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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

blah blah blah blah blah

morning. well it is here. and it is now. so that's what i'll say!

ummm. oh yes. yesterday was the dress rehearsal for the girlies dance recital. it all went so well. except for the fact, i thought it started at four. and it really started at four THIRTY. oh well. i'm just glad my mom and sister came along too. and in my 'defense' there was another dad and his kids there shortly after four as well. so at least i wasn't the only one super early.

we got to video tape their practice run. amelya did so wonderfully!! it was beautiful to watch and she did all the moves. i didn't know if she would or not! there was one girl who stood there and sucked on her costume the whole time. this is also one of the girls who never participate in class because her and her sister are too busy sucking their thumbs. and after looking at the pictures her sister also didn't do much of the dance. i do not understand how their mom can be okay with that. wait. yes i do. she drops her kids off at dance and rarely watches them, so she maybe doesn't know that they don't do anything. someone should tell her. oh yes. amelya also showed off her lady-likeness and ate her boogers while on stage. see at one point they have to plug their noses. well she did that. felt some snot and then ate it. it's all on tape. so it'll be a fun video to share as she gets older!!
breigh's went wonderful too. except we didn't get it all on tape. they started as we were walking in. so of course with three other kids to bring in none of us were ready. amy did a great job catching most of it. and my pictures turned out only okay. so hopefully saturday i can get more. and better ones.

oh yes we can buy dvds of the show. for thirty dollars!?!? argh. that's ridiculous. so we'll see.

i was so proud of my girls up there. they did fantastic. i was nervous. i'm still a bit nervous because saturday the auditorium will be FULL! but i don't know if they will realize that anyway. so we'll see i guess. it'll be fine. because i'll pray about it. and pray for and with them. and they'll realize with jesus on their side-it's all good.
i'm loving my new camera. i did a 'photo shoot' with amelya and breigh yesterday. and took pictures at dance. so i'll leave you with loads of pictures!!
amelya during our photo shoot. this one was my favorite of her!
even with boogers she's a cutie!! :0)

what they did until the rehearsal started!! :0)
breigh posing!!

amelya posing. look at her get up on those tippy toes!

dustin chillin' in his carseat. but i must post pictures of him too!!

caitlyn. she wouldn't pose for me at home. but would sit wonderfully for me at the school. which means. whoo hoo. cutie pie pictures. this one was my favorite. and look at all that hair she's getting!!amelya concentrating hard on stage!!making her momma proud. a semi decent picture of breigh. i'm nixing the bow for the performance though. they have to do a sommersault. and it fell out after that and she was all worried. but still cute nonetheless!!

so there you have it. so darn adorable!! today is story time and mcd's day. tomorrow and friday i have no plans. and friday night is amelya's first recital. then saturday morning we'll rush around to leave the house and get to the recital by eleven fifteen. it's all good.

so have a great day. and peace out!!

12 loving words from you.:

Jen said...

The boogers thing made me giggle! Those are great pictures!

Emily said...

Those are adorable pictures! They looks so cute in their outfits.

Jennifer said...

Enjoy their recital. Bring tissues. ALL the ladies in the room were crying. Bring your own video camera, and sit close. Thank God hubs did that. I missed Madeline's. I got sick the night before, and my mom had to get her ready. But the video turned out great. I still cry every time I see it.

Stephanie said...

Oh my amelya and the boogers is just hilarious! That's a boyfriend story one day :)

Love your pics..they're looking great!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

OH this is not blah, blah, blah at all. This is cute, cute, cute! Your children are so adorable! And I love the girls in their tutus. Too precious!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

OH..how I remember dance recitals..My first went to dance from like three years old unitl last year...yep..last year..She probably would still go..but, HS is tough...maybe next year she will resume. Celeste and Antoinette were even in dance competitions..we traveled..we spent so much time on dance..
They are so cute when they are little and then as you watch them grow and get better and better..it is enough to make a proud mama's heart burst.
Every now and again..Serena will ask to go to dance..right now...honestly I am all DANCED out..it is such an expense with only that one show for you to see the final product. We are not allowed to watch each lesson weekly.
But, who knows with two little girlies..maybe we will once again revisit our dancing days..
For now..we will stick with Soccer and piano for Anty and Chinese School for Renie..and secretly I am trying to convince her to play soccer as well..I luv it..um..I hate to admit, but I do...thankfully, Antoinette luvs it as well..
Celeste is trying to coax Renie into dancing..
THE BATTLE of the activities rages here....lol...
Luv the new pictures with your new camera...
Your kiddies are too cute...the eyes capture me...

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Those are darn right adorable! What a sweet, beautiful family you have. I need me a tutu now...

He And Me + 3 said...

I pay 33.00 for DVD's of the girls theater shows. Ouch is right. But you gotta have it. my girls love to watch them after the fact and it is better than regular tv. So it works out.
Cute pictures. You are doing well with the camera. What mode were you shooting in at the rehearsal?

~*Michelle*~ said...

How precious is THAT!?!?!

I just melt when I see little gumdrop girlies in tutus!!!


Raising Olives said...

The children are lovely.

I wanted to say that I also had 4 children who were 3 and younger. Don't forget to enjoy and keep taking pictures because it goes fast.

Anyway, keep on keeping on. It gets so much easier. Our oldest is now 12 (we have 9) and it is not nearly as difficult as when we had all littles.


The Lang Family said...

The pictures are adorable! I'm quite jealous of the new camera. :) Also, congratulations on becoming an aunt! I'm so happy for Amy & Grant!

-stephanie- said...

You have adorable subjects to photograph. Pictures turned out great.