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Saturday, June 06, 2009

late night diaper washing.

well i've been a slacker in my diaper washing this week. i think the last day i washed was monday! which means i NEEDED to wash today. because we had a busy day i didn't get them started til nine. which means. you get me. late. and tired. when i'm tired. i'm goofy. i'll try to not be too goofy.

our day started out uneventful. the usual. breakfast. diapers. play. lunch. and then we went to town. and then to some rummage sales. where i hit the jackpot. i got TONS of clothes for amelya in size five. {she's still in size 4T but has enough in that size, so i'm trying to get ahead of the game, and really she may hit five in winter...no rummage sales in winter! so if you have some size five clothes you need sorting though...i'd love to come over and buy them off your hands.} speaking of buying...thanks to two blogging buddies for buying those cloth diapers i listed for sale awhile back! totally appreciate it! :0) i have been trying to de-stash our stash. 1. because there are diapers i don't always grab for and they just sit there. 2. i'm getting more diapers and don't need them all. so i have seven size medium bumkins AIO's if anyone is interested. just email me. if i don't hear from you by monday...or tuesday...they're going on craigslist.

okay. after the rummaging fun...in the super nice day outside!! we went to town and to subway, in our walmart, for a snack. yum-o double chocolate chip cookies. breigh had garden salsa flavored sun chips. amelya and caitlyn had chocolate chip cookies...and dustin had some of theirs too. (he's been eating more and more table foods. hopefully in a few weeks it all be table food. he loves cheerios) we did our shopping. and it was dustin's first time sitting in the cart. usually i bring his car seat in. but he has mastered sitting up so now it's time to sit up in the cart! the stupid strap buckle thingy was broke. but he did so great! that is until we had to checkout. then this happened.
see that by his eye. yep he tipped in the cart and has as nice little cut by his eye. amelya totally freaked out and almost started bawling because she was so concerned over dustin. so i had to calm her down. try to hold the paper towel the cashier gave me on his eye. and then of course pay. and answer the manager when she asked if he was buckled. i said no. then i had to fill out on incident report thingy. and i said, if it matters the buckle is broken. i don't want to look like some irresponsible mom for not buckling him. i could've switched carts. but seriously he did great the entire time! and i had three out of four kids IN the cart already. so we did it. dustin's fine. he quit crying with in a minute. and now he's the focus of my blog for a bit. and don't mind the dirty nose he still has. i didn't notice it til i took the picture.
speaking of taking pictures. a few weeks ago. christie had a contest to see who could leave the most comments. i won. i had 500 comments. what really happened is that it turned into a great chat thing and i met and got to know a few other bloggers a lot better. it was so much fun!! she didn't reveal her prize that she was giving away. so i figured i'd better post it when i got it!! here it is.there was some super yummy smelling lotion and shower gel, with two 'fluffers' (that's what they're called in our house!) some stationary, pens, sticky notes, picture frame, a casserole cook book, a nail file that looks really fun, and some jelly bellys. (i got the package when we left to go to the doctor. i ate the entire package on the way to the dr. they were yummy!) AND to top all that off...a 20 gift card to walmart!! geesh. that was so worth the fun commenting!!

and an even longer time back i won a cute little head band on jess' blog. here's a picture i promised to take of one of my girls wearing it. i had amelya wear it. mainly because she sits still the longest...isn't it cute!?! i like it. although i feel it may look silly ON me. :0)
breigh wanted to pose too...so here's the both of them.
the other day at the mall amelya was funny. here she is. wearing my sunglasses and 'talking' on my phone. at least i got my phone back! but i have a fun surprise to share about some new sunglasses...but that's for a later date. i'm so excited!! :0)
well i've posted a picture of three out of the four kiddos. caitlyn is the least cooperative out of them. so i don't have any from the past few days. but here's a funny one of her from the other weekend.

have i ever said how much i love those kids. they are so much darn fun. i mean really. they make me laugh and smile more than any other human i know. just today breigh touched my boobs and said..you have big boobs. i couldn't do anything but laugh! and say thanks breigh. or yesterday when amelya said, that sure smells good. today it was, breigh absolutely not. who teaches them that!?! lol. probably me! or when they both are singing...jesus loves me. jesus loves me. the bible tells me so! brings tears to my eyes almost every time! caitlyn has been talking SO much lately too. yesterday she found her shoes and walked up to me saying shoes. then when she wanted more cheese instead of pointing she SAID cheese. it's always so crazy to me when they start talking. it still amazes me. dustin has mastered sitting up. hopefully crawling isn't for at least...i dunno a few months? i may be dreaming there. amelya crawled at six and a half months. breigh and caitlyn were between nine and ten months. i think dustin will be sooner than that. he already rolls all over to get to things and has started reaching and twisting and turning to get to it. so i'm sure he'll be moving soon.

and then. there are the two babies in heaven. who in their short lives taught me so much too. like don't place my trust in the plans I have, but the plans GOD has for their lives. i think what makes losing a baby the hardest is that you already have their little lives all thought out. what you might name them. what they'll be. who they'll look like. and then. god decides to take them home with him before you get to know all those things. and then. you remember they're HIS and HIS gifts to us. that they're HOME with our savior. and in his arms. and then. it makes me feel just that much better. and then. i just keep on keeping on. because really, it's the only thing to do. keep on living for christ. keep on hoping in him. trusting in him. loving him.

yesterday my appt with my doctor went well. i had the single stroller with caitlyn in it. dustin in my moby wrap and the older two girlies walked. they were SO well behaved. i'm so blessed to have them behave and listen so well. that's what makes it so easy to take them with me. i know that they'll 97.903 percent of the time be very well behaved. there is that little bit of chance they won't be. but i correct the behavior right away and it's all good again.

my doctor then surprised me though. i thought she wouldn't need to do anything with me. i was wrong. so i took caitlyn out of the stroller...she'd been saying out anyways (whew). put dustin in there and then had her check me. with four pairs of eyes staring at me! lol. if i had known she was going to do that i would've had someone watch them. after she left breigh asked why she checked my butt. lol. anyways my dr said i'm down to normal and everything feels/looks/whatever that sounds emabarassing...fine. so that's good. she also said she reccomends waiting a month to start trying. so we'll see how that goes. because it's my blog and i pretty much share everything anyways, and because i'm also sure my dr doesn't read this!, we weren't using anything since the miscarriage. i also know that god's in control. and even if we are using something and HE wants us to have a baby we will. my dr also thinks that the baby was measuring small and that my dates weren't off, but that they baby wasn't growing at what it should. which means...we got pregnant using something. so see. at any rate, god's in control. AND we've both decided we want to have another baby. AND today amelya said that the baby boy can go by her. so we'll see if she's right. that we have another baby and that it'll be a boy. i did question her asking if she meant dustin, she said no, another baby boy. :0)

tonight is our last night with my sister in law's dog. after monday he's done so well!!
and shaun keeps calling him my shadow! isn't he cute though!? his name is oliver. in case i haven't told you all that already. he's been doing well and loves sleeping with us. we don't let our dog sleep with us even. only small little dogs get to. because i've already loaded eight nine thousand pictures...i'm not going to load one of oscar. so til next time. sorry.
hmmmm. my diapers are on their last wash cycle. i have about forty minutes yet. i do not think i'll blog for forty more minutes. geesh. your eyes are probably going buggy with all this nonsense already!!
have you entered my giveaway yet!?! no!?!? why!??! you MUST go do that. now. okay? okay. it's for a fun gift certificate to a fun store. and who doesn't like fun?
last night for supper i made sloppy joes. i used the sloppy joe blend from wildtree. yum-o! the spices/seasonings are just perfect and shaun really liked it too!! i had a snack of 'beer' bread and garlic dipping oil before. even more yum-o. except i have bad breath. good thing shaun went to bed a while ago, he doesn't have to worry giving ms. garlic USA a kiss good night. :0) i wish i could rename the 'beer' bread though. i don't use beer to make it. i use sierra mist. or any soda you want really. we don't drink. and i don't feel like wasting my money on beer for bread. so we use soda. it should be called something like 'quick and easy made with a beverage of your choice bread'. but that'd probably be too much and they'd have to redo the packaging. oh well. one of my blogging buddies totally surprised me with an order last night! it was so fun to see an order on my site. thanks again rebecca!! i love that she lives across the country from me. but could place an order right from her home and have it shipped there. so nice. i love that aspect. so if you need some yummy food to munch on...head on over. it's listed on the right hand side of my blog. i highly recommend the strawberry cheesecake and brownies on wednesday!

alright. it's officially tomorrow. first time i've ever blogged from one day to the next in the same sitting!! so when do i post it as...from when i started? or finished? hmmm. i'll do finished i guess.
and that's what i am. finished. peace out. and good night. or good morning. good afternoon. whatever it is make it good!!

17 loving words from you.:

momma2thestrainkids said...

i would be interested in the diapers for sell.. what weights are they for? i know all diapers are sized different..my email is on my blog.. thanks

Jennifer said...

I hate when those seatbelts are broken. I'm glad he made it through almost the whole shopping trip. You have such cute kids. I wish mine would sit still w/o me threatening them. :) Have a good Saturday.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Poor little Dustin! I'm glad he wasn't hurt badly. That is frustrating that the seat belt was broken. I am going to check out your website. That sounds yummy! And congrats on your winnings. Sounds like fun!

Take care my sweet friend!

Alicia said...

Awww..your baby!! I can totally picture that happening! He is sooo cute! Those eyes!!!!

Oh..and LOL, I had to have many "exams" w/ my little ones there!! I remember at first I thought that they would freak out! I think they were too busy looking at the pictures on the wall that point out all our insides!!

LOL @ what your daughter said!!!!

christy rose said...

Oh My you had an extremely full day. I love reading your blog. I smiled, gasped, and laughed through the whole thing.

Veronica said...

Amanda...Glad that you guys had such a wonderful day! I wish I would stop being so uptight sometimes and just get out with the girls and go on some kind of adventure! One day!

You had me all over with this post. I continue to enjoy reading about your adventures and your faith in the Lord.

About babies, I am so there about wanting another one...especially lately. I just can't seem to get over it and Audrey just barely turned one a few months ago. I keep praying that if we can't or won't have anymore that the Lord will give me peace about being done. It's just that my Hubby works a lot and I don't get a lot of help. Alyssa keeps telling me that she wants a brother. My hubby and I talk about it...mostly me bringing it up, of course, and we can't seem to agree on what to do. But, just like you said...I know that God has a plan. We also take "nothing," as we are very much against contraceptives. We practice natural family planning. Well, TMI, I know, but I thought I would share a little bit about me since you're always opening up your heart to all of us.

Hope your're having a great weekend. I am off to check out your Wildtree site for real this time! Talk to you soon!

Julie said...

Poor Dustin!

I still don't see how you manage to go anywhere with 4 kids! You amaze me! I think I'm just finally getting the hang of managing 2!

-stephanie- said...

Aww poor Dustin.

Hey! I'm in that picture of A in the boat. Well, I was down the hall of the mall anyway. Eating a pretzel. Where you should have been. ;o}

Cute photos of your kids, once again. Dog too.

mummyof5monsters said...

wow, youre a superwoman:) poor little bruised up boy,still a cutie though, your kids are cute!( im sure your aware haha) We miss our angel babies they arent forgotten xxx

Kelli said...

oh Amanda, how I love reading your blog. I wish I found things to write about, my blog is boring. I'm glad we got to chat 3 ways at the same time last night. We should have just called each other and chatted that way. As you know we are not using anything to prevent pregnancy either, haven't in over 4 months so I'm learning to let God take control and it's all in his plan... learning would be the key word there. I can't wait for Wednesday night for some yummy food! Now that my comment has gone all over I will stop typing...

He And Me + 3 said...

OUch for Dustin. Poor guy. that headband is adorable as your kids are too. & I totally should have commented more. You got some nice gifts from Christine. How fun.
I still need to read your email and yummy sloppy joe stuff makes me want to buy some of that stuff right now. I better go read it. ugh.
Cute doggie too.
have a great weekend.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Poor little man! It is all a part of being a boy, right? Speaking of boys, mine won't quit messing with my keyboard. I am going to give in and put him to bed now! Have a great night, and wash some diapers! Kidding.

Lara said...

Such sweet kiddos. I'm right there with ya about the family planning. I don't want any fake hormones going in my body. And I don't need any extra shot at getting breast cancer-- thanks! What's funny is that our Bug, number 3, was such a suprise because we had been trying not to have a baby and paying close attention to details with all that. Then I found out she was on her way about 2 months into the pregnancy when I went to the doc for an xray. I'm excited for all this wild stuff!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

There is so much to comment on in this post, Amanda, that I am not sure even where to start. I guess I'll just dive right in.

Dustin is such a darling little bruiser. Too funny! And when did Amelya become such a model? Look at these pics. She is seriously ready for the catwalk.

Finally, I was glad to read your news about continuing to try for a baby and putting your faith in God's hands. Everything will work out as it should.



Amanda said...

You sure do have beautiful kids!

God bless-

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Dustin is looking like such a big boy!! And those eyes are gorgeous!! All four kids in walmart with only one scrap is pretty good...we usually end up with a stubbed toe or bumped head too! Don't you hate when the buckles are broken! I have been drooling over all the wildtree stuff...and one day this week I am probably going to have to order some of the cheesecake mix because it just looks too good!!

Anonymous said...
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