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Thursday, April 02, 2009

quick quick.

okay. well i know i talked about going to the mom and pop place with my friends today. it looks as if one has backed out on me!?!?

how dare she?!?!

well of course i forgive her....


CHANTAE HAD HER BABY!!! go here to leave her some comment love!!!

Malia Rose was born this morning around 5:30 AM weighing in at 6 lbs 5 ounces and 18 3/4 inches long.

i was given permission to post on her blog, and later i'll get some pictures of the cutie pie and post those too!!

it's funny though. yesterday i noticed chantae stop a few times and go 'woah' and hold her belly. i never said anything though, until she called me at nine saying they were going in!! then i asked if she had been having them. she said YES!! but thought they were braxton hicks, until they came closer together.

malia did come a few weeks early and a few hours after her daddy's birthday ended. :0) but everything is looking fine!! god is soooo good.

he is also humorous. chantae is a huge!! planner. so i think this is yet another way for god to show us HE is in control not us. :0) i joked with chantae this morning about that.

i'm so excited to see little malia, and to hold a tiny baby. but my fear is i'll throw out all birth control plans and get pregnant again. :0) it's just something about that little newborn baby. oh dear. my 'goal' is to still wait at least four more months before even thinking about trying. dustin would be about nine months old. by far the oldest out of any of his siblings before us getting pregnant again. and by far the longest time i've been NOT pregnant SINCE WE GOT MARRIED. so we'll see....because like i said GOD is in control.

so i need to get ready for my day. just wanted to be quick and share the fun news. now go leave some comment love for miss chantae!!

7 loving words from you.:

Mom2Valerie said...

Ha! I know the 'danger' of holding a newborn too ;) We joke at church that it's 'contagious', cuz there are NINE pregnant women right now! Most are due July/August too!

I laughed when I read your comment on my blog about your date nights. TOO funny! I told my husband and he said, "Well, that's what's supposed to happen on date nights!" Hehe!

Have fun visiting your friend and her new baby. How exciting!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations to her!! Malia Rose is such a pretty name :-)

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh how exciting! Gotta love new babies!

He And Me + 3 said...

Get to that hospital and get us some pictures. Yeah

Anonymous said...

Yay, congrats to the new mommy!

I held a baby yesterday...

.. and it was contagious!

I'm hit with the baby fever :o)

Help me!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

well, i am one of the odd ones, who DOES not like holding a newborn! odd, aren't i?
I'll go check out her babe now!

p.s. Hubs has a canon 5D with 3 L series lenses.. think he'd miss them?!

Sneaky Momma said...

Just throw whatever you're using for birth control away. You know you want to! :)