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Saturday, April 18, 2009

whoo hoo.

ahhh finally saturday!!

i'm so super glad it is. shaun has off. the girlies are sleeping in and he's still in bed! i have a cooing cutie pie on my lap....it's all SO good.

oh and my house you ask?! it's almost finished. so much so that i won't be rushing and stressing like crazy to get it done before tomorrow. ahhh yes. it's all SO good. :0)

thursday and yesterday, and today, are super beautiful 'warmer than normal' temps here in good ole wisconsin. so i skipped out on cleaning thursday to play outside. besides how can you resist that precious four year old voice saying, mommy i want you to play outside with me?!. ummm. okay. let's go. so that's what we did..

a friend of mine took me to chipotle for supper on thursday for my birthday. ohh i love me some chipotle. we went to the mall afterwards and ended it with ice cream. and some people staring. i love to stare. :0) and we do it well together. lol.

while i was at chipotle shaun picked up with the girls all the toys that had made it into the living room and dining room. isn't he great!?! i think so. so that really helped. yesterday morning i bribed the girls to clean the playroom by telling them we'll play outside after. they helped like champs and we played outside. my sister came over after work and helped me out too. i always tend to clean faster/better when i have someone with me. not even helping but just to talk to is nice. but she helped me. and then after nap time the kiddos wanted to go outside again so she played with them outside while i got some more done.

so it's been a productive few days, hence my lack of blogging! i've also tried a tip i got out. like clean for 15 min and then let yourself do something fun too. so i didn't set a timer but i did take little five minute breaks and that worked like a charm. i am going to use that tip and enforce it more and i think it'll work like a gem!! (thanks mimi)

so today involves finishing up the house and shopping for the drinks and such for tomorrow after the baby dedications. and i'll be going to copp's to do it. wanna know why? i forgot to share this blessing....

...last week after leaving caitlyn's gi appt *which went well* an older man stopped me and asked me if they were all mine, with a smile on his face. i smiled back and said yep. usually encounters like this end there. not this one. he goes on to say how times can be tough with a big family. i just sorta shrugged my shoulders, like it was probably a rhetorical question...does he really want to know how tough it is?...so then he's like could you use a copp's card? at first i had no idea what he was talking about. i thought cops not copp's. so he proceeds to pull out his wallet and ask again. i just sorta stared and was like sure? well this man handed me a FIFTY DOLLAR GIFT CARD! for groceries!?! can you believe it. i don't even know if i said thank you. i know i just stared at him and started tearing up and crying. he patted me on the shoulder and said god bless you. and then just walked away!

isn't that the coolest thing ever!?! i was so blessed and in shock. shaun and i handed out that fleet farm gift card this past winter, but i have never been on the receiving end of something like that!! oh it was so cool. and i had to share that all with you. to show you god does provide for our every need. ahhh. i'm so excited all over again!! :0)

so with that fun story i'll leave you. i'll be sure to try and remember to take pictures tomorrow, you know because i totally didn't on easter! and i'll try and post them asap. i mean who doesn't want to see super cute pictures of my super cute kiddos?!? :0) have a happy saturday and happy happy sunday too!! peace out.

14 loving words from you.:

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh wow! What a neat blessing! It made me get all teary eyed!

Glad you got your house clean. Now could you come all the way to GA and do mine?

And yes, I can't wait to see pics of your kids! They are adorable!

Have fun my friend!

Kelli said...

I can't wait to see SUPER cute pictures of your SUPER cute kiddos!!
Wow!! about the gift card...God will provide in the strangest ways sometimes!
I'm glad you got all your housework done...I'm with Alicia though, anythime you want to head south {say to MS} you are more than welcome to clean up around here too! I have found that if I talk on the phone while I am cleaning, it seems to go by a lot faster and not be nearly as painful!! Have a great weekend!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh how I LOVE hearing about random acts of kindness.....and I couldn't think of a sweeter mama to be blessed with it all.....

-stephanie- said...

Glad you got your house cleaned.

and I am tearing up also about the guy giving you the gift card. God is so good.

Happy Dedication, Dustin and Caitlyn.

Have a good weekend.

Jennifer said...

That story gave me chills. I need to try the timer idea. Maybe that'll get be motivated. Enjoy this wonderful weather that us northerners are finally getting.

He And Me + 3 said...


That was an awesome post. So glad my little tip worked. Also that grocery story was awesome. God is so good. What a sweet man. how fun to go out to dinner with a friend too.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

That just goes to show you--there ARE angels among us. God is so good!

Following Him said...

WoW...small blessing are amazing and the $50- gift card is amazing! Hope ya had a great Saturday :)

Holly said...

Wow! What a generous man!

I love people watching too, it's great fun. :)

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

That is an amazing story! how blessed are you, and I wonder if he knows what an awesome thing he did! Cool!

Rob said...

That is cool about the gift card. Nice blog. If you get time check out my dad blog at http://www.pbandsmellysdad.com/

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, Amanda!!!!!!! I want to cry just thinking about how you were blessed by a total stranger!! God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh...and the cleaning...I used to like talking on the phone w/ a friend while I cleaned because it made it seem to go faster!! :)

Sneaky Momma said...

What an angel!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this story with us, Amanda. I love hearing things like this. What a blessing.

heidi said...

That is AMAZING, Amanda!!! I love hearing stories like that.