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Thursday, April 16, 2009


do you have any? i don't. i need motivation.

i didn't have any tuesday, when i said i was going to clean my house. so that leaves me today. my super nice husband helped out last night and got some dishes in the dishwasher and picked up some clothes in the living room. i love how he helps out, and does so without any sort of complaining. so sweet he is.

so yeah. i spent a few minutes this morning commenting on some blogs. and that's all i've vowed to do for right now. i NEED to get some motivation. and to well...dress my children and stuff. :0) only two of them are up right now and they're enjoying a episode of sesame street, so i took advantage to quick post a post.

thanks for all the ideas about children's church. shaun and i along with another set of parents have agreed to do it. so it'll be b/n the four of us for right now. until other people volunteer or feel led i guess. we'll see how it works. i'm just praying it all works out well. and i know it will...because god's in control.

so that's that. short and sweet. and dustin's awake. he wants to have some yummy breakfast. he's only eating twice a day yet, but number two jars twice a day. i've found that he loves chicken flavored things. chicken is one of my favorites too. i've decided today i will start feeding him at lunch time too. he's just growing up way too fast!! :0( and he's starting to feel loads better. he is sleeping better and is nursing better too. :0) okay off to get my little man. :0)

18 loving words from you.:

Kelli said...

I have no idea where people get their motivation...because I very little if any!! I'm glad to hear that Dustin is feeling better, and SUPER impressed that he is eating the chicken baby food! My boys always turned their noses at any of the meat flavored foods!!

Emily said...

I need motivation too. I say I am going to do this and I wanna do that, but it just simply never gets done. I use Lincoln as my excuse for a lot of it, but husband has a hard time believing me.

Yay on the Sonic... you will LOVE the real deal. It's so good and try all the other drinks too... Cherry Limeade and Strawberry Limeade.. both GOOD!

~*Michelle*~ said...

When you find that motivation.....can you send a swift kick over to Connecticut?!?!

I wanted to tell you that CBD has a book on clearance called Heavenly Helpers for dirt cheap that has great ideas for children's church/lessons.

Be back with the link if I can find it. :)

And I also will be replying to your email today....N and I have our Portugal project for International Day on next Wed that we haven't even started.....eek!

~*Michelle*~ said...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack



Mom2Valerie said...

So excited for you to start children's church! I'll be praying for the four of you as you plan and carry it out...and for motivation too ;) I have trouble with that...you know, being pregnant and having a little one leaves you with little energy. I've felt especially tired this week, but I just try to do a little bit at a time. And, to remember that being there for my daughter is more important than if the dishes are done or the laundry's folded. Take care, Amanda, and have a wonderful day!

Sneaky Momma said...

It's hard to believe that your little man is already into solid foods. :)

Jennifer said...

If they only sold motivation in bottles, I'd buy a ton. It's so hard some weeks to find it. Enjoy your breakfast.

Alicia said...

Amanda...I get into those funks too!! Ugh!!

But, I'm glad to hear about the CM!!! Just keep praying over that because the enemy does not want a CM because those precious children will be the next generation to go out and spread the Gospel!

-stephanie- said...

GO OUTSIDE and enjoy the warm sun. That way you won't see the mess inside. And the cold weather we are going to have this weekend...you can clean then.

The Beaver Bunch said...

Motivation? What's that?

I have assured myself that I will ONLY read blogs for 20 minutes today and the REST of nap time will be spent CLEANING MY HOUSE THAT IS SO DISGUSTING IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY.

Yes, 20 minutes.

Glad Dustin is better.

He And Me + 3 said...

To motivate myself...I set a timer and do one thing for 15 minutes and then blog for 15 minutes and then onto the next thing for 15 minutes and so on. It works like a charm and while working around the house you really try to beat the alarm...it is so motivating.
Wow, I can't believe that Dustin is that old already...eating number 2 foods.

Tiffany said...

Oh Ms. Motivation. Why do you play hide and seek with us?? I hear ya, gal friend! Praying for it to make an appearance soon!

Great button, by the way. I'll be taking that and adding it to my bloggie now. :)


Julie said...

I hear ya...I need motivation too.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Honestly, my dear, if you happen upon any motivation, please wrap it up in a box and send it my way...asap. There really are not enough hours in the day anymore...and we have already "sprung forward" on daylight savings time!


mittelmommy said...

i hope you got some motivation today! i often feel like i need a fire under my butt to get me going. but i agree with he and me plus 3...i do that too...set a timer and then let myself do something 'fun' for the same amount of time...it works good when i have help and time...when it's just gage and i it's hard to have the 'fun' time to scrapbook or something!
anyway, hope you and alisha had a great time tonight!!! what are you up to tomorrow? i don't know if it'd work out on either end for sure, but maybe i could drop the clothes off...let me know!
feels like forever since i've commented...i'm still trying to read blogs i'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on! =)

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I have a hard time with the church volunteer thing sometimes... people are more than willing to drop off their children, but never want to take a turn! What do you do!?!
Hope you had a great day!

Life with Kaishon said...

If I was home all day with kids I don't know if I would ever get dressed! I mean, pajamas are seriously the most comfortable clothes on the planet, aren't they? : ). I hope you have a happy Friday!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Some days I feel that way too. So I hope today is better.

Take care my friend!
Have a great weekend!