happy Monday~

Mom To Six said...

We've SO done the forgetting the diaper bag with 3 in diapers. Your kids are beautiful!!


Julie said...

I would go insane if we forgot the diaper bag! But I stress easily. Glad the blowout happened when you were home...that would SO not be my luck! :)

I've only been to Chuck E Cheese's once and it was on a Saturday. It was crazy!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Great list Amanda. I have forgotten the diaper bag as well. It happens:)

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

That's too funny about him smiling at the pretty little girl. My son used to do that too, until he hit the girls are gross stage. Now I think he is beginning to outgrow that. Oh the fun that will bring :o)

Take care my friend!
Hope you have a great week!

He And Me + 3 said...

Can't tell you how many times I have remembered the diaper bag but forgot to replenish the diapers in it. Ugh. Still diaperless.
Too funny! Atleast he blewout at home:)

-stephanie- said...

Size 3 diaper already. holy big boy!

Sounds like a fun weekend.

Lara said...

I enjoyed your NMMs. Love the diaper bag one. We had three in diapers from Oct 2007 to Feb 2008. That was too long. I hope my 2nd child is potty-trained before number 4 comes. I do not wish to revisit those days. I think you've just about convinced me to get wii fit-- when I can afford it of course.

heidi said...

Oooh we forgot the diaper bag this weekend, too! Yay us!

Glad Shaun had a good bday!

E said...

Ahhhh, I remember those diaper bag days all too well. Don't worry, you'll blink and they'll all be out of diapers and as big as you! Mine are quickly passing me up.

Following Him said...

Oh my goodness...3 in diapers! You go mama! Chuck E Cheese...oh my goodness! Love your NMM!

Stephanie said...

Girl you are brave!!! Chuck E Cheese on the weekend is like a war zone!

Anonymous said...

Great list! I have vowed to never go back to chuck e cheese. My 5 yr old doesn't get it. One day he will! :) Have a great week!