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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

..to be continued?!?

yeah. what?!? the biggest loser totally cut me off last night!! although i had an inkling. it was getting too close to nine to have a voting thing yet. so now we wait til next week. it's bound to get interesting though. last night's episode was good as well.

i then watched the bachelor show. hmmm. we'll see how it lasts. and i think molly said a good point...people have to remember we are more than characters on a tv show. that is true. but i think you also have to remember what you signed up for. just like melissa does. i mean sure the guy was a total dork and broke up with her on tv...BUT you are on a TV show. so it's bound to happen. i totally fell asleep the last ten minutes and missed the new bachelorette. but i googled it this morning and found out it was jillian. i'm glad. but i also think jason should've picked her...who knows...maybe he'll show up. lol. poor guy. i think he'll stay away from tv for awhile...or he should at least!!

yesterday was a good day. my mom came with me to dance and everything else. she has off this week...and friday leaves for florida. no fair. again...can you believe she won't take me? well i'm sure she'll take me...it's the paying for me part....

amelya got to go with auntie amy to get a pedicure and hu hot for her birthday. how fun?!!? she'll be FOUR tomorrow. FOUR. i CANNOT believe it. amelya had loads of fun with amy. and even with dealing with the crazy waitress it all was good. i won't share the story because i wasn't with them...but brianna at hu hot...she's missing a few crayons in her box...all i'm saying.

so monday at mom's group we got a 'thirty day challenge' to encourage our husbands. i must say...it's been going well. the first day was to not say anything negative to our husbands...and continue that for the next 29 as well. oh and we couldn't talk negative about him to anyone else either!! and i'm so happy to report god has kept my mouth quiet to him and to others about him. however...he really hasn't done anything to warrent complaining about. i'm excited to see how god will work through this and us. :0) it's fun. and shaun has no idea i'm doing it. our mom's group leader got it from nancy leigh demoss' site here.

oh. and i gave the stuff to the haiti lady yesterday. i opened the back of my van up...she says...ALL of this. i said yep. i totally forgot to take a picture of all of it. oh well. but she said she would take pictures and let me know how it goes. she also asked for prayers for thursday when they leave. apparently customs gives them loads of trouble...and they sometimes have to 'bribe' them to let them take things with...so just pray they don't have to 'bribe' and customs lets them right on through. oh and i suppose you want to know who won the devotional huh? well here it is...~stephanie~. i picked your name. well rather...amelya picked your name. i have pictures to prove it if you need them. however i am too lazy to post them. so i will order your book and have it shipped to your house. but because i'm a mommy and blonde...i totally deleted your address. so please email it to me...so i can get you your book...

i also have to do that game review yet. geesh. good thing the lady told me to let amelya play it as long as i wanted before doing the reivew. i'm hoping to do it soon. i just need the time.

thanks for all your kind comments after my last post as well. you're all so sweet!!

so now i'm off to get ready for the day. and try not to tear up about my amelya turning FOUR tomorrow. yikes.

9 loving words from you.:

heidi said...

That 'to be continued' was infuriating!!! I loved that he gave all his groceries to Aubrey - what a good kid he is!

I sure miss living close to my mom. I'm glad that your mom gets to hang out with you and help you out.

Have a good day, Amanda!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Amelya! Tell your mommy that a famous Dr. Suess quote came to mind (ok, well I just posted them on my blog for his birthday...so it's not like I know them off the top of my head).....and it will remind her to not get too wishy washy on how fast time is flying.

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.”

Also remind her that she is a FANTASTIC mama that many admire...and God loves her so much!

And one last rambling from me.... OK, so I am not blonde (but am a mommy).....but I am stumped on what a "hu hot" is?

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh wow, She's not going to be 4. She is way too cute for that mama! I still have not figured out why they have to grow up :o) It is sad & fun all at the same time. Hope she has a great bday!

Take care my friend! Keep up the good work on the hubby challenge!

Jen said...

Ya, I agreed about BL. What's up with that? We have to wait a FULL 7 days to find out how much weight Michael lost? DUMB! I'm totally thinking he must have hit the mark though and made it to the 77 pounds or else they would have shown the result. (IMO anyway).

As for the Bachelor...don't you feel a bit like you're watching a soap opera this time? I do. As handsome as Jason is....and then when he was breaking up with Melissa...the way they were filming it or something..it just looked like a soap opera. Anyway, I hope he and Molly are happy indeed and that they last, if for nothing else than to prove that this process really can work (for someone other than just Trist and Ryan). Anyway, I'm totally stoked that Jill is the next Bachelorette. I loved her and I think she's super cool and fun and cute! It'll be a fun show to watch!

Matt said...

Four sounds so old--well not really, but I think you know what I mean. When mine turns four I know I'll cry!

ASHLEY said...

I also loved biggest loser. I think next week its goinna be really good. Waiting!!!!

-stephanie- said...

I love 4. It's the getting older after 4 that makes me sad.

I was calmly reading your post when my heart jumped when I saw my name. I forgot you were having a giveaway. How exciting! Thanks Amelya for picking me.

He And Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday Amelya...HOw fun for her to get a pedicure and out to dinner with her aunt...Congrats to Stephanie.

mittelmommy said...

remember when we used to be all excited about talking about biggest loser the next day at my house? now it just isn't the same since i read it on here. maybe i should skip the reviews. lol
anyway, i was like 'what?!!?" to be continued...totally wrong! i'm not sure if i think mike made it or not. i hope so. he seems like such a nice guy, esp. giving his winnings away, and every week he has so much pressure on him to lose big to make up for his dad.
i am sort of torn this time on if i was bob's team or jillian's team to win, now that they are split into just two teams, i like someone one each team! so i guess i'm not going for bob or jillian, just hoping the ones i like don't get voted off too soon..or i guess if they do then it'll be easier to cheer for one person or team even!