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Thursday, February 12, 2009

biggest loser review. (for real this time!)

well here is my weekly review.

i will tell all...so if you haven't watched it and want to. skip over the bl part.

sooooooooo i LOVE that the teams went with their hearts and didn't 'play the game'. it game player in me wanted them to play the game and send dane home. i hope this doesn't get them all in the end though. they all had valid points during their discussions on who should go home. i'm glad blaine got to go home to be with his baby. i couldn't imagine missing those first few weeks.

and can i say woot woot to the purple team for winning the challenge. i was SO excited. and good thing they won...otherwise one of them would've been back in good ole wisconsin. i am hoping kristin will get under 300 next week.

i was SO excited the brown team did well. they deserved a good week for once.

the yellow team frustrates me. i know that she missed her family...BUT i totally agreed with jillian. i think mandi should've worked out. her husband would've understood. but to each their own i guess. aubrey kind of drives me crazy too.

the green team. hmmm. tara seems to be pulling her slack, laura on the other hand...mmm...not so much. i don't get it. have these people never watched the show? do they not know that yes it is going to be hard. and yes you're probably going to get your butt kicked by the trainers. that is what you signed up for. hello!?

i so love the blue team. they're so passionate. i dunno. just fun guys i guess.

it's going to be interesting next week to see how bob reacts to his team playing with their hearts and not 'the game'.

soooo....then i watched without a trace. good episode. makes me wonder in real life how many guys 'get off' and the authorities know it. hmmm.

i watched a blurp of the octuplet mom. i don't know how i feel about it. i feel sad i think. and kind of mad. there are SO many people out there who want babies. i feel that she abused her right to have kids. i don't know. it's all just kind of frustrating to me.

anyways. i started this yesterday. accidentally hit publish. and then quick tried to take it back. well that didn't work. so now you all are clicking to see my bl review and it's not there. sorry. so here it is or rather there it was up there. i have something fun to post about later...but i have to finish picking up my kitchen and you know take care of my kids til nap time. then i'll be back to tell you all something fun. :0)

3 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

wow, what a review. looks like I didn't miss anything. :oD

mittelmommy said...

i am curious as to what bob is going to think next week too since he said to the team 'no one but dane' or something like that before he walked out, which i think is wrong of him.
i felt so bad for kristin, i think her name is. how heart breaking to hope to be under 300lbs for the first time in 8 yrs and have a gain instead. i told her it was just muscle from the hike bob had them do to subway! i hope next week it's a big loss for her.
i like tara on the green team, but her friend isn't nearly as motivated as she is.
alright, that's my comments for bl this week! =)

Anonymous said...

I don't remember there being so many colors in the Biggest Loser before, I must be getting old now! :D

P.S. I'm glad the woman didn't choose to have an abortion at least :)