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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

don't send out the search party!!

:0) i am alive. we've been way busy and i haven't had time to blog!! so beware...this one will be a doozy of a long one. hang on for the ride!

first off THANKS! for the prayers for my litte dustin. his fever broke on saturday after hitting 103. he took a nap. and woke up drenched in sweat. so he broke it himself. and saved me the copay too. i think he may be teething. he's been sleeping kind of crummy since friday and has a big spell of crabby time in the afternoon. i was so thankful to be at my mom's yesterday so we could double team it all!

saturday we went to a local nature park. it was so fun! and it's FREE!! shaun took the girls to the top of the tower. all three of them. i stayed at the bottom with dustin. and i was so relieved that i had an excuse to stay down they enjoyed the tower and going all the way up. i am also uploading pictures to facebook as i type this. SO that means because i don't have a lot of paitence today...i'm only loading them once. and will give you the link.

do any of you do this too? email, blog and facebook at the same time? i do it all the time!! ((add to the list...eating ice cream. strawberry cheesecake. yummy!))

okay sunday. sunday was my breigh breigh's birthday. she was three. well she still IS three. and on amelya's birthday i posted her birth story. and said i'd do it for breigh. so here's where the post gets long. but truthfully I LOVE hearing birth stories. so that's why i'm sharing mine. if you don't love hearing them...skip over this part!!

a few weeks before breigh was born i had a growth ultrasound done. we decided to induce on June 14th. ((for those of you not familiar...amelya was a NINE POUND FOUR OUNCE BABY)) shaun's sister volunteered to watch amelya for us so that worked out well. i think my mom took her home the first night, and then shaun's sister the second night. shaun stays with me and the baby the entire time we're at the hospital. well he goes home to shower but only when someone is there with me. i LOVE that. i don't make him stay, it's just never come up that he'd go home. so he must want to stay then. plus we get that special time together with the newest member of the family.

as with amelya's birth we had a whole crew with us. calling them the 'popp-eratzi' our last name is popp. shaun's mom and other sister. my mom and sister. and shaun's aunt were all there to welcome our baby. shaun's aunt actually did the video taping.

when we got to the hospital they put the gel stuff on. and i had to sit for an hour. well not even sit. lay. for an hour. that's a long time. especially when there's a whole room of people free to walk around as they please!! one thing that really surprised me though was that the gel worked. within fifteen minutes of application...i was contracting!! i know that is the point of the gel, but with amelya it didn't do anything. i was expecting it to do nothing again!! so all of a sudden i was thrown into labor mode.

i know i walked around for awhile. then once contractions started hurting more i layed in bed. i don't remember what time it was, but i got a dose of nubain. it helps me relax. and i can rest/sleep between contractions. i have not ever choosen to go to the epidural. so the nubain works for me. :0) around noon my dr came and checked me. i think i was about 5 cm. she said it'd probably be after lunch time and we'd have a baby. ummm. nope. in about fifteen minutes i went from five to COMPLETE. i actually had just asked for some more nubain and with the next contraction i said i have to push. shaun's eyes got humungo and said...wait til the nurse gets back. i didn't know this but my mother in law got my nurse. and my sister had to go down to the cafeteria and get my sister in law and shaun's aunt. they figured they'd go eat since it was going to be awhile!! i feel awful they had to send fresh strawberry shortcake down the trash!! because i was in labor!! really i feel bad!!

so they rushed up. my dr. was surprised as well...and didn't even have time to get fully dressed for delivery. wait. she WAS dressed. just not in her delivering clothes. i think i pushed like three times. and plooch. out came our little breigh mayann. seriously it was SO easy. in fact. it's on video me saying "i just farted her out". yea i'm classy like that!

breigh was 7 lbs 10 ounces and 20 inches long. she was born at 12:47 pm on June 14th 2006. breigh was a name we just liked. mayann is a combo of my mom's middle name (mae) and my middle name and my mother in laws middle name (ann) so mayann. i like it. and it fits nicely. breigh has a name you really can't make a nick name out of. (btw it's pronouned like bree, just in case you didn't know...) but we always call her breigh breigh. lol. in fact if you ask her, her name she says breigh breigh most of the time!!

i can not believe it's been three years since she was placed on my belly!! it's flown by. and she's grown up so much. i love you my breigh breigh!!

sunday we went to the beach for breigh's birthday. that is until it stormed and we had to leave!! look at the link of my facebook pictures for pics from that. yep still lazy. at least i put the ice cream away!! so when we left the beach we went to a local pizza joint and finished up the festivities. shaun's one sister is taking her to build a bear for her birthday for her present. she's excited to go to the mall. she got a creepy baby doll from shaun's mom. seriously. the thing makes crying sounds talking sounds and giggles. and if you don't feed it or give it a nuk it doesn't stop! plus the eyes open and shut all crazy. and it 'breathes'. it's insanely life like. but breigh does love it. it sleeps next to her bed every night and goes with us everywhere!

overall the day went well. i was disappointed in a few things, but things i have no control over and refuse to let them get to me. i guess when you have kids and it's your kids your kids that can/could have their feelings hurt it bugs you more. well at least me. but like i said i can't control it. at all. and leave it all up to god to help me work through that. :0)

yesterday was busy as well. breigh had her three year check. she's doing great. and did great at the doctor. i also found out their doctor is getting married. and will have a step son. so that was exciting to hear too!! when we saw him at the mall last week he said that his fiance's son always has to stop there as well...for cookies. she looked like a nice lady. didn't get to talk to her...and i don't know why you all will care about this. lol. some of you may. ;0)

today i'm blessed to get to do some early rummaging at two rummage sales. they're setting up for the sales and said i could come early!! whoo hoo. i LOVE that! especially because i won't get to go during the city wide sales. plus between these two i should get a bunch of stuff, and shouldn't "need" to go on friday anyways!

hmm. oh yeah. you'll have to look at my pictures to see the 'proof'. but you wanna know why i LOVE our church? well one of the reasons! because our pastor can teach in his swimming shorts and no one cares!! i love that. god does not look at our clothes and say if we can or can't come into church. he looks at our heart condition. he wants our hearts to be right with him most importantly. i'm not saying it's okay to come all hanging out to church either! lol. there is a happy medium between it all. what i am saying is there is not a need to get all fancied up for church. just bring your heart ready and willing to hear.

does anyone else notice that on sundays when you're trying to leave for church everything goes haywire!?!? ugh. that enemy. this week we had to give dustin a sink bath at 935 AM. church starts at 10 AM. my theory is that it's better go late than not at all. but we made it there just in time and it was all good. i think it's important to realize how the enemy is going to try and get you away from church though. and to battle him, and not let him win. it's so easy to say oh my nose is runny. my head hurts. my kid is crabby. but if you're doing that for a few weeks in a row or something...the next week when everything is okay it may be easier for you to just skip church because you feel like it. so just beware of that tricky enemy. he'll try to sneak in whenever he can. if you give him a little, he'll probably try for a lot next time. so don't even give him a little.

okay. i need to shower yet. so i don't look like a slob at the rummage sale pre-sale. hmm. i like how that sounds.

i hope this post makes up for my lack of posting since...FRIDAY! lol. :0)

16 loving words from you.:

Jennifer said...

Glad Dustin is feeling better. Both my boys have had some sort of fever/tired bug lately. Caleb spiked a 102.3 fever on Saturday night. Scary stuff.

mummyof5monsters said...

i left you an award on my blog:)

Emily said...

Glad to hear Dustin is better.

I always have about 3 or 4 windows open while I am blogging. I go from one screen to the next.

Following Him said...

Better late than never is SO TRUE! Glad you are alive and well too. & YES I do blog, email, tweet, and FB all at the same time too :)

He And Me + 3 said...

i was worried. So glad you updated. Glad Dustin baby is doing better and Happy Late Birthday again to Breigh. i felt the same way about Model's birth. Much easier than the first time around and three pushes with her too. I blog and email, but not fB at the same time. I still haven't really gotten into that.
Have a great week

Alicia said...

Glad his fever broke! Fevers can be scary!!

LOL..I blog & FB at the same time..sometimes!

Oh..and total spiritual warfare here too on Sundays!

-stephanie- said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Breigh. I love hearing the birth stories.

Abby has a creepy doll too. It talks when you come near it. Scares the crap out of me.

Catrine LB said...

"I just farted her out" -- that made me laugh out loud! It totally reminded me of when we all were best friends in middle school! :) That's why I loved you, I wouldn't be surprised if something just like that comes out of my mouth when the time comes! Your blogs often remind me of the notes we would write each other - ok? ok. :) I can always hear your voice or just picture your handwriting.
thank you for sharing and making my day


Jennifer W. said...

I have something for you on my blog...I suspect it's the same thing mummyof5monsters left! Sorry if it's a double whammmy, but hey, that just means we like you! Glad Dustin is doing better. We did 2 bday parties this weekend!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Yay for the happy things that are keeping you busy! It's all good, mama.......family first, and way before blogging that is for sure! I am finding that putting "more" into less posts is working for me.

So farting her out made me laugh. I coughed out N......she was only a four pounder. LOL

And my middle name is late. So I will probably be late to my own funeral.....

Gotta hook up with you for a giveaway and my WildTree order too.

Lisa said...

What a great birth story! I love all of your kid's names.

Jennifer said...

My Madeline came out almost the same way. They told me to wait til the doc was there. But I couldn't, and she was litterally walking in the door, they threw the gown and gloves on her and she reached over and caught her. Some of these kids just don't wanna wait.

Tina said...

Hi Amanda:

Tina here from blogs gone bad...i am a follower now. COme by and visit my blog.

Your kids are so darn cute!!!

christy rose said...

Wow what a week! Thanks for giving all of us who know and love you the update. Just wanted you to know that I got my Wildtree stuff yesterday. I will let you know when I get a chance to try them. Hope you have a great week!

Julie said...

It's great to post birth stories. We'll want to look back on those someday!

Hope Dustin is feeling better!

Helene said...

That was a beautiful birth story! Hard to believe 3 years can go by so quickly, right? I remember every detail of my babies' births the same way you have!!

Hope your little one is feeling better soon!