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Thursday, March 12, 2009

JumpStart WINNER.

well yesterday was wednesday. so that means...i picked my jumpstart winner. today. because well. i didn't post yesterday. so i used random.org. and you all had a 25% chance to win. and the winner who's 25% chance who won....was the first person to comment on that post. the first person to comment was ~*michelle*~. who is also having her own giveaway. so yay! michelle. please let me know which email address you would like me to give the lady from jumpstart to set you up with your three month trial. here is my 'screen shot', tip courtesy of miss jill who just started a blog with all blog hints. go check it out!!

alright. that's all taken care of!

so i don't know many of you actually look forward to a biggest loser review. but i'll give you one quick. first off. so glad mike lost all that weight. now to the pairs. hmmm. i think tara should've played herself, although in the end it's a good thing she didn't. however. i wish she would've then the blue team would've won. when will they catch a break. i hated how the black team got all happy to win the challenge. i know it is exciting to win, but they didn't seem to care how they made the blue team feel. i also think the blue team would have been way more responsible winning the challenge. going out and getting drunk? and smoking? what!?! i LOVED jillian's response...oh yeah, smoke on biggest loser and you won't get lung cancer. lol. seriously tara's comment was SO DUMB. 'we figured if we're going to do it, this is the place to do it'. whatever.

i felt AWFUL for mandi. just plain awful for gaining two pounds. but it is what it is, and i think she made the right decision to go home. and she looked GREAT. i also felt awful for mike. this poor 18 y/o kid has to hang out with a bunch of drunks. he looked not happy at one point. but i guess he also could've gone back to his room. so whatever.

oh and i cannot review bl without talking about filipe and sione. wowzers. i think that bob should have sent them back to jillian. i think they need to work out their 'issues' with her. now yes i would've been peeved that jillian didn't work out with me. but i think he should've given her a chance to respond and not just walk right out.

so i guess that's that on bl. does anyone watch csi:ny?? is anyone happy that it ended last night the way it did?! i am. i almost teared up. i thought lindsay and danny belonged together from day one. now i don't agree with the fact that they're preggo before being married, but besides that i LOVE that they're getting married. and if you didn't know she's really preggo in real life. (thanks to my sil, danielle, for that detail, she always knows that fun stuff) so now i anxiously await the arrival of the baby.

today is amelya's four year check and caitlyn's 18 month check. my sister is meeting me there to help. yay for that.

ummm. oh the tractor thing. is it bad that we still don't know what do to. shaun and i have been going back and forth about all of this. not fighting, just should we or shouldn't we. we both have valid reasons to and not to. ohhhhh. so i ask for prayer please. it's a humungo decision. and a scary one. we have to go on monday to 'pick it up', but as far as we know we are not bound to the current deal. so that's a relief if we decide to not get it. so 'we'll see'. update:seriously a few minutes after posting, shaun calls. he says. i think we need to not get anything right now. i think that is what is best for our family. so that's the decision. THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS. they worked immediately!! :0) but please keep all of it still in prayer. thanks thanks thanks. god is so so so good.

my parents come home from florida saturday. my mom called the other day 'complaining' how she had to sit on a towel because she was sweating soooo bad. boo hoo. they're missing a fabulous winter week here in wi. so that's good for them i guess.

well caity bug is awake. so i must go get her before she starts climbing out. she hasn't ever yet, but she will probably learn how sooner than later. amelya was the only one who has yet. breigh never did. so we'll see.

have a super duper day.

11 loving words from you.:

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh my stars! I never win anything.


I am doing a parade wave right now....how does my hair look? Do I get a tiara too??? Checking my teeth for anything stuck in them....smiling HUGE right now!


you can use the michelle [at] metrocast [dot] met addy. That is where all the movie stars contact me at. *wink

Thanks so much Amanda....for the giveaway, but mainly for being such a great person and friend. I am so thankful that God had our paths cross....



mittelmommy said...

lol that michelle girl is so funny!
anyway, i'm so glad that-that is the decision shaun has felt led to do b/c after listening to you yesterday that is what it seemed you felt led was right as well! so, i'm so glad that god has talked to both of your hearts on what is the best thing to do for your family! now just think of the stuff you can get paid off...how good that will feel...at least i always feel like i really achieved something when a big bill is paid off! lol i might be a dork, but it makes me feel good. lol

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I'm glad that you have reached a decision on the tractor.
Your screen shot looks great! Thanks for including me in your post. I appreciate it! :)

Kelli said...

Was it just me, or did this week's episode of Biggest Loser seem really scripted!!! I don't usually feel that way, but for some reason this week seemed really fake!! Mandi shouldn't have sent herself home! That is crazy...though she did look great!
I'm glad the tractor thing worked out well!
Good luck at checkups! We went yesterday for my youngest 6 month!

Jessi Dawn said...

Amanda,thanks for commenting on my sexy book giveaway! In answer to your question, what if you re-posted your stoy, linked it to my blog, signed up with Mr. Linky? You would definitely qualify for all FIVE entries. Sound good?

Thinking of you in the midst of my own four kids amazingness,

Anonymous said...

Neat, I've never heard of random.org until I read about it in your blog. I will definitely bookmark that site, thank you for sharing!!

I am so thankful God answered your prayers about the tractor, whew. Isn't he good?!

I hear Florida is hot hot hot!! Maybe even hotter than California, ouch!!

Congrats to Michelle for winning the prize!!

Alicia said...

Hi Amanda! I watched The Biggest Loser a long time ago and it was soooo good!!! I need to watch it again! That will probably motivate me! Oh..and I used to love CSI Las Vegas till we cancelled cable many years ago (lol) and now we can't get that channel!

And thank God that your hubby got confirmation from the Lord regarding the tractor!!!!!

Lynds said...

Wonderful how quickly God answers prayers! Glad your parents had a nice time in FL, hope the check ups all go great today!

He And Me + 3 said...

Congrats to Michelle...I love that you used Jill's tip to show the random number. I need to try it.
Don't watch TV, so can't comment on those shows. but glad you made a decision about the tractor.

Kelli said...

How did the check-ups go? I'm glad the two of you got the tractor thing figured out at least for now!

heidi said...

I couldn't believe those morons went nuts like that at their reward. Good grief. I know they felt like they needed to blow off steam but c'mon! I felt bad for Mandi, too, but was really glad when she stopped bein' a baby and sent herself home.

Have a great weekend!