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Thursday, June 18, 2009

great deals.

have i told you all how much i love rummage sale season?!?! i'm sure i have. today i was in town at a friend's house. and on the way home i hit up some great sales!! woo hoo. i also found a super cute little tikes alligator 'teeter totter' thingy for only seven bucks!! it replaces the cheapo one i ran over with the van last summer...oops!! it fits three kiddos and all three girls were on it right away!! they loved it!!

i also found dustin some nice clothes at a sale. and amelya got some more. i think she is pretty well set for the rest of summer!! and i think i have some wintery clothes in a tote for her of size five too. so we're doing well on that end. i love rummaging and finding clothes for a portion of the full cost. i did buy caitybug and breigh a few things...because they were way cheap! i've been doing really good at not buying for them. only because i already have a ton of things in their sizes. my kids, well the girls for sure, probably have what some would consider 'too many' clothes. but i love variety. and about 80-90 percent have probably all been bought at rummage sales or once upon a child. or on clearance!! i love clearance sales too.

i had a wildtree party last night. it went pretty decent. and everyone who was there booked a party!! :0) it was only one person...don't get so excited. :0) but i will take it. and my friend has some friends who couldn't make it but wanted to order. so it's all good. i have another party on monday. so i'm excited for that too. i had a 'goal' to hit 1200 in sales by july 2nd and have four shows of at least 200 turned it. if i hit that goal i earn a rolling tote to carry my show stuff in. welllll my sales are at 1211!!! so all i need to do is submit the two more shows and i'll get my tote! i'm super excited. because right now, i carry all my stuff in a bright pink BARBIE suitcase. lol. it's the only hardsided tote we have. plus it has wheels. and i had the goal to earn the one and didn't want to go out and buy anything. i also earned some oils too because i had 500 in sales in my first 20 days! (( i also want to give a shout out to all my blogging buddies who've made purchases as well!! thanks so much: veronica, christy rose, and rebecca!!))

if you're new here i'll fill you in. i sell wildtree. i have a button on my left side bar that will take you to my wildtree site and you can look around at the products. i haven't tried anything that i don't like!! and it's all super healthy for you!!

tonight i made the cilantro lime rice. it's a seasoning you add with oil and water and then boil. then add rice. simmer for 20ish mintues. and it's DONE! i bought a rotisserie chicken from wally world. some cheese and added it all to a tortilla. yum-o!! it's actually more cilantro-y than it is lime-y. but it's perfect. i am going to have to take stock in it pretty soon!!

the other night i made the kidz cheeze added it to some noodles. threw in some hamburger. and that was so good too! i need to buy some more of the cheeze though!! we have almost used up the entire jar. the cheeze is good to make and then use it as a chip dip too. or on top of broccoli or something. but i don't eat broccoli. but i have a customer who did that and her kidz loved it!! (yes i know i'm using a 'z' instead of an 's'. it's how it's spelled in the book. :0) ) after supper that night amelya asked me this: mom can we have that every night? awwww.

i am not a good cook at all. in fact until i started selling wildtree i didn't even like to cook. but it's been real fun trying out the different products and loving them. we've been using the rancher steak rub as our meat seasoning, and we will not go back to lowry's!! it's THAT good.

okay enough about all of that stuff. i just wanted to tell you about some of my favorite products this past week. :0) and besides it's my job. so it's just like talking about my job.

oh wait. one more fun thing. i went to the rummage sales you know? well one girl asked if i was amanda so and so. well she really said my last name...so and so just sounds 'funner'. i said yes. she said i'm invited to so and so's party. and i'm so excited. i am going to try and make it. but i was thinking i might do a party for you!! ummm. okay!! super excited. then i go to a different rummage sale and the girl asks how my wildtree parties are going! i say good. ((btw thanks chantae for mentioning it to her...)) and then she randomly says, that may be a fun party to have! ummm. YEP!! it would be. :0) so i'm really excited at the prospect of maybe two future parties!! it's always good to get into different cirlces of people besides family. because family can only have so many parties before they start getting worn out. so any of you out there around my neck of the woods and would like to let me into YOUR circle...let me know!! okay. enough now. before you all get 'wild' on me.. he he he.

shaun is still working. and it's nine thirty!! boo hoo. he had to go in at five this morning. he told me to set my alarm to help wake him up at four. because he had a hard time yesterday morning getting up at four. so i set my alarm. well it went off. i woke up. and then i told shaun: it's time to get up, shut the alarm off. he says: i know. i just told you to shut it off. because it was MINE going off. on MY side of the bed. :0) good thing he woke up because apparently i'm pretty much useless at four AM!! ;0)

guess what!?!? i'll wait....guess....shaun just called. he should be home in a little while. in
shaun-ese that means somewhere between a half hour and and hour. :0)

i have something exciting to tell you all tomorrow!! i'm super excited. no. i'm not pregnant. :0) but it involves a giveaway of some cute stuff. i'm also hoping to get a package in the mail so i can show off the cute thing i get to giveaway!!

and if any of you cloth diapering mama's out there still haven't entered the cloth diaper giveaways be sure to do that before tomorrow at midnight MY time. of course it's also a portion of the midwest's time as well...CST. :0) i'll announce those winners on saturday. i also want to thank all the new followers for following me. now maybe you just followed to get the extra entry, which is totally fine...but i hope you stick around to hang out awhile too!! :0) i love to meet new blogging buddies!!

saturday we have a graduation party for my cousin. it makes me feel 'old' to have her graduate. she is the first cousin of mine i can remember being born. well not being born being born, just born. i was not there or anything, and probably if i was would've become a nun seeing all that. lol. i in fact get grossed out watching the 'birth stories' you watch in school and during lamaze. i don't need to see another woman's wa-ho.

i know during one of the kiddos' births my doctor asked me if i wanted to feel the head. no. i don't. it just seems weird to me. i didn't want a mirror either. i have no problems with all you all doing that. i just couldn't/can't. if i'm blessed enough to be pregnant again i don't think i'll change my mind either. sorry. amelya and breigh's births were taped. but not from THAT angle. tammy stood in the corner of the room and you can see them right after they're born but not the exact milisecond they are born. so our videos are PG-13ish. and i would totally feel comfortable having you watch them. maybe. i actually get irritated watching them because i laugh A LOT and i do not like my laugh on tape. some people 'laugh their way to a better marriage', i laugh my way to a better labor...ha ha ha.

we videoed caitlyn and dustin as best we could by ourselves. because we choose to do the births 'ourselves' with those two. after having done it both ways, i don't prefer one way over the other. i enjoyed having a huge room full of people and i enjoyed having the special time with just shaun.

tomorrow is a stay at home day. i'm way behind on wash. so it's wash and wash some more and some diapers too. i'm glad we have a decent stash. i haven't washed since monday!! ;0) we've been busy. and i've been lazy. but the diapers are starting to pile up and because summer has decided to finally show up here in wisconsin...they may start smelling soon!!

well. i've really gone on again haven't i?!?! that's what happens when i'm gone for a few days. shaun should be home soon. so i'm off to wait for him. actually he just called. seriously. if i knew it take blogging about him coming home i'd do it much earlier in the night!! :0) he had to get off the phone with me though. because his favorite song was on and he has to listen. lol. also please keep my hubby in your prayers. he was hitting something with a sledge hammer today. and that something was his finger. well he didn't do that on purpose. but he hit it. he thinks he broke it. but because they really can't do anything for a broken finger he's just going to come home and take some asprin/tylenol/ibprofen/whatever to make it feel all better. :0) so just pray it heals up nicely and that the pain goes away. he's very 'tough' and only says it hurts when it really hurts. **for example when he was crushed under the chopper a few years ago i don't think his pain level went above like a five!! serious!** so it must hurt. :0)

okay i'm done. and i really need to stop being so :0) about things. i probably do that a bajillion times. sorry!! :0) hope you all have a super great evening/morning/you know whenever you read it. :0) there i go again. and it was just habit!! i was trying to NOT do it. my fingers are brainwashed...nighty night. tiredness is setting in...and we all know what happens when THAT happens....

7 loving words from you.:

Jennifer W. said...

You sound like me when I'm tired...I just ramble on and on, but at least you make sense when you do it! I'm glad your wildtree stuff is going well! I need to email you soon...I'm seriously thinking about cloth diapering and I have tons of questions. Is that ok?

The Beaver Bunch said...

You crack me up.

Jennifer said...

You are too funny. I never want a mirror either. But I did go to my best friends last birth. It was amazing. I even took pictures for her. But then I had to delee them RIGHT after I sent to her. You don't want the kids or my hubby goin' through pictures and stumbling over and finding Miss Bonnie like that. Tramatic to say the least.
And good morning. It's 12:30 over here. I can't stop listening to the music on my blog. I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow. :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You are a hoot! Are you telling me that if I buy wildtree, I may enjoy cooking? I am not sure I buy it!

mittelmommy said...

so do i get a discount or something for telling someone about wildtree for you?!? btw-who was it? i've told a few ppl! ;0) glad your shows are going good and more are coming your way!
had a nice time chatting today...2:00 came too fast! does it work to get together sometime next week? we leave wed. so it's not a good day, we have to leave as soon as nathan gets home so i have to have everything ready before then.
hope shauners finger is okay!
alright, up past midnight again this week...ahh...night!
can't wait to hear the news for tomorrow(today)!

Veronica said...

You are so funny. I hope the package gets to you soon. I am excited to see what everyone thinks!

I will def be praying for Shaun. My hubby is the same way. He actually tends to be a little accident prone and in construction that's not a good thing, LOL!

Mom2Valerie said...

SO glad to hear your business is going so well! I'm so excited for you! I think you picked the PERFECT business too, cuz everyone LOVES food...and who doesn't like HEALTHY food? Plus, people will always be coming back for more! ;) Hope your hubby's finger heals quickly!