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Saturday, June 27, 2009

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happy saturday!! i didn't think i'd have time. but i do. sooooooooooooooo. last night we had a super great date!! we ate out at fuddruckers, which is my new craving of places to eat at. then we went mini-golfing, i lost by THREE!! pfft. and then we went to culver's for ice cream. i had a banana split. yum-o!! then we picked up the girls and dustin...i'm so used to saying just girls. lol. and we came home. and went to bed. ;0)

today it's a lounging around day. and a lazy day. and i saw this fun husband/couple thingy on ms martha's site. so i thought i'd copy it. AND i will say this too. THANKS to all of you who have blessed me with awards over the past few months. i truly am REALLY bad at remembering them and putting them up and passing them out. i'm SORRY! it really blesses me when YOU think I DESERVE an award. so i will just say thank you thank you thank you. so so much. :0) thanks. here is the husband/couple thingy. :0)

1. WHO IS YOUR MAN? Shaun.

2. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER? we've been together TEN YEARS! and married FIVE AND A HALF!! crazy. :0)

3. HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? we still date. :0) we went out three times before officially becoming 'a couple'. and then we 'dated' for four and a half years before we 'tied the knot'.


5. WHO EATS MORE? hmmm. depends. shaun when i'm not pregnant. and me when i am pregnant.

6. WHO SAID I LOVE YOU FIRST? shaun. first he said "i like you" then "i like you a lot" then "i LOVE you". i whispered back "i love you" after he said it.

7. WHO IS TALLER? he is. he's like six foot. i'm five seven-ish.

8. WHO SINGS BETTER? we're probably both equal.

9.WHO IS SMARTER? we're both smart in different things. that's how/why we balance each other out so nicely.

10. WHOSE TEMPER IS WORSE? i let mine show a lot more. when shaun's temper shows, that means he's really mad and probably has a good reason to be. i've truthfully never seen his temper really flare. he's gotten mad, but not temper flame flaring mad. and i'm okay with that.

11. WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? i do most of it. he actually washes his work clothes a lot. he's always told me i don't have to do his work clothes because of the stinky farm/diesel/oil/fill in any stinky smelly smell awww. isn't he sweet.

12.WHO TAKES OUT THE GARBAGE? him. we burn the trash so he's in charge of that.

13. WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED? he says i do. i say i do. so i guess i do. :0)

14.WHO PAYS THE BILLS? i write them paying with shaun's hard earned money.

15. WHO IS BETTER WITH THE COMPUTER? for sure me. he just checks the crop prices. he doesn't have any desire to be better with the computer either.

16.WHO MOWS THE LAWN? him. remember yesterday i said i'm not even sure how to start it.

17.WHO COOKS DINNER? we both do. i'm actually doing it a bit more since i actually LIKE doing it and trying out wildtree products. ((which by the way we deep fried our french fries in grapeseed oil today... yummy. and less greasey. and well...yummy. salted with the rancer steak rub. also...yummy.))

18. WHO DRIVES WHEN YOU'RE TOGETHER? shaun. i don't like driving that much. but will when i have to.

19. WHO PAYS WHEN YOU GO OUT? well either way it's 'his' money. but sometimes i use my check card and sometimes he uses his. but it's all the same.

20. WHO IS MOST STUBBORN? me. hands down.

21. WHO IS THE FIRST TO ADMIT WHEN THEY ARE WRONG? probably him. i will. but he's faster at it!


23. WHO KISSED WHOM FIRST? he says i kissed him. i say he was looking at me and wanted it. so i guess me. :0)

24. WHO ASKED WHO OUT? he did. first prom. and then 'as a couple'. annnnnnnnd

25. WHO PROPOSED? then to tie the knot.

26. WHO IS MORE SENSITIVE? for sure me. but i also will say he is the most sensitive guy i know. and it's one of my most favorite traits about him. real men cry. and real men love jesus and aren't afraid to show it. :0) both are traits he carries well..

27. WHO HAS MORE FRIENDS? i'd say me-but really...who cares.

28. WHO HAS MORE SIBLINGS? shaun has two sisters and a brother. i just have a sister. and a dog brother.

29. WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN THE FAMILY? him. and that's how it should be. :0)

30. HOW DID YOU MEET? hmmmm. he saw me at my job. asked around about me. then he danced with his cousin, who was my friend, who said that he wanted to dance with me, who then came over and told me, and we danced. it took TWO months. he asked me to prom. and ten years later i don't have any regrets dancing with a guy i'd never met, much less seen!! :0)

hmmm. so i guess i'm a sensitive stubborn girl. lol. and pretty forward with kisses. :0) i just love filling those things out. :0) and reading other people's. so if you decide to do it too, let me know. so i can come be all nosey and read it. k? k.

alright. i've also been asked about my pictures of the kiddos on the left side bar. aren't they adorable?!?! yes. they are. of course i think so because i'm their mommy. you are under no obligation to think so...so here is what i did to their pictures in photoshop elements. first i 'lassoed' them and deleted the background, coloring it in black. THEN i used the 'brush stroke' feautre of sumi-e. i have no idea WHAT it is. i just liked how they turned out. if you need more detailed instructions let me know. :0)

okay. so i'm done. it's taken me forever and a day to get this typed up. i'm off to join my hubby and amelya outside...before it rains. which i hope it does....rain for the peas would be perfecto. have a great rest of your weekend. we may be going to see my sister's keeper tomorrow. i'm sure i'll cry.

12 loving words from you.:

Shari said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I read your blog when there's a new entry. Your kids are beautiful. How old are they? Our dog is a Dalmation/Springer Spaniel mix. He is such a good dog. Have a great weekend.

Mom2Valerie said...

Hey Amanda - I've been slightly MIA from blogging, cuz summer has sure arrived in full force here! So glad to hear you and your hubby had such a great date night. My hubby and I haven't had a date night lately, but we do enjoy time together while our Sweet Pea is napping. He has Sunday off from biking this week and it's church dinner day, so we have ALL afternoon/evening together. Not sure what we'll do, but it'll be great just to have some together time, even if our Sweet Pea is with us. Hope we can get together this week - I'm looking forward to some cooler weather this week!

He And Me + 3 said...

That was fun to learn more about you and your hubs. Thanks for sharing what you did in photoshop. very interesting...I love them

Veronica said...

So glad to hear that date night went well. We are desperate need of one of those too! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Anna Gray said...

Cool quiz! I would do it; but since I'm only 13 I would say that I probably shouldn't considering I'm not even married! LOL! Do you guys do organic gardening? We are because the economy is going to probably get WAY worse and it's good to start growing your own food. My dad and my brother have planted tomatoes, lettuce, peas, peppers, and soon canteloupe. What all have you guys planted? Happy Saturday!

-stephanie- said...

Date night sounded great. What fun!

I enjoyed reading about you and your hubby.

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

You MIGHT want to go check out my cloth diaper giveaway post.... you MIGHT be the winner... or something... ;)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That is cool! You two have been together almost as long as me and my hubs!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Hey! We finally have a restaurant in common! We love Fuddruckers! (speaking the name very cautiously, LOL)

I love all the info on Shaun and you....I think I might take this up and do it myself....

Oh, and thanks for all your prayers....I do have another angel joining my band of angels in Heaven, but I am still putting all my trust into The One who sustains me every.day.


christy rose said...

I loved reading all this new info on you and Shaun. I feel like I know you a lot better. I will do this sometime this week too. I will let you know when I do. I have also been tagged on a couple of other things that will tell alot about me that I will post as well. I guess this will be "time to reveal myself week for me." LOL

Martha said...

Aw, thanks for the mention! I love your survey, you did an awesome job and aren't we blessed to have such awesome hubbies?!

Have fun with the girls.. and Dustin too ((winks))

mittelmommy said...

even though i know most of it, it's always fun reading about you and shauny boy! i noticed a ;) after ' a super date night!" lol glad you two had a great time together! that time is so special and needed for our marriages!
alright, off to read the next post..i see melissa has a blog now too!