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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jump Jump Jump...

okay before i start this review post. amelya is drawing a picture. of me. this is what she says: momma i drawed you...with a big belly...a baby in your belly?!?!?!?!? what!? lol. i think she's so used to me being preggo...but never fear...or fear...i'm not. i don't think. no i'm pretty sure. i think she just sees me in my maternity jeans. and gets confused. heck I'M still confused. why doesn't this little muffin top just go away. okay onwards...

i was contacted a little bit ago...a few days, weeks..whatever...by sonia over at jumstart. she asked if i'd review their site. i totally agreed. you see amelya has already been playing their games. she has the pre-k and kindergarten one. she loves them both and begs to play them all the time. so i was excited to see the online version...and i was equally as pleased. here's the 'jumpeez' amelya made (and has changed. she loves being able to change her clothes, hair, shoes etc etc etc)

each child gets to make their own. how fun is that?!?! this is the character they get to use to play and check out the virtual world of jumpstart.

amelya loved everything she did. and i can leave her sit and play and she doesn't need my help on how to do anything. so that's a cool thing too. easy enough to navigate for an (almost) four year old.

the other two girlies stood by and watched her play as well. the loved the music. (i totally turned it before uploading it...just turn your head sideways to see it better. :0) lol)

what's nice about the site is that is also has a parents section. i actually enjoyed an article about homeschooling. and some super cute animals out of pipe cleaners. i'm not sure if you need to be a 'member' to view those. so that's why i did not link them.

wait. what?!? you'd like to be a member?? ohhhhhhh well here's the scoop. i asked miss sonia to explain the difference between the 'free' registration and the paid membership.

~Registration is free. However, you only have access to look at the ‘Neighborhood’ section of Storyland – gameplay that will most likely only occupy your child for a few hours maximum. You do not have access to Town Square, Pet Land, the Beach, or the Jungle. Also, the content you can access in the main Portal, such as the Movie Theater, is very limited compared to what you have with the membership (for example, 5 videos vs. 60 videos).

~Membership is a subscription service for around $7 per month. You have full access to absolutely everything in StoryLand and the lands to come, which should keep your child occupied for many months at a minimum! On the website itself, you also have access to Child Profiles to track your child’s progress. You also have access to all the minigames, like the newly added Buggy Racers

so. wanna try it out??!! miss sonia is letting me giveaway a THREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP. how cool is that?? so leave me a comment and let me know you wanna win. the site is good for kids. and you. :0) all you have to do to win is this. leave me a comment. yep that's it. because if i said if you follow that's an extra comment, you all would follow and then have an equal chance. so yeah. just leave me a comment. i'm even going to allow anonymous comments from those of you 'stalkers' without blogs. just make sure you leave me your name and email address. so i can tell you if you won!! i'll 'close' the contest a week from today. so that's next wednesday. (duh. i do not think you're dumb, i am not trying to insult your smartness...just oh whatever.) oh and if you want to follow me, even if it doesn't get you any extra entries...i don't mind. :0)

5 loving words from you.:

~*Michelle*~ said...

ooh ooh (jumping up and down) pick us pick us......I mean.....put us in for the contest.....we would love it for Nev's homeschooling.....you know, to mix it up abit!


The Lang Family said...

Hi! You don't have to enter me, since well, no kids for us yet. I just wanted to stop by & say thanks for commenting. :) I actually forgot to add the fact that the fur coat lady wasn't pleased to see we each had two bowls. She wedged herself between me and my sister-in-law in line and said, "I guess some people just can't read...". When the line is super long, you have to take two bowls...we were just being practical! :)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I'm sure both boys would love it!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Yeah! What a cool giveaway! Thanks so much for reviewing this. We used JumpStart in my first grade classroom. I was not aware that they made stuff for younger kids. We would love to win this! :)

mittelmommy said...

You finally got the review done...cool, it sounds like it's a fun tool for kids! I know you told me about the site and I forgot to go check it out. I should do that later today if I can remember when Gage is down for his nap! Was jumpstart around when we were kids? It just sounds familiar.