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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

peaceful and resting.

all my babies are resting right now. even amelya. THAT is the feat. i don't think she is feeling a hundred percent though. (don't worry melissa no puke!) she is actually sleeping. so please just keep her in your prayers. my little man is softly cooing himself to sleep on my chest. all snuggled up in my moby wrap. i love this thing. and i love a sleeping baby on my chest even more!!

i scheduled an ultrasound for tomorrow after noon. it's at a 'free' clinic that i went to when i found out we were pregnant with dustin. they do free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. when i was there with dustin i felt 'bad' using a free service. but the nurse told me that they wanted me to come in because they can always use the practice. so i thought it was a perfect opportunity. so i'm taking that opportunity again to go there. it's a really nice resource and isn't being funded by tax dollars, just donations. :0) so i'm super stoked to be able to see baby e.

i also am teaching my first cloth diapering class tomorrow. i'm excited about that as well. i'm hoping for a decent turn out. and need to get my information ready for that. guess what i'll be doing after this. lol. for those of you in my area its at the mom and pop place at eleven!!

awww. dustin is now softly sleeping. i wish i would've had a wrap or sling with my first two. i didn't get one til i was pregnant with caitlyn. amelya and i spent hours asleep together in our chair. i would've loved to have her snuggled up on me like this too. oh well.

so. you all know my blog name is "proud mommy of four". what should my NEW name be. because it ain't four anymore! proud mommy of five just seems....i dunno...uncreative? to me. so i'm looking to YOU to help me. with nursing and being pregnant my brain cells are down. so i need your brain cells to help me. should we have a contest? like you all give me your ideas. i'll pick my favorite three or something. and then we could all vote. hmmm. maybe. so start thinking.

i also am serious about any baby 'e' name suggestions. so far i like emilee and eden for girls. and i'm wishy washy on eli or elijah for a boy...because i'd want him to be just eli or just elijah. not elijah AND eli. make sense. i like them both though. ezra has been suggested a couple of times. i must say i'm liking that too. shaun wasn't too keen on it. he thinks this baby should have a 'z' name. lol. you know...the end of the alphabet. but i think z would be just as hard as e. so i'll stick with e. and i figure i may be able to talk shaun into ezra because it has the z in it. we could call him zra for short if he feels the need. no. never mind. i don't like zra. ezra is much nicer.

so you all have a major task ahead. naming my blog and potentially my child!! lol. i'm also stuck on middle names. like IF this is our last baby who should we name him/her after? if anyone. the four other kiddos middle names are all after someone. and amelya and dustin's first names are. here's the low down::

amelya (my grandma's middle name) francis (shaun's dad's middle name)

breigh (because that's a name we liked) mayann (a combo of my mom's middle name and mine and my mother in laws middle name)

caitlyn (because i've ALWAYS wanted a caitlyn...even though i never imagined calling her caity) michaela (shaun's middle name is michael. we thought caitlyn was 'it'. so we named her after shaun)

dustin (shaun's brother's middle name) russell (my dad's middle name)

hmmm. i just realized they're all named after middle names. interesting. when i was pregnant with amelya i came up with the middle name kamielle in a dream! yes a dream. the k was for shaun's sister, the am was for my sister and the ielle was for shaun's other sister. all those letters are from their FIRST names. so we'll see if this little e is a girlie then i could go with kamielle after all our sisters.

i haven't decided yet if i want to find out if this is a boy or girl. we did not know at all with our first three girls. we decided to find out on number four. i was glad to know what we were having because i bought him an entire wardrobe last summer at rummage sales. it worked out quite perfectly!! although it was hard because we didn't tell what we were having, so i rummaged not around my home town. and the one i did rummage at was a few days before his birth and i swore them to secrecy. i can not pass up great deals on clothes like that! i love rummage sale time. i just want to know whoever came up with the idea of having a sale in your garage for ppl to buy your stuff. you know? like if you really think about it, it's kind of weird. but i'm weird, so i fit in quite well.

i will admit, i would love another little boy. a little brother for dustin to have to play with. and another member of the testosterone team in our house!! plus i 'feel' that my sister is having a boy. so what fun would that be to have all three of them close in age?! amy says she feels boy too. so we'll see. i know that we'd both take either or. but i must say having a girl would be 'weird' when i'm so used to this boy stuff now. lol.

oh and i don't think i've ever said how far along i am. according do a normal 28 day cycle i'm due around christmas. but my cycle wasn't 28 days. so if i go according to the length of my cycle i'm due around new year's day. so we'll see. that puts me somewhere around seven-ish weeks. wow. almost two months already.

the bummer part is i never got brave enough to wear my un-maternity clothes. so i'm already wearing maternity pants. i will say i'm secretly excited to at least be pregnant and wearing them not not pregnant and wearing them. oh well. either way it's nice. i feel bad though because i'm rushing my friend out of my maternity clothes that i borrowed to her. BUT she tried on some pre-pregnancy clothes FIVE WEEKS after having her baby and they fit. so that says something for her. way to go. i'm not brave enough i guess. and it makes me not feel as bad asking for the rest of them back. because i know how hard it can be for some to lose the weight right away. i am not one of those 'rubber band' type ppl. i'm kind of hmmmm like a blob of jello pretty much. i do not snap back into place. i wiggle and jiggle into place.

okay. so now i'm talking all crazy. i'm off to get that cloth diaper stuff ready and try to figure out something yummy for supper. i'm leaning towards tacos. simple. easy. and way yummy. or pizza. because that has been my hugest craving. greasy pizza. yummy. :0)

oh and if you want to know. i haven't been 'getting sick' i just 'feel sick' all day long. which is pretty similiar to the other pregnancies. i would much rather feel sick then get sick. so i'm content with this.

alrighty then. i think i covered everything. so have a super night.

17 loving words from you.:

Emily said...

OK, for a little boy I like the names Elliot and Enoch.

For girls I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ella Grace and Emma.

ashleyjnc said...




Ezra was the name I suggested and I LOVE it.

Jen said...

I tried to come up with a "_____ mommy of FIVE" that starts with "f", but all the thesaurus gave me was "fiery" or "fine". LOL

Matthew's boy suggestion is Evan. I like it.

momof3munchkins said...

I like Emmy for a girl and Ethan for a boy.
And I hear you about the maternity clothes! My son is almost 6 months and I am finally forcing myself to put away the maternity pants. Even when you can fit back into the old clothes, they just are never as comfy!
Congratulations on your newest little one!

Following Him said...

Ok, so I am giving this blog naming a shot, her is goes:
* Blessed with many
* A mommy to many
* Mama to my munchkins
* Blessed to be called mama

So as for names, I love eli! Seriously...one of my favorite names!

Dazzled by Diapers said...

Kamielle is a beautiful name.

I love the names Emilee, Eden and Eli.

My sister's name is Elise Rose.

I also like the name Ella, Eric and Ethan.

I was trying to think of what comes in fives - a star have five points.

Mommy's Sparkling Star

Jennifer said...

Ellie for a girl. I can't use my middle name, cuz it's May. Ellie May might bring some teasing. :) But I think it's kinda cute.

Judson Family said...

Proud Mommy from A-Z lol
Baby Boy E Name Emery
Baby Girl E Name Elsa,Ellie

I can feel you glowing as I am reading your post!!!

heidi said...

I'm a big dork about my kids names. What they mean is important to me and the middle name HAS to be after someone important in our lives. They also can't be often used names. Our last name is potter and I don't want them being identified as Cara P or whatever because, yk, P...is pee and kids are cruel.

Blog Names:

All This and a Bag of Chips
Living in the Land of Milk and Honey
Variety Pack
Packed with Fresh Goodness

Yeah..I'm lame, I know. LOL

My l ittle neighbor girl is named Emelyce (pronounced emma-leese) *shrug*

-stephanie- said...

You "talk" so darn cute.

how bout, "Popping them out one letter at a time" (A little play on your last name.)

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

You are too funny my friend! Hope tomorrow's class goes well. Sounds like fun!

I'm no good with names. So I'll leave that to the more creative folks :o)

Kelli said...

I have to say I am a little partical to the name Eli! But I'm like you...I didn't want to name him Elijah and him be called Eli. I also really like Elliott for a boy!! I'm not a big fan of Emma and Emily only because they are SUPER popular right now...#1 and #2 in the country! I really like the suggestion of Elise for a little girl!
I have no ideas for blog names right now, but I will start thinking!

ASHLEY said...

hi, what about this as a new blog name----five little blessings

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Okay, not good at names, but I'll work on it!
I have my Elijah, and we never call him Eli. Only Elijah. I think it depends on what the parents set. I have always called him Elijah, so others do as well. He doesn't even think of himself as Eli. Maybe when he is older?
Greasy pizza? I'm in!

Hey Mama where's my... said...

Since there are seven of you now and seven in the Bible is the number of perfection maybe it should be...
Perfectly pleased!

I like the name Evie (ee-vee) for a girl and Edward for a boy, oh wait, that is just the Twilight fan in me coming out...Ezra is cool to me!

Have a good day!

Verna said...

We had chosen two girl names and no boy names when our daughter was born. When we got to see her and hold her we immediately knew which name was her's. You will figure it out in time.

I laughed when you said Shaun thought this one should have a z name. Was he saying he didn't want to go thru the whole alphabet?

You also stated that you were teaching a diapering class tomorrow? Love to hear more about it.

Have a great day.

Veronica said...

Hi there!

Just stopping by to say hi again. I have been so behind on blogging this week, which is not my usual style. I hope your ultrasound goes well today. Sorry, but I am no help with suggesting baby names or a new url for your blog. I had such a hard time deciding on names for our girls. I let my Hubby name our first Alyssa because he has an obsession with Alyssa Milano, and he didn't get a son, so I let him get the next best thing:) With my second, Audrey, that was a name I loved from the beginning. Good thing she didn't turn out to be a boy! Have a great day!