i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

orange for stellan!

we're wearing orange today. and it will probably be the only time i'm ever on mckmama's blog!! here's our picture!!
as you can see amelya and dustin were relatively cooperative. breigh and caitlyn just wanted to finish eating breakfast! mean momma made them wait!
as i type this mckmama just said stellan is out of surgery. now we wait and see til she posts! us stalkers huh?!
while we wait here are some super cute pictures!! the girls got their dance pictures back today!!

there's my amelya!! i asked her why she didn't smile with her teeth?! but she didn't answer me. oh well. still SO DARN CUTE!!
and my breigh breigh. who is always serious looking. but isn't she the sweetest!?!?

my girlies together! i got a key chain of this as well. except it's more like a small hardcover book size! well not that big. but big enough. shaun says he won't be putting them in his pocket! lol.
shaun came to dance today! i was so excited. it was there last day of dance and the girls were super excited for daddy to come. shaun enjoyed watching them. and of course enjoyed the breakfast at the restaurant after too!!

i have been looking at all the orange pictures on mckmama's blog! it's so cool to see them all! it's even cooler to 'know' some of you guys by seeing your pictures. it was fun to be like 'oh oh oh i KNOW THEM!!' sorry. i'm a big dork like that.
i also noticed mckmama totally flew by the 9 million mark?! can you believe NINE MILLION! and i'm getting excited about 20 THOUSAND. ha. i'll probably never see ONE MILLION much less NINE. insanely crazy that is.
but a good crazy. you know. like insanely crazy that she is reaching that many people with the love of christ. now granted one million of those hits may be mine. but still eight other million hits were there. wow. to impact THAT many people with the gospel. i hope out of my 20000 hits one of you have gotten that from me too. well actually i hope all 20000 hits have shown my love for our savior.
yep. OUR savior. he came to save ALLLLLL of us. how awesome. how loving. how perfect.
things aren't always easy. no one said they would be. all i know is i'm saved by the blood of the lamb. my sins are washed away by the blood of the lamb. king of kings. lord of lords. the great i am. i will wait. i will wait. i will wait on you. now i have a worship song stuck in my head. i cannot find the words to it all. but it has those in there. so if you know it, you're now singing it aren't you!!?! :0)
seriously though i've tried googling it and cannot find the song!! argh. i've searched SO many lines of the song and cannot find it. sorry.
so with that. i'm done. well actually since the kiddos are all napping and amelya is chilling, i'm going to go work on a blog makeover for myself. :0) toodles.

22 loving words from you.:

Jen said...

I LOVE your "orange for Stellan" pic! LOL

The dance pics are adorable too!

(I don't own a lick of orange to wear, so I just colored my blog font orange for today....)

Meg said...

We did an orange pic too! And i feel like i have totally added at least 50000 of those hits today alone!!!

It truly goes to show that Christ is reaching out to the world!

You kids are dolls.

He And Me + 3 said...

Beautiful orange picture. I saw it on her blog too. Love the dance pics...they turned out so cute.

Tiffany said...

Great pic, Amanda! Thanks for stopping by our blog today, too. I'm totally in agreement wih you about the desires of servng our Lord even through our tiny blog followings! :)

A blog makeover,eh? Hmm.. I desperaely need one as well. Wanna help!!


Tiffany said...

OHMyGoodness! I totally forgot to tell you how ADORABLE your grlie girls are! I have just two boys....sure would like some pink around here. :)

Jennifer said...

Dance pictures are always so cute. Also I like your new blog layout. That picture is too cute.

Kelli said...

I love the orange picture! I have totally been stalking today, and I must have missed your picture somehow....I am going back right now to find it! Is that a little crazy?
Anyway, I LOVE the new header! You have one SUPER adorable family! And the girls look so cute in their dance outfits....that's one bad thing about only having boys...no cute dance outfits! I see Jesus in your blog everytime I read, and it is one of the best things about your blog...that and your SUPER adorable kids!!

Kelli said...

Okay! I feel better...I found your picture! You were one of the first ones to get posted and my pictures was only about 10 after yours!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Love your pics as well:)
luv the orange for Stellan....
Unfortunately, I could not do orange b/c we spent the day with my sick and frail dad at the cancer center where they later determined he needed to be admitted for an immediate blood transfusion..
Please keep him and us in your
and of course ..prays for baby Stellan:)

Ashley said...

awesome new layout! and the pics of amelya and breigh in their dance outfits are SUPER cute! can't wait to hear all about their recital!

-stephanie- said...

Love the new blog look. Your girls are ADORABLE in their little tutu's.

You're saying you'll never hit one million...HA I'll never hit 20,000. I was thrilled to have hit 2000 a short time ago.

Cute "orange" picture.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh how precious! I can't believe how absolutely adorable your girls are in their little tutus. Too cute!

Love the new look! You are way talented my friend!

Emily said...

I love the pictures.... I have been thinking and praying for Stellan!

Stephanie said...

My kids were alittle out of it this morning too...it was definitely interesting trying to take a pic..of course Lucas was at school so I was one down.

Love your new header pic...girl you're looking awesome!!!!!!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

cute pic!

Alicia said...

Love your picture for Stellan! So cute!!

And the girls ballet ones....ADORABLE!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Those little girls are so YUMMY sweet!!!! I just love their little outfits...

I wish N would do dance....I guess I would need to comb the mud out of her hair and take off her Converse Hi-Tops first, huh? LOL


and one last thing to say.......

I LOVE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I just felt the need to shout that!


Anonymous said...

Your girls are absolutely STUNNING, look at those eyes. Whoa mama!! P.S. My son will be able to date when he is 30 (hint hint) LOL

I even checked out Stellan's website, it took me 10 minutes to scroll down though 1/4 of the pictures on her blog. Whoa mama! What an amazing support system she has, the baby totally deserves it :) keep us updated on the baby will ya? Thanks!

E @ Scottsville said...

We wore our orange for Stellan yesterday too! I'm a mommy of four, also --- but mine are a BIT OLDER and a tad bit more 'spread out' in age than yours appear. You do have your hands full!

Nice to meet you!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

hmm, I think that song songs familiar, but lets face it, I am terrible at song lyrics!
I am loving the blog makeover! very summer/spring!

btw, i ate a bag too. I hid them in a container, and eventually Asher figured me out. Possibly the rabid look in my eyes as I headed for the container....

Emily said...

Thanks for the comment.. but I have to say that you only got to see the small areas that are clean.. ha ha!

The Aspenberg Family said...

Hi!! I'm Stacey from NJ and i stumbled on your blog! Love your family so cute!! Anyways My daughter Madyson is 4 and she is wearing the same dance outfit for her recital as your little one is the pink! They are getting Pictures in May so i will post it on my blog then!! So cute!!!