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Thursday, February 12, 2009

the FUN post i promised.

you like those? you are SO jealous of those. aren't you? too bad. all three of them are all MINE. those are the incredible, awesome socks that are the great 'tacky' christmas gifts from jessica. i won her photo naming contest and this was my prize. she even threw in TWO extra pairs of socks!! how nice is that!?! and it came in a super cute pink envelope. that my husband thought was a gift for 'him' in a form of lingerie...ha ha ha ha. i laughed really hard at that one...he seriously was all excited when he brought the mail in and saw that package. i'm still giggling about it.

okay on to other fun stuff. because you know one fun thing is not enough. if you all remember i posted the other day about donating my 'not so perfect' cloth diapers to a really nice lady who does work in haiti. welllllllllllllll i've been feeling a little tug at my heart to do more for this lady. so with her permission i am going to ask YOU for help. i emailed her and asked what kinds of other things they would be in need of for her next trip down to haiti. her email back to me had a few 'simple' items they are in need of. infant or kids vitamins, formula, peanut butter etc. SOO i got to thinking and praying. i know that i have a few cans of formula in my cupboard that i got from the hospital that i won't use because of nursing. and i got to wondering if there are others like me out there.....

so. here's my point. wanna help? can you help? if you answered yes. thanks so much. first off i think the most important thing to do is pray for these people in haiti. just like we should pray for everyone.
secondly. i'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to bless becky, the lady, with loads more stuff to take to her trip to haiti. and i know that by blessing her...we'll be blessing the people in haiti. and i truly know that you will be blessed. so if you would like to help here are some options...

...have some unopened formula cans you won't be using...send them to me...

...or any of the items that she listed. the list seems small but i am sure that they will take 'whatever'.

...don't want to pay huge shipping costs to mail me the stuff? well i was thinking about that. so if you feel led to help you could buy a walmart gift card and tell me what you'd like me to buy with it and i will go get it at our local wally world. or where ever i guess. i'm from wisconsin so i know that we don't have all the same stores, but i figured wally world is kind of a 'staple store' that most all of us have.

if you feel so led...please email me for my address and i will get it to you. and then you can mail me a package or a gift card for whatever you'd like me to buy.

i'd also love love love for you to post about this little 'gift raiser'. if that's correct. so much so that if you dooooooo there may be a little prize involved for you. :0) like that? and NO it's not the socks above. i do actually plan on wearing them. they will keep my feet warm in this lovely wisconsin weather. which is no longer spring like. it was on tuesday...anyways i digress...

...so if you want to be a part of this prize here is what you can do:

...link back to this posting on your blog and let me know about it. (1 entry)

...donate to the cause. (2 more entries)

...the prize? well here it is:

this is the devotional book that shaun and i do. we are almost through it. but of course i'll send you a NEW copy. because i can't wait to go through it again with him sometime again. it is a great devotional book and i feel that it is SO important to do together as a couple. now i know some of you may not be married, but you may be soon...or you may be invited to a wedding...what have you...this book would make a fantastic gift. in fact i gave it as a gift to the mommies in my moms' group for christmas this year. it is a different kind of devo. here is what amazon.com says:

Ladies are tired of trying to engage their man in something he is reluctant to do... like devotional time. Guys are feeling like the term "devotional" is code for "boring". Plus, husbands and wives have different views on what intimacy is all about.

For those who are wondering if they're living more with their "roommate" than their "soulmate," then this devotional can help them meet on common ground and discover each other in new ways. Men won't even need an alarm clock to wake them when "devotional time" is finished!

Filled with insights from a real couple on real issues, Songs in the Key of Solomon will get spouses laughing, thinking, sharing, touching, and praying possibly all during the same reading. Each offering in this devotional is designed to spark connections around issues that matter, so couples deepen their emotional, spiritual, and physical unity and ignite new levels of intimacy. (One devotional even involves a bathtub and some candles!)

Here is an invitation to discover the music in marriage maybe for the first time... or maybe once again.

sounds fun doesn't it!! and it is. shaun and i have had so many fun talks while doing our devotional time. talks that we would've missed had we not asked the questions to each other in the book. oh yeah did i mention the subtitle to the book? well it is this: in the word, and in the mood. lol. so it is definitely not your 'ordinary' kind of devotional.

plus it is written in part with her hubby, by anita renfroe. the lady behind the mom song. if you have never seen that video you MUST!! it is hilarious.

oh and i need the stuff by FEBRUARY 27TH. becky has a 'pack it up party' around the first of march and they leave the 12th for the trip. that would give me a few days to get it to her.

i'm really excited to see what will come of this. and pray that you will pray about helping out. i KNOW that there are people in our own city, states, and country that also need our help. i've just been presented with THIS opportunity and am going to take it. i am praying that you will too.

and how is this? if together i get FIFTY comments on this posting i'll give away TWO copies of the devotional. if i get FIFTY people to DONATE i'll give away a third copy. so see you can help and win the devotional and help get some 'spark' into your devotional time together. so please spread the word!

i'm excited to be doing my first give away and still be giving more than just that.

so thanks. and sorry for the long post!! but it's common for me anyways. and btw i am STOKED that survior starts tonight and amazing race starts sunday. i am not at all addicted to television.

8 loving words from you.:

~*Michelle*~ said...

Great giveaway for a great cause..emailing you now to send you a GC.

-stephanie- said...

this is a wonderful giveaway. Praying to see what God wants me to give.

mittelmommy said...

i thought your big post today might have something to do with this since we talked about it yesterday! anyway, as soon as i read about half of it, i ran to the kitchen to get the cans of formula that i have...i guess i should say had...when i went to to the cupboard, i saw plates not bowls and formula, and then it hit me, i just redid the cupboards when i got new dishes for christmas and threw out the formula since i wasn't planning on using it. but! i had my doctors appt on monday and it was the big 30 week talk where you get the diaper bag with formula so i do have something for you! totally cool god has brought this to your heart...i'm glad i can help and be apart of it! i'll just give it to you sunday or wed. when i see you!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Just sent you an e-mail--maybe we can get together!

C.C. and Double T said...

I left something for you on my blog. Feel free to pick it up anytime.

Praying for you...

-stephanie- said...

posted about your gift away.

He And Me + 3 said...

What a neat idea. I will have to ask hubby what we can do.

mittelmommy said...

i already told you about some donations i have for you, but i wanted to let you know that i posted it on my blog as well. i do not need to be in for the chance to win as you already gave me one, but i thought i'd try to let others know-you know incase there is someone who reads my blog that doesn't read yours! =)