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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

spring. for today.

ahhh. wisconsin. probably one of the states that can change weather like THAT. today it is 65ish out!! woo hoo. by thursday it will be 40's again. for today i'll take this.

yesterday we signed the papers for the tractor. and took it for a 'test drive'. me. i took it for a test 'ride'. shaun asked if i wanted to drive it..i said. nope. i'd rather wreck something on OUR property. i have driven a tractor before. but it is a big ole machine and kind of scary! so i'll stick to our yard.

the girls have their dance pictures today. because of that there was no class this morning. oh it felt SO good to not have to rush out of the house by 830. that is not an easy feat to do with four kiddos! my mom is on first shift and coming with me or watching the little two while i go. i haven't decided if i want her to come with our just watch dustin and caitlyn. we'll see what later brings. i am currently trying to steam their costumes though. i am running a hot shower in the bathroom. i am hoping they won't be too wrinkly later!! yes. i am a procrastinator. speaking of procrastinating...i'll be mailing out my gifts TOMORROW. because of no dance class today i won't be leaving the house before the post office closes...so sorry gals...tomorrow i promise. :0)

i am also still getting caught up on laundry. shaun did fix it on friday. but saturday was spent washing diapers and sunday we were gone all day. yesterday i did a couple of loads and today the rest. all i have left is diapers and shaun's work clothes. and then i'll be 'caught up' but really i'll just be doing wash again by thursday. that way i'll stay on top of it. unlike last week.

i am trying to figure out dustin's schedule. he seems to enjoy getting up at four thirty am lately. he isn't hungry, just awake. i ignore him as long as i can. which is hard to do when he is sleeping next to the bed in the bassinet!! he stays up until five thirty-ish, which by then he is hungry. and because i just want some solid sleep i feed him. he then sleeps til like seven thirty/eight o clock-ish. i'm thinking about trying to give him an earlier 'evening' nap. he is usually tired around six-ish and wants a nap. well then he sleeps til eight or later. and then we put him to bed with the girls between eight thirty and nine. so i think we'll either keep him up later or give an earlier nap. i'd rather not keep him up later, only because he is already on this 'bed time' schedule. so earlier nap, if possible it is!! i also think his ezcema is bugging him, because he really itches his head a lot while he's up. so i've been sure to slather the lotion all over him. even if it makes his hair all greasy. so lord willing it helps. i've just been spolied for three months and sleeping til five thirty at the earliest.

he is doing SO good on foods though. he eats two times a day, and today i've been considering bumping it up to three. so probably by the end of the week it'll be three. he loves everything. except peaches. he spit up non-stop after eating those. so i'll wait awhile before giving him them again. only because i don't want a bunch of orange stained clothing! i have yet to try squash with him, all three girls hated it. and i can not stand the smell...so when i feel up to it, he'll get it. his favorite has been carrots.

so um...hmmm. i really don't know what else to say. i have to eat lunch yet. my belly is hungry. so that means, i'm leaving you for a can of spaghettios. yes you read that right. i love them. i know they're unhealthy, processed food yuck. but i like them. so i'm off to eat the sodium filled can of yumminess. to me. :0)

17 loving words from you.:

Kelli said...

I love spaghettios! I eat them all the time! haha! I might be starting Landyn on food soon, a couple more weeks. I'm so not ready for the mess or the diapers!

He And Me + 3 said...

Love the new header...I forgot to tell you. It has been spring like for 2 days here and we are loving it. Spending time outside is so much better than the house. Glad you are getting caught up on laundry...I would be in over my head if mine broke for a day. So I hope it isn't too hard to get back on track.
enjoy your spaghettios...my kids have never had them before, not because we are that healthy...I am not sure why...I may have to let them try it some day:)
Happy St. Patrick's day!

Jessie's Girls said...

How generous of Shaun to offer to let you drive the tractor!
Not many husbands would be so magnanimous when it comes to their heavy equipment :)

C.C. and Double T said...

Haven't had Spaghettios in forever, but used to eat them when I was little with Velveeta cheese melted in. Cholesterol heaven! Oh, my goodness! ;-) Enjoy.

Kelli said...

I'm glad the tractor thing is finally done!! And good luck with all that laundry...I have a mountain of it at my house too! I am just about to start feeding my little one twice a day. He has been doing good just eating at dinner time, but I think he is getting hungry earlier in the day too! Enjoy our spaghettios!! My boys eat them every once in while, but they aren't my favorite!!

Ashley said...

Spaghettios!!! So yummy... but wouldn't you know it, something so yummy and easy and Ayden refuses to eat them! Ha!

Verna said...

I know what you mean about the weather. It is 74 in Illinois today, and later it is go into the 40's again....I am so ready for spring.

Davene said...

Hi, Amanda!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It's been fun to look through yours. I really like your lay-out, and the pictures at the top. It's especially encouraging to know that you have four kids in an even shorter span than we will soon. :)

Thanks for being real!

Emily said...

I've been trying to figure out Lincoln's schedule as well. His bedtime is somewhere between 7 and 9 and then he has been waking up early like 3 or so. Then stays awake for a good 2 hours. He stayed with my mom last night and he woke up about 3 and was asleep by 3:30 and then slept until 8:30. I would like to know what I am doing wrong and she is doing right.

Plus he slept in the crib at her house and has been sleeping in my bed with me (I have become a fan of co-sleeping). So I guess sleeping in the crib will be the new thing we try tonight!

Good luck figuring Dustin's out.

Oh BTW, here in TN it's 80 some degrees! Tomorrow it might be 50.. our weather is crazy too so I am gonna take Lincoln outside and enjoy some sun!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I love your new layout. Too cool. Those pics of your little ones are adorable. Can't wait to see how the dance ones turn out! :)

Lara said...

It seems that when you finally figure out a schedule for those little one, they up and change it on you. Good luck with the schedule and food!

Anonymous said...

You're leaving me for a can of spaghettios, lol now that is hilarious :D hope you have a lovely day!!

-stephanie- said...

Lovin' this weather. woo hoo!

YUCK-O Spaghettios. :oP

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

we must be sharing the weather. it was 70 here today and will drop at least 20 degrees tomorrow. it was nice while it lasted..

i never noticed how ALIKE your kids look until i saw your new header. they are beautiful!

Shawn said...

Serioulsy~ Spaghettio's?

With our without meatballs?

Someone has a give away going in the mail tomorrow!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I agree, the weather is sensational. We enjoyed walks both yesterday and today. Yay, Spring! Let's hope it lasts!
P.S. You better post pictures of them in their costumes--I bet they're too cute!

agk11808 said...

love the new layout, but seriously how do I do different layouts, I only find 2 column and they are not me