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Friday, March 13, 2009

when's the vacation.

that is how i feel today. well right now. i am just ready to drive into the sunset. but hey. that's the 'easy way out'. so i won't. because regardless god is still god. and he is still good. but...

let me explain.

yesterday we were all set. no tractor. whew. well then shaun calls the guy. the guy says, IF we return the tractor we'll incur the cost of new tires for the tractor. we'll also incur any costs to fix anything that is wrong with it. because of it being a lease. so that put us back to square one. for those of you who don't know buying tires for a tractor is pretty much like buying a small home. well not quite that bad, but close enough!!

so. what do we do. we decided to buy a skid loader. less cost and it just seemed better on paper. shaun called the guy this morning and told him. the guy in the mean time had also given us 'specs' on a smaller tractor. so he asked no tractor? shaun said nope, not unless you could get the payment down to *** dollars. the guy calls back later. and can get us the tractor for only 45 dollars over that amount. soooooooooooo the tractor it is! yikes. i just am so glad this is over. i think. i've been saying that ALL week.

so with that off my mind i guess i need more things on it. i had to pay a bill today. checked the banking. yep. over draft. by like 12 bucks. seriously?!? 12 dollars. i HATE that. especially when i have 12 bucks, plus a tiny bit more...in my savings. couldn't they just like transfer it and not charge me the 20 dollars to fix it MYSELF. so i fixed it. paid the bill. all is okay. thennnnnn i went to switch my wash. oh don't EVEN get me going. it's broke. AGAIN. what!?! i know. i.am.irritated. lord willing it'll be an easy fix for shaun later.

IF i believed in 'luck' today would be 'the day' to have 'bad luck'. i do not believe in 'luck'. and my friend ~*michelle*~ has an interesting post today all about it. so go check it out. then i don't have to copy her. k? k. btw she picked her winner for the giveaway. it wasn't me. oh well.

one of these days i will win a giveaway. here are two i would love to win.

1. is a 'free' giveaway. meaning i do nothing and have a chance to win. well i guess not nothing. i have to share my 'love story' with shaun. and it's a book all about sex (the prize not the love story. i realized how weird that sounded after re-reading it...good thing i re-read it!). so go check it out. here. and here is our story. and on his birthday i gave him a shout out too. so if you don't know our story. go check it out. :0) i shared it when i first started this blog. and about five people read it. :0)

2. isn't ALL free. for posting a link about it, i get a chance to win. but i also get to buy a ticket and win a camera!! oh yeah. that's what i want. i know that it'll be a long time before i have the money to buy a new slr so i'm praying hard to win one. click on the picture below.

so you must go check that out. it's a great prize for an even greater cause. :0) and even though my checking was over drafted by a bit, my heart still pulls for things like that. plus shaun says it's okay. and isn't quite as skeptical as this girls hubby. seriously...go read that post. it is hilarious! and when i showed/read it to shaun he didn't find it odd. boys. they all must stick together.
so that's that.
scrapping tonight. although i'm going to make some cards instead. i know i'm YEARS behind on scrapping and i'm making cards. well tough beans. i'm making cards for three special people. :0) so they'll get to see them next week sometime. i'm working on those gifts guys. i promise. just be a bit paitent. :0)
alright. i have to admit, i'm feeling loads better guys. thanks for listening. :0) but yes...i'd still take a vacation. spring is almost here. i can feel it.

9 loving words from you.:

Julie said...

Hope things get better! I hate yucky days.

He And Me + 3 said...

I was wondering the same thing. That is great about the tractor...sorry about the washer...ugh

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I'm glad you got things worked out about the tractor. Hope you get the washer figured out soon too!

Take care my friend! I hope your weekend gets better!

Anonymous said...

Many counselors recommend that we write in journals because it has been a proven way to release A LOT of stress, so I am not surprised you feel loads better :D

With a litter of (beautiful) kids running around already, I doubt you need the book about (whispers)love-making(whispers) but there will always come in a time in most couple's lives that romance needs to be sparked again ;) I hope you find the right book!! Pray that you will find a respectful book about a such thing with a christian perspective, getting the wrong advice from the wrong person can be dangerous. But of course you already knew that ;)

Have fun with the new tractor ;)

Kelli said...

I'm glad the tractor thing finally worked out!! It stinks that your washer is broken, but you have a really great excuse for not doing the laundry!! I love the new header!!

Jessi Dawn said...

love the new pics on your header. sorry about the overdraft with the bank. i hate when that happens! Twelve bucks, no less. Makes me always wish I'd seriously over spent, atleast then the $30 overdraft fee would be worth more than the twelve bucks! is that twisted?? :)

Blessings fellow momma of four,

Shawn said...

When it rains it pours...I know how you feel but the sun has started to come out here! Keep the faith!

Last Monday you left me a comment and was then entered in a contest...YOU WON! We were at the Strawberry Festival.

I have since changed my blog (I had a few crazies) but I'm all set up and ready to go again. Please send me you personal information so I can get your prize on it's way!

Happy Monday!


Shawn said...

What horrible English! Thats what I get for not proof reading before I hit publish.

~You left me a comment last Monday and by doing so you were then entered in my contest...~

Much better!

-stephanie- said...

another beautiful new header. love it.