i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

random 'tag' fun...

good evening. it's saturday night. and well shaun needs to shower and the kiddos are in bed. soo you get me. and actually shaun is STILL trying to get his truck to work. i am SO glad the kiddos were not here this morning so i could take shaun to work (at 530 AM) and didn't have to haul them along as well...i'm praying that his truck starts so he doesn't have to take the van tomorrow and give us the possibility to miss church if he ends up working later **update: nope truck doesn't start..but i'll keep praying**....and since i don't have too much to say i'll share some 'tag' fun. but i first will say shaun and i had a wonderful date night last night. and i spent the day at my mil's because he worked way late for a saturday (after five) and his co-worker dropped him off there...so i didn't have to drive in the fresh snow we just got! woo hoo. anywho...to the tagging....

heidi 'gave me a letter'...i was going to do it after reading lisa's...but forgot to ask her for a letter. so i did it from heidi's...she gave me the letter 'p'...so here are a few of my favorite 'p' things:

Popp Family: of course popp is my last name. and i love the family i married in to. i couldn't ask for a better mother in law and sisters in law. i love them as if they were my own mom and sisters. and of course my 'main' popp...shaun. i love him more and more each day and couldn't imagine my life without him and his last name...lol...it is WAY easier than my maiden name...and of course my favorite popp kids...

Pirate's Booty: have you had that stuff. yummy. and it HAS to be the carmel stuff. or it just ain't as good.

Pop: as in soda pop. i have a problem. i usually call it soda..but soda doesn't start with P...my favorite pop is probably pepsi...which does start with a p....in case you didn't know...lol

Peanut Butter: pretty much anything peanut butter is fine with me. with chocolate...all the better.

Pedicures: i LOVE pedicures. especially the ones at the spa in the mall. and speaking of pedicures....i need want one.

People: i love people. i also love to stare at people. if i worked at the mall or somewhere where there was a lot of people walking around i'd be in trouble. i'd just want to stare at all the different people. my girls stare. i now know why my mom yelled at me. but heck...SHAUN still tells me to stop...oops...

Personal Relationship: my favorite 'p' thing has to be the most important thing in my life. my personal relationship with jesus. i'd be nothing with out that. nothing.

well those are seven of my favorite 'p' things...i thought p was going to be harder than that...i could probably go on...but i won't because there is more tagging fun to do...AND if YOU want to play the letter game...leave me a comment and i'll give you a letter. fun. super easy. and as simple as that. :0)

okay so to the next 'tagging' fun. tiffany tagged me with the 'no rules' meme. i'm going to 'steal' her idea of just giving you some 'random' thoughts/things about me. as if you didn't already know everything about me....

....sooooo if you don't know me in real life you may be surprised that i am actually quite quiet...until you get to know me. then i probably don't shut up. i also talk super fast. but don't even realize i do it. ~stephanie~ once made a comment about me in her blog that my style is a 'mile a minute'. i didn't realize that it even comes across in my blog. lol...it made me giggle.

...i am also a very random person. i enjoy being this way. i talk about random things. change the subject like a drop of a hat...and since i talk fast...you'd better be paying attention.

...i absolutely NEVER thought i'd be a stay at home mom. the thought NEVER crossed my mind. UNTIL i held amelya in my arms. i never thought i'd have four kids. i never thought i'd be considering having more kids. i never ever though i'd have four kids in less than four years. goes to show you...I am not in control!!

...although i do enjoy having some control. i hate hate hate being late. i would always get to work at least 15 minutes before i 'started'. i stress out immediately if i know we are going to be late going some where. i usually shut the clock off in the van so i can't see the time. seeing the time stresses me out more. i am usually only late when shaun is with me. he is putzy. not on purpose. just is. when we started dating HE took longer to get ready than I did.

...i played the flute in band. and in college played on the worship team for intervarsity. i miss being in band. and i'm a huge band dork and when i see bands marching in parades i miss marching. i DO NOT miss playing scales for band every week.

...i also miss participating in forensics in school. am i nerd?!?!

...i LOVE to read. i am a very fast reader. i will start and finish a book in the same day. if i cannot finish a book in one day it drives me nuts til the next morning, and i must finish it immediately. i am hoping to instil the love of reading in all of my kids.

...i cannot stand the smell of green beans or broccoli. my kids don't eat either of them. and i don't care.

...i still gag when i get hair in my mouth. (it made me gag at the beginning of my pregnancy with dustin and has yet to go away)

...i already miss being pregnant. i enjoy every minute of it. even the back pain. even the puking...okay maybe not the puking...but i seriously LOVE being pregnant. maybe that's my problem.

...i usually, probably share too much information. oh well. i don't mind. and i love to share my heart. my heart is full of loads of information. and i love to be a stalker and read other people's personal information.

...when shaun and i went to prom...almost TEN years ago already...i thought he laughed funny. i think it must be nerves...he's never laughed like that again...either that or i'm so in love with him that i don't hear it...

...i secretly, well not anymore, hope ONE if not all three of the girls get shaun's curly hair. only because I always wanted curly hair.

wow...i seriously could go on. i won't. someone else will have to tag me some other time....lol. so dustin is getting hungry. and i am so excited to have nursed him ALL DAY today. he went back to nursing like a champ. i was a bit nervous that he'd take to the bottle and refuse me. but nope he wanted his momma...and i'm so glad. i HATED watching my milk go down the drain. anways. like i said..off to feed my little man. :0) if i don't see you tomorrow have a super day. and i'll for sure be back on monday. (oh and because dustin is hungry and fussing...i haven't tagged anyone...soooo i'll do it the easy way...if you want to be tagged...consider it DONE (you're it)...if you don't...consider youself more educated in me....)

14 loving words from you.:

mittelmommy said...

soooo...should i be expecting baby e to arrive sometime next october?!?! that'd be two years of nothing else to do in january you know! that's why my mom said i came in october anyway. lol
glad you and shaun had a nice date night. did you go anywhere?
well, i just uploaded pics of gage's birthday and now i'm ready for bed...good night!

Jessi said...

I'm so there with you on the people watching! Airports are my favorite place to people watch.
Quick story- When I was in college (in Arkansas) it rained a lot and the floor in the student center got really slippery and on rainy days me and my friend would go up to the second floor which was open down to the main floor, right above the main doors into the building. Well, almost everyone would slip really bad when they walked in the doors...and it was HILARIOUS to watch. I know, that's so bad but it was such a stress reliever. Other than those rainy days in college, I'm a super nice considerate person.
And I will consider myself tagged on the random things about yourself. I'll work on that tomorrow though because right now, it's time for bed!

He And Me + 3 said...

Love these kind of posts. Very informative. Thanks for sharing so much!

Debbie said...

You should have been with me back in November. I chaperoned a band trip to Philly and DC for four days. Great fun.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Popping in as I was following up to see who did what with Tiffany's tagging challenge.

....you crack me up......I offer up way too much information most of the time too.....and I love love love being pregnant as well.


Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I totally do the book thing, too. :)
Good job with the P!

heidi said...

Great job with your letter!! I'm also a total people watcher. I'm glad he went back to nursing like a champ.

4under3 said...

You played the flute? I played clarinet in concert band and tenor sax in marching and pep.

And, I miss being pregnant too! [sniff, sniff]

Thanks for playing along.


Following Him said...

Prayers go out to the truck...I want it to work too :) As for the hair in the mouth, I know the feeling as well. Love this informational post! Very informative :)

Ashley said...

is it sad that i still hope Ayden's hair turns curly like Jay's too?

JessieTheresa said...

Hi!! I'm jessica. Thank you for checking out my blog! I LOVE yours and your style of "writing" (blogging). Do I have your permission to now stalk your blog? How does this tagging stuff work? I've been blogging for awhile, but Im just starting to make actual blogging friends. Sorry Im rambling here. I want to be tagged. :)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Your list of all things "P" is very fun. Well done. I would also have never guessed you to be a "quiet person." Quite the opposite, but it is wonderful to learn more about you and your beautiful family.


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

You do go a mile a minute :o) But it's fun that way! It is interesting how peoples personalities IRL come across in their blog.

I love these random posts! Thanks for sharing!

The Thompson's said...

Hey Amanda,

Another great post. I am going to follow along if its ok with you and hope you will do the same with us.

Love and Prayers,