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Thursday, January 22, 2009

three months

dustin. is three. months. old. already. i took that picture this morning. i edited it using the tip mckmama gave the other day. except i adjusted the hue and saturation the other way to only bring out certain colors. :0) i wanted to really show the blue eyes my handsome man has.

here is one i took of him yesterday. and again i played with the saturation and hue. i really like how this one turned out. plus his SUPER cute smile.

now i've gotten most of my house cleaned up. my mom is coming over today. i am hoping to get the kitchen picked up a bit more before she comes. i hate having this messy house. i blame myself. and that's that. and it's up to me to quit being: lazy/irritated/upset/sad etc etc etc about this house. whenever i get irritated i tend to just let the house slip. i don't know why really. i wish it worked the other way...irritated means super clean house. but oh that is not the case. i have to go meet with the memories preserved lady today. so my mom is coming to watch the kiddos. and then after that i am FINALLY taking my christmas tree down. it has started to bug me. that is the downfall to having a fake tree. you don't HAVE to take it down. lord willing...it is coming down TODAY!!

thanks again for all your kind comments after my last post. i'm still doing wonderfully. god is SO good and i am SO thankful for his faithfulness to me through all of this. his love never fails me. ever. and for that i am so glad.

so because i posted pics of the handsome three month old...here are a few of the girlies. and then i'm off to make lunch and finish picking up. i knew if i did not post this now i may not have gotten the chance to later...and i needed a 'rest'. :0)

caitlyn. sitting. that doesn't happen that often!! lol.

and the other two girlies. i wish i would've changed the red eyes first. but because i need to go. you're stuck with red eyes.
so i'm off.....til tomorrow probably. because this house is going to be clean. TODAY.

14 loving words from you.:

Ashley said...

adorable pictures!!! especially love the one of dustin where you made the green 'pop' out! how could you not want anymore, you and shaun make such beautiful kids to stop! hope you are able to get the house a little cleaner, but don't worry... a messy house is a lived in house, better than a pristine one where nothing can be out of place.

Following Him said...

ADORABLE kiddos! Like Ashley, I LOVE the green shirt with Dustin :) BEAUTIFUL kiddos :)

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

What great pics! I especially love what you did with Dustin's green shirt.
My girls have a couch like that, but it's the Wiggles. They love it!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Those children are just gorgeous!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh how precious! Good job on the pics!

Good luck with the house. I know exactly what you mean. I need to do some of that myself today.

Take care my friend!
I hope you have a great day!

He And Me + 3 said...

Love all the pictures. Your kids are so cute. Great editing too. I really need to stop commenting and go vacuum. ugh.

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hey Amanda,
Great pics. I just love to edit pics as well..it is sooo much fun..a little too much fun as I can get involved doing that and feel like I got NOTHING else done..lol..
I hope you get to take down your CHRISTmas tree..I just put up my Valentine decorations yesterday. I had wanted to put some Chinese New Year deorations up, but I realized that ain't happenin so, I went to Valentine's Day.
Continued prayers for you..Have a great day!

C.C. and Double T said...

Sorry, I'm a little behind on blogs, but I will be praying for your test.

Nice pictures! :-)

mittelmommy said...

wow. dustin is 3 months already...sure hope my baby doesn't grow that fast! lol i know it will, look, gage is already two. cute pictures though...love that big smile!
what are you having done at memories perseved?
gage is not feel too good today, i guess it works that he has his two year check up today.
hope the house is cleaned! sending lots of energy your way to get it done and keep it clean ;)
see you tomorrow!

Hey Mama where's my... said...

Hey, thanks for following! Your kids are adorable, you must be a busy lady. I look forward to getting to know you on your blog~ Have a great day :)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

aww, happy 3 months to dustin! he is such a handsome little guy!

Rachel said...

Great pics Amanda, I've been trying out MckMama's new techniques too!

Jessi said...

Such cute kiddos!! I can't believe he is already 3 months old! wow. and SO handsome!
That's cool about the job thing...I wish someone would offer me a job, ha. I'll add that to my prayers for you.
Enjoy your clean house tonight.

Emily said...

what a cutie. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!!!!