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Monday, January 19, 2009

nope. nope. not me.

well well well....MONDAY already. so i'll do my version of not me monday...and of course if you aren't familiar with all this craziness...head on over to mckmama's to find out more. and of course i did not do any of these things at all.

so this is one i fogot to do awhile back...but finally remembered to do it now...regardless it didn't happen anyways right? so a few weeks ago amelya called me from the bathroom to help her. when i walked in i did not find her sleeve covered in poop because she was trying to wipe her own tookie. i did not get grossed out, but stayed calm because i didn't want her to freak out anymore than she was...

and since i'm talking about things from awhile back...last week amelya plugged the toilet. i absolutely HATE plunging it. and i had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad. and because i had to take a shower i did not think this "ohhh i'll just go in the shower then i don't have to plunge the toilet". i did not think that was a fantastic idea and follow through with it. (it made complete sense to me AND i got out of plunging!!)

seriously as i sit here and try to think of things...i can't. last week was such a crazy emotional week and all i can remember is my test and the results. so i'm leaving you with just those two not me's from not even last week! sorry.

yesterday at church i totally saw the hand of god. first off, krystle a girl who's been coming for awhile...accepted jesus!! so that was SO cool. for worship...what can i say. i KNOW that god totally gave alisha those songs to sing...and they were songs that spoke to my heart completely...

(i was already an emotional wreck though...shaun's truck didn't get started until he got done with work yesterday so he took the van to work. when he realized he wouldn't make it to church because of things that were broken...he drove home. helped me load the kids up...i took him BACK to work and then to church...so i was really upset that he wasn't able to come to church because of his job)

so back to church...worship i pretty much bawled through. and amelya and breigh were sitting on my lap just looking at me with those precious baby blue eyes. i smiled at them. 'they that wait' was on of the songs that struck me the most. (they that wait...upon the lord...shall renew their strength...they that wait...etc etc etc) it is what i needed. to know that this 'waiting' time is okay. that god is at the head of it. that he is still in control and i just need to wait on him and nothing else...so that is what i do. as hard as it can be sometimes to 'wait' i KNOW it is all for the good.

mike's message was also good...and given on lack of sleep...in the winter he plows snow. it snowed saturday. he didn't get home from plowing until 830 SUNDAY MORNING. and church starts at 10. god sustained him through church and it was a beautiful service. it was a bit on being in the 'waiting room'. totally what my heart needed to hear. i LOVE how god works like that. we are going through the bible...chapter by chapter and verse by verse...it can only be god to have us where we are and with the things that are going on in my life. it is not coincidence. it is GOD.

i hadn't planned on getting up after church to share my 'story'. but god did. after church i found myself getting up from my rocking chair...(remember we go to a home church in a basement...and i got the rocking chair yesterday woo hoo!!) anyways...i got up and shared with everyone what has been going on. with crying of course. but they are my family and need to know. i need them praying too. even though this could still be 'nothing'...i think that prayer is still needed. i was truly blessed by the tears in their eyes as i shared with them. i could not only see the love but also feel it. i LOVE my church family!!

i am also truly blessed and can feel the love from you, my blogging friends. you will never know how much your kind comments and words of encouragement mean to me. to most all of you, i am a stranger, and someone you will probably never meet in real life...but yet you care. and that is what blesses me so much. so thank you!!

i also love my family and friends who don't fall into either of the above catagories...although most of you do. :0) just so you know. :0)

and i can not finish this post with out telling you all about a super special person today. shaun. it's his birthday today. we'll be together TEN years this year, in may. ten years ago when i went to prom with him i would've never thought we'd be married. i shared 'our story' awhile back...go ahead and read it if you never have. :0) so at any rate. we've been married a little over five of these past ten years. i love him more every day. he is a super wonderful daddy to our babies. i get blessed everytime i see him interact with our kiddos. he is also a super wonderful husband and friend. sure it ain't easy. but marriage isn't supposed to me. he is also a super wonderful son and brother. he does so much for his mom and sisters and is always willing to help. last year he spent a month working on his sister's (beautiful) bathroom. and never once complained about it. (now if i could get some money and have him do OUR bathroom....) he is SO handy and that is one of my many favorite things about him. one thing he also does...that i love...is works so very hard to support our family. even though his job drives me NUTSO with the way too many hours, i love how he does it all without complaining. he works almost 12 hours on a saturday without a complaint, he follows it with a sunday of 7 hours of work, all with out complaining. you see yesterday i had to go get him from work and take him home to shower and then we were going to go back to his sister's house. when we pulled in the driveway...work called. he had to go BACK in. he didn't like it i know, but not once did he complain about it. I was the one complaining to god after though. so maybe it is ME who needs to change huh? so to my bestest friend and husband happy 28th birthday. ( i know he doesn't read this...but still had to tell him anyways...i was proud of myself for remembering this morning in my morning fog)

alright. well it's time for me to go get ready for mom's group and all that jazz. so have a good monday. :0)

12 loving words from you.:

mittelmommy said...

happy birthday to shauners! god has blessed you with a wonderful husband!
continuing to pray for peace during this time and for whatever happens god gets the glory! and obviously that if it's his will, it's nothing and we've been covering you in prayer just b/c we love you!!
have a great day!

C.C. and Double T said...

Continuing to pray for you.

Isn't it wonderful when we KNOW God speaks to us!

-stephanie- said...

sounds like you have a great church family.

Happy Birthday to Shaun. 28! Jeepers..he could be my son...if I had him really young. :o)

The Thompson's said...

Hey Amanda,

I just hate plunging the toilet too. Somewhat of a germaphobe I guess.

Have a great Monday!

God Bless.

heidi said...

HB to Shaun. Big fat hugs to you. Still praying for ya!

Verna said...

Happy Birthday to Shaun.

Praying for you. I know how hard it is to have a working husband that never seems to be home. Yet, I also know God will work things out for you. Stay focused on God, and he will give you strength to wade through the things that come your way.
Have a great day.

He And Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday to Shaun! Wow only 28! You all are so young! :)

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hey Amanda..
Still praying for you from this little ol'island..staten island..
It will all be just fine..but, prayers surely can't hurt..
Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband...

Following Him said...

Still prayin Amanda! Hang in there!!! Tell Shaun happy birthday from me too. Hang in there and stay WARM!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby Shaun.....it sounds like you have been blessed with a wonderful and strong marriage. We know that anything built on Christ is unshaken.

Keep looking UP

And remember.....if God brings it to you.....He will see you through it.


momstheword said...

I will be praying for you. Sometimes it's hard to be in the waiting room with God, waiting for Him to "call" our name and get us out of there.

But He is faithful to hear us and to answer. Please keep us updated.

Love the not me's. I remember walking in the room once and my little son had "fingerpainted" all over the crib....yuck! I thought the smell would knock me over.

Jessi Dawn said...

So glad God met you there. I love it when He does that. Us busy mommies do need to learn to wait on the Lord. I am learning with you.