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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my sister's keeper review

so i was kind of excited to see this movie. it seems a bit controversial, but a good story line none the less. and cameron diaz was in it. i kind of like her. and have been told i look like her, so i watched myself on screen. :0) right. anyways. cameron diaz did a great job playing a 'crappy mean mom' roll. but it also made me kind of not like her either.

okay. so to the movie. the plot is this. a couple's daughter is sick. no one matches. only way to get a match 'for sure' is to scientifically make a baby to have the exact match. that is what they do. fast forward eleven years. eleven year old, anna, doesn't want to do it. she gets a lawyer to become medically empancipated from her parents. lawyer totally agrees. her parents don't. then her dad sort of does. and her mom, who is conviently a lawyer herself, fights the case. in the mean time they do a flash back of a lot of stuff. on the outside sounds like an okay movie huh?

no. there was A LOT of swearing. and swearing to just swear. doesn't make sense to me. i can usually over'look' the common swear words. but then they have to go take god's name in vain and it bugs me. say the f-bomb all you want, just leave my god out of it. is how i feel. and THEN the sex stuff. seriously why does hollywood think sex helps sell something?!? i do not get it. at one point katie looks at her boyfriend and says she can pay him back in sexual favors. (she's fifteen btw) i THINK it was just to embarrass him in front of her mom. but seriously. IF MY 15 YEAR OLD daughter EVER said anything like that. i think i'd flip a lid. a fifteen year old should not even know that there are sexual favors TO give! then at another point there is a 'prom' type thing for the sick kids. katie and taylor (her bf) sneak off from the dance into some hospital room. i thought they were just going to talk. really. i did. the next scene shows them in bed. naked. at 15!??!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY! no. that does not happen. okay i know it does happen. but it does not NEED to happen. and the movie would not have been any less of a movie if it didn't.

first off i totally believe that sex should be saved for marriage. that's that. plain and simple. do you really want to go around sleeping with all these guys? i mean really. then get married and your husband knows how you slept with all these different guys. it totally would bug me to know that shaun did those things with another girl besides me. it's something that is so special. and so intimate, i do not want to share those feelings with anyone besides my husband. and secondly the girl was 15. to me it shows that it's okay for any 15 year old to go out and sleep around or 'do stuff'. (( in the movie kate says that they did it. then she says not it IT but stuff. but still... )) maybe in the world it's cool to be doing stuff, i do not know. all i know is that i'm glad that i can raise my girls with the knowledge it is NOT cool to go out and do stuff or it IT with any random boy. and to save themselves for their husbands. will they have free will? yes. will they do it anyways? maybe. but i rest in the fact that i will raise them the best way i know how and that they can be confident in the choices they make.

i know i've said this before, but some of you may not know, and i don't want to come off with some 'higher than thou' attitude. shaun and i waited til our wedding night. BUT and i hate this but. i was not saved nor was shaun when we started dating. and shaun wasn't for awhile after me. something we always talked about was waiting for marriage for sex. we talked about it way early in our relationship, something that i think helped only because it wasn't an issue already. but i'm not saying it was as piece of cake. or easy. we struggled A LOT. before we were saved the other 'stuff' didn't matter at all. because we weren't doing it IT. then i got saved. and it was a big struggle. a huge struggle. heck there are NO words to describe how hard it was to not do stuff (besides kissing) at all. we struggled with that. a lot. i'm thankful i was at college for most of that! just talking on the phone makes it easier. then shaun got saved. i'd like to say it was way easy then. but i think it got harder. only because now the enemy had two of us to tempt. and that he did. shaun and i prayed together and committed to each other again to wait. and wait we did. we struggled a little bit. but we did it. we waited. for FOUR and a HALF YEARS we waited. easy? no. worth it? totally.

sorry to go off on that tagent. but i think it's important to share. and i like to be real.

so to the movie. leaving out the swearing and the sex stuff. it would be an okay movie. there is some conversation about death and what happens and what not. being not a christian movie, obviously the message wasn't shared about what DOES happen when you die. and where you will go when you die. but it'd be a good jumping off point to share with someone. so in that aspect a good point.

for those of you who've read the book. it doesn't end the same way. at all. i never read the book. but my sister told me the ending. i had prepared myself the whole movie for that ending. then it didn't happen. i don't know which ending i'd prefer better. either way i was totally shocked.

i did cry in the movie. i think i cried because i placed myself in their shoes. like going to the beach for the last time. knowing it will be the last time you spend at the beach together as a family. then i put myself into shaun's shoes watching it. was he remembering the last christmas with his dad. knowing it was probably going to be the last christmas together as a family. and the last time his dad would be at home. for those of you who don't know it was. his dad went into the hospital and didn't come home. (his dad had cancer)

so watching the movie made me realize that we don't know things most of the time. the next time we go to the beach could be that last time. we need to remember that our days ARE numbered. god has a day planned that we will not pass by it. we do not know what day that will be. so live your life like it is the last day. live with no regrets. that also doesn't mean, go do whatever you want and live recklessly either. just live it real. don't be fake. don't pretend to be something your not. be real. be you. and more importantly...live with jesus in your heart. live for him. and that way if today IS your last day you'll KNOW you're going straight to be with him. and when you stand before god to receive your judgement, we all will. JESUS will stand in your place and say I TOOK IT ALL. i took amanda's sins and she's washed clean. and then i get to go to heaven. for eternity. so looking forward to that. :0)

so in the short run. i wouldn't tell anyone to see the movie. not worth it. in the long run. i wouldn't tell anyone to see the movie. not worth it. so the long AND short of it. not worth it.

wow. all of that just about a movie!! it opened up a lot for me to share i guess. and as you all know i'm pretty much an open book on my blog. believe it or not, not so much in real life. i guess it's just easier for me to type and type my feelings than actually TALK about them. but if you get me going i'll share. :0)

we had a fun weekend though regardless. and yesterday was a busy day. caitlyn went to the dr. she has impetigo. geesh. so i have an antibiotic and salve to put on her. she loves to take medicine so it's all good.

and i want to give a big THANK YOU! to all of you who've helped support my wildtree business this past month, with prayers or purchases. i sold a little over 1800 dollars!! i surpassed my own goal by 600 dollars. :0) i really appreciate it. A LOT!!

i also want to ask if any of you are interested in your own party? there are some of you around me who could do home parties. and if you're not around me. i could send you a few samples and some books. you could get five friends to order and have a book party. i have two home shows and one book party in july. i'm looking to book two to three more parties for the month. please let me know if you're interested. :0) and also anyone who has a party for me in july gets free shipping for their party AND a chance to go in for a drawing to win any oil of your choice. :0) i don't want to seem pushy, so if i am, SORRY!! i just figured the most i can do is ask. and the worst that will happen is you'll say no. if i don't ask...i don't know!! so let me know if you're interested. as a hostess you get 20% of products in free. my average parties have been between 3 and 4 hundred dollars which means about 60-80 dollars in free products, and half price items etc...

i also want to say that i've lost weight!! i've been cooking more and more with the wildtree and eating out less. and i've lost about five pounds. i've been working on my wii fit for the past few days as well. i only have about 8 pounds to lose and i'll be down to what i was when i had amelya. :0) so not only is this good food, but it's good for you food too.

okay enough rambling. i'm hoping to get on the computer during nap time today and to get caught up on your blogs! i've been slacking at commenting, but i have been reading. :0)

15 loving words from you.:

Emmalie and Aidan's Mom said...

I am really wary to see the movie. I absolutely loved the book, it had a few curse words in it, but they were right for the portrayal of Jesse. No sex that I can remember or discussion of it. It was a fantastic book. I'd highly recommend it to anybody. Maybe I'll just spend my ten bucks on Transformers. I really wanna see that one too!

Mom2Valerie said...

thanks for sharing this amanda...it really bugs me how much sex before marriage is the NORM. my husband and i waited too and, let me tell you, our wedding night was so sweet and special BECAUSE we waited. and, it isn't easy. we got engaged and married in 3 months for that reason...we knew it would not be easy to stay pure, especially when we were already planning on being married. so we planned our wedding as soon as possible and i'm so glad we did. it just drives me crazy how people think its normal for couples to live together before they're married and how sex is just so common place. it shouldn't be - that's NOT the way God intended it AT ALL! sex, in the context of marriage, is beautiful and wonderful and an amazing gift God gave a husband and wife. i hate even saying the word outloud because of how much it is overused and misused...so i usually just say 'make love' because it sounds more intimate and pure. anyways, thanks so much for sharing and for not being afraid to say what you think. i really admire that about you and am always encouraged by the stand you take for our God.

by the way, i may have to bring the car in for repairs on thursday, so i don't think this week will work either. maybe next week???

-stephanie- said...

Thanks for the info. I'll pass on the movie. I agree with all you wrote. Amen sister.

christy rose said...

I have an award that I would like to pass on to you. Please stop over and pick it up if you would like to.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Thanks for that great movie recap....Josh and I don't get chance to go out often, so I am thankful that we wouldn't "waste" a date night with a movie that wasn't worth it.

ROCK on for the weight loss too!

woot woot woot!

Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

I read the book and loved it. I won't see the movie though because the film makers changed the ending. And that esssentially changed the whole story line and its meaning.

I have been looking into your wildtree stuff.They all look so tasty.

Veronica said...

Amanda...what an awesome post. I always love how you honestly share what's on your heart. Everything you said was so true. What is shocking to me is just how young kids are starting out experimenting with sex. It is ridiculous!!! It is so easy to confort to the world and what everyone else out there is doing. Thank you so much for standing up for what is right! That is so beautiful that you and shaun waited until you were married!

Martha said...

Your honesty is refreshing and I appreciate your review, like I said.. kids-in-mind.com rocks for mamas who do not want to be surprised!!

Nowadays, even fast food commercials use SEX as their theme. I am disgusted and I want to vomit on my big screen television... but of course, my husband would kill me if I harmed the dang thing :P

Wow, I am so impressed. Over 1,800 dollars? That is AMAZING!!!!!!

Congrats on losing weight, you just reminded me that I have a Wii Fit... collecting dust somewhere :P

Booklover1212 said...

I absolutely agree with everything you said. I have two girls and I worry every single day about how to raise them to be good, Godly girls. I think I'll pass on the movie too -- thanks for the review!

~ Jennifer

Alicia said...

Hi Amanda! I was so curious about that movie, but not anymore! Thank you for that review.

I'm not surprised by your review, because it is "Hollywood." If I wasn't a Christian, that movie would be "normal" for me. I'm so glad my kids are being taught purity at such a young age!!!

Oh..and great job on your Wildtree sales!

E @ Scottsville said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I've wanted to go see that movie. Now I'm not so sure I should????


So anyways, I plan to teach my kids the SAME thing about WAITING til marriage. I waited. My husband, however, had already been married. But since I waited, I know it can be done and that's what I intend to teach my kids! Praise God that there are others out there that WAIT and have that kind of values.

We're looked at as oddballs. And you wouldn't believe how many people have told my husband that he's a FOOL to believe I was still a virgin. He knows though! And God knows! Good enough for me!

-stephanie- said...

Well look at you with the new blog name. Very cute... I like it. Cute pictures of the kids too.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

So, I didn't read your review because one of my friends wanted to go see the movie...but after glancing at some of the comments I may have to read your review and then not see the movie!! Congrats on you sales and the weight loss! I'm super jealous...I am still taking some meds that make want to eat constantly!! Needless to say, none of my baby weight has gone anywhere and Eli is almost 10 months old! I LOVE the new blog name and look!! SUPER cute and very clever!

Jessi Dawn said...

God did create sex for marriage!! I believe that is when it's at its best!!

My husband and I were virgins on our wedding night and it was worth the wait!! God sure does know what He's doing with His standards for his people.

Thanks for sharing your testimony. Teach your children and pray, pray, pray! That's what I'm doing.

Blessings my friend,

mittelmommy said...

me again...so yay on the weight loss!!! down to your weight before amelya???!?!?!!! you blessed girl! i am pretty sure i've gained weight since being in washington...since i always do...they eat too 'good' out here when camping i tell ya!!! and i eat it b/c we're on vacation and it's the only time of year i have it! argh...but yummy!