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Friday, January 16, 2009


so i was given those two awards. i also know that mrs. 4444 gave me one...but i can't find it now. so i'll go with these two. julie was nice enough to give me the 'hugs' one and renee the fabulous one. because i don't feel like picking and choosing...if you want to take the awards too...take them. because truly you all are super fab and have super fab blogs. and you all have blessed me with your 'hugs' lately. so go ahead. don't be shy!!

my uptake test went fine this morning. my levels were on the high end of normal. i truly have not a clue what that means. i have to continue to pump and dump though. i asked. i was hoping she would've said no go ahead and feed. oh well.

shaun went to work around one. BUT his truck would not start. so brent came and got him. i'm still prayin' he'll get done early now and we can have our date night. brent seems to enjoy his work and not care about being home...so we'll see.

hmmm. what else. i KNOW there was something else i was going to say. but i just can not remember. hmmm. well my goal this weekend is to try and get my christmas tree down. that is one disadvantage to having a fake one. it doesn't lose needles. so it just stays up. plus up until this week amelya was still making ornaments for it. how could i take it down on her. i also need to pick up my house. it got messy again. all i really have to do is a few loads of dishes...yes i said a few loads...as in plural...and put away my scrapping stuff...yes from LAST FRIDAY...i do know it is a week ago...but in my defense we were busy last weekend. and well pretty busy this week as well.
after naps today we're driving across the road to the neighbors house. they have a girl a few months older than breigh and their son is a few months older than dustin. the girls are super excited to go to carleigh's. plus their mom and i can chat...it'll kill some time before shaun gets home...so that's nice.
after my uptake test i went to kwik trip. i got a glazer donut. how come no one has ever told me they taste a lot like krispy kremes? yum. i wish i would've gotten more than just one. i also got a fountain soda. i LOVE fountain soda. i got dr. pepper. it's funny before i was pregnant with dustin i could not stand dr. pepper. when i was pregnant i craved it. now i still like it. not as much as before. but it sure is good.
oh oh oh ...i totally just remembered what i was going to say...i WON a photo naming contest! woo hoo. jessica had a contest. and picked my entry. :0) i am way excited. it's the first time i've won something on a blog. :0) even if it is just a tacky christmas present. i'm still excited.
i've also been racking my brain on this whole give a way thing...i've got things cooking. i'll reveal something when the timer goes off on it. ;) as for now i need to go thaw some breastmilk and feed my baby boy. IF i would've known i needed this for TWO days i would've stored more. we've been doing half formula with it because i didn't have near enough for two days. oh well. it ain't going to hurt him.
have a super de duper day. and thanks for all the sweet and encouraging comments from my last post...go check it out if you haven't already....loves you guys!

8 loving words from you.:

Tiffany said...

Hi Amanda! I'm so happy you stopped by my blog today. Great to meet you! Your blog is wonderful and your family is so beautiful! How blessed you are! I do hope we "meet" again soon.

I'll add you to my prayer list that all is clear soon regarding your thyroid and other concerns. God is bigger than all of this, which you obviously know. Thanks for posting about it so the body of Christ can lift you up.

Be well!
The Boren Life

He And Me + 3 said...

Congrats...and yum to the donut! I had one today too!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Congrats on the awards. Let's not talk about the donuts. I had one yesterday and one today. And another one last week. Usually I stay far away from those things. I don't know what has possesed me lately :o)

I hope you get results quickly. I'll be praying for you. Have a great weekend!

The Beaver Bunch said...

Glad things look good, even if preliminary. I'll email you. Your choices include, but not limited to, NAVY socks, a desktop bowling set (which my kids actually like to play with), snowflake socks, or ANYTHING imaginable with the Tennessee volunteers logo.

I'm serious.

Rachel said...

You are just raking in the awards! You deserve them. :) Sorry you have to pump and dump...what a pain!!!

Jane Anne said...

Those donuts sound delicious! And, I am with you on the fountain sodas. Why do they taste so much better from the fountain!?
Happy Weekend!

Lara said...

Still hoping and praying everything will turn out okay for you and your family.

Beth said...

I'm behind on my blog reading! Hope you guys are doing well - just wanted to say hi! Will catch up next week hopefully!