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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

rant about biggest loser and my 'mommy-ness'

i know i haven't done a biggest loser review in quite awhile. well my friends. i can.not. and will.not hold back! argh.

ron. that's all i must say. totally beyond a doubt lost any respect i had for him. surrrrrrrre you didn't write kristin's name down. buttttttttttttttt you totally told your son to. and in turn. vote her out. oh you mastermind you had a hand in her demise! argh. i do not like that. i think sure it's a game. but seriously!?! then play it with out lying my friend! if i can still say that. argh. okay i am so upset about that.

BUT kristin looked great! and i wish i would've known when she spoke, because i would've gone to see her. she's from wisconsin too! that's how i could've gone to see her so easily.

i still cannot believe what ron did. surrrre he's looking out for his son. but seriously. and i hope that mike doesn't win. he's too confident. okay i kind of hope he wins or filipe. but NOT tara or helen or ron. nope. not a single one of them. i think tara has a crummy attitude most of the time. and well i just do not like that. helen. i don't know there is just something about all that crying that drives me nutso. i about died last night when filipe was trying to shake the thing more. and ron. well he lost all my respect last night. so i guess filipe it is. and you can bet your bottom dollar mike will be gone if he ever falls below the yellow line now! duh. let's be confident without advertising it. hello?!

okay that's enough. sorry to rant and rave. i was and still am visibly irritated!!
on another note. i may be up for the forgetful mom of the year award. dustin is six months old today. wanna know when i remembered? yesterday. um. how dare i!? forget something so special. wanna know what else? i didn't have his appt written down either, and had to call and see when it is or was. it IS on monday. 'whew' mainly i cannot believe that SIX WHOLE ENTIRE MONTHS have gone by since i gave birth to my baby boy. here he is then::

and now.

seriously. who said he could grow up? and be so darn cute? :0) don't you love his outfit? i do. shaun doesn't. he says it's too preppy. ack. what do boys know. well i'm sure dustin will not wear something like that when he gets bigger, only because shaun doesn't dress like that. but in my defense it does have a little moped on the shirt. isn't that like kind of like an automobile? no. didn't think so. :0)

ohhh looking at that 'right after birth' picture just makes me wanna have one. what are we doing to prevent that? um. kind of nothing. well sort of nothing. i'm 'ready' for whatever happens. shaun is then left up to decide if he is too. if he isn't nothing happens. if he is something happens. or the other way around. depending on how you would like to read into that. :0) my blog. my info. deal. :0)

so we'll see. because ultimately GOD is in CONTROL! so that's how i roll. and really whatever happens is god's perfect plan. because it is perfect. yeppers. so that's all i really have for you now. peace out! ((actually i did a 'vlog' and i'm trying to load that too. maybe you'll see it in a bit)) :0)

5 loving words from you.:

Jennifer said...

He is very cute. Time sure flies.
Now on to Biggest loser. I TOTALLY agree, Tara CANNOT win. I do not like at all. She plays self doubt card too much and gets a pity party every time. I couldn't believe Ron!!! I think Mike will win, though. He's lost the most on the ranch since the show began. I was yelling at the TV last night. I guess I needed to rant also. :)

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh my uterus! That boy is scrumptious! Happy half birthday Dustin!!!

Oh, and you know where I am at with the "if it's God's will.....let it be" when it comes to babies. He knows best and I trust in Him.

*wish me luck this month*

I think we have a good shot...*wink wink wink

OK, sorry to spill TMI on your blog...I'll leave it on mine, HAHHHAHAHAHAH!

Love you sister in Christ.....

Emily said...

We both have two big boys now!!! Dustin is so cute!

-stephanie- said...

I don't watch the show, but I enjoy hearing how you critique it.

Man... it seems like yesterday that I was still seeing pictures of you pregnant, and I was stalking your blog because you lived in WI.

"D" sure is a cutie. And I love his outfit.

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

He is just so darn cute...
and I have to say I love the outfit....
and I do not remember if I told you..I love the one of you and all the kddies in orange...
Super, super cute...
You guys look grreeaatt..
I know what you mean about having another one..do not know if I will ever feel done..I guess we leave it up to God's perfect plan..
I am so enjoying my LeeLee Bee and all my other kiddies..
How blessed are we....
Just giving some thanks on Thankful Thursday..