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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

::creative title here::

so not feeling so creative today. i used that all up this morning on shaun.

he he he he. i still giggle about it.

you see, he is really bad at remembering dates. so i figured he forgot it was april 1st today. so i texted him this::i think i'm pregnant.

and then nothing. it took him forever to respond. his reply was. what.

i couldn't lead him on any longer and told him APRIL FOOLS!! he he he he.

his reply was:: so not cool.

i know it could kind of be mean. but MEAN would've been waiting til he got home tonight to tell him i was joking.

i called him on the way to story time today and asked if he was mad. he said no. i asked him what happened when he read it, he said, you got my heart pumping and my eyes bulging. :0) and he laughed. so it's all good.

except of course when he decides to repay the favor. because i know he will. he's sneaky like his dad was i hear!

it's all in good fun though, and i know he knows that.

we've had a busy few days. yesterday was dance. and then we always go next door to the family resturaunt. every single tuesday since september that the girls have had dance, we go next door. yesterday the waitress came up to the table and said this::i'm buying breakfast today. you guys come in here all the time. and we can do that for half price. so i'm paying for it.

i sat there in shock. tears in my eyes as i answered my mom when she asked what the waitress said. i said, she's buying our breakfast.

let me tell you. i was beyond blessed. beyond!! it was so cool to see someone nice in the 'world'. i felt bad that i didn't have any cash to leave a tip, i had planned on adding it on the debit card when i paid. my mom had some though!! *whew*

it was so cool. and i still get all blessed by it today too!

we went to the mom and pop place yesterday and i met a blogging buddy there. i should just call her my buddy, but we did meet through blogging. it's the third time we've met up though.

today was story time and mcdonald's of course! we had loads of fun. and the two girlies are sleeping now. hopefully going to take a nice long nap for their momma! dustin is starting to wake up and amelya is chilling and playing with her little people stuff. i LOVE hearing her play and her imagination growing!!

tomorrow we're heading BACK to the mom and pop place. they're having a professional photographer come in and share some tips. how fun?!?! so i want to learn more. and since it'll be forever and a day and a half before i get a digital slr camera i'm hoping to learn something more about my point and shoot now.

ohhhh how i really want an slr...my birthday is next friday just in case you have a few hundred extra dollars laying around. ;0) i'd gladly put it to good use!! lol. riiiiiiiiight. that's mainly the reason i don't have one-we don't have that extra moola. and if we do have it i'm paying bills not getting fun stuff!! some day, hopefully before my kids are all of the house.

speaking of a house...on sunday the girlies were given a special gift. it's a dollhouse that shauns dad and mom had made for his sister. his cousins had it and asked if the girls would like it!! i said YES!! amelya adores it! she played with it for hours sunday afternoon. i just think it is so cool to have something that shaun's dad had a part in making. i showed them a picture of layne and told them that 'daddy's daddy' made it. that's how we talk about layne to them. as daddy's daddy. because my dad is papa it's hard to call him papa. plus i think it may confuse them. i don't know. amelya is starting to get older where she may ask more questions. but i already have told her that he is up in heaven and we'll get to meet him someday.

i like to think that they can see us from 'up there'. i'm praying that they can. and that he can already see his precious grandbabies. i guess i'll find out someday.

this post has been all over the place!! but hey if you knew me in real life you'd know it's totally how i am!! :0) toodles.

9 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

Glad Shaun took it all in fun. If I had a few extra hundred dollars I would love to make your birthday a happy one.

Mom2Valerie said...

TOO funny! I love his reaction to your April Fool's joke!

I LOVE Mom & Pop Place too! Maybe we could meet there sometime too. I wish there was one closer to us, cuz I'd be there all the time!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Poor Shaun! You oughta be ashamed of yourself, girl!

Glad you're having a great week! Have fun tomorrow!

heidi said...

I heart April Fools Day. :-) I'm going to go get one of my pos preg tests from B and put it on robs desk for when he gets h ome from work. I think he'll probably pee himself. HA!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I thought about doing that too, but I think Dan would be on to it, since my "friend" was here last week....
I love your blog posts--my mind is random like that too!

Lara said...

I pulled that one last year- I think I even blogged about it. But be careful, I was going to try that April Fools in 2007 and I couldn't because I had just found out that it was true! Have fun learning your tips.

He And Me + 3 said...

That was a good April fools joke. How sweet of that waitress. It is so encouraging to hear stories about strangers being so kind to people.
Thanks for sharing.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I love all the ladies who are tricking their hubbies this way today! Mine was fixed, so no go.
I could send you my hubbys SLR if you want. Just don't tell him where you got it. It'll be our secret.
Cool thing about the breakfast too, it is those things that make us realize there are awesome people out there.

~*Michelle*~ said...

I love hearing about the kindness of others.....and it couldn't happen to a better person! ;)