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Friday, June 26, 2009

frazzled on friday.

i'm frazzled. it's been a long week. but i'm also glad that it's friday.

summer has arrived for sure in wisconisn. it's been way hot and humid here the past few days. i'm so thankful for the window a/c we have in our downstairs. upstairs a different story. HOT and STICKY. we have fans going in both bedrooms, so it helps a little.

yesterday the girlies played in the pool. shaun's aunt gave us a hard plastic kiddie pool. it's so nice. we had a blow up one. but then you have to, you know...blow it up! the plastic one works better for me. no work involved!! i put their little tykes slide with it and they loved having a water slide too!! even caitlyn went down. proving my theory of liking the water not the sand at the beach. (i think i'm going to try to find some of those water shoe thingys for her)

it was so fun to see them playing together. i love how close they are. not in age, well i love that too, but just in life. they're close to each other. and as much as they fight, they also look out for one another and show things of love even more than fighting. last week i was washing breigh's giraffes (the cuddly things she sleeps with) i told her i was washing them and she could have them when she got up from nap. she was cool with it. then amelya came over and said, breigh you can sleep with my bunny!!! i seriously almost cried. amelya's cuddly thing she sleeps with is her bunny. yet she was willing to share it with breigh so she could sleep with it. it blesses me so much to see that. especially out of my four and three year old kiddos!!

today i have to pick up my house. it usually becomes a friday thing. i did some yesterday. today i hope to finish up. when it's so hot i just don't feel like doing anything!! shaun is off this weekend so it'd be nice to not have to pick up tomorrow and spend time as a family. although he usually does yard work and such on his weekends off. which our lawn does need some mowing. it takes a good two hours to cut the entire lawn. we have a nice sized yard. plus there is grass and stuff behind the barn. i'm not so sure shaun cuts that everytime though. once the kids get bigger i can cut the lawn during the week. but with little ones, it's a bit hard to cut the lawn. and truthfully i have NO idea how to start it. lol.

this afternoon i have to close my wildtree show from monday night. the girl is actually considering starting wildtree herself. so we'll see where that goes. it's funny because it the girl who I always started selling stuff under. if she starts she'd be 'under' me. i think 'under' is such a funny way to describe it. so how about she'd be on my team. or something. whatever. doesn't matter!

i've been cooking a lot this week with wildtree stuff. we tried the taco seasoning. YUMMY. the spanish rice seasoning. YUMMY. (shaun likes the cilantro lime rice seasoning better, i like the spanish rice better, but they're both...YUMMY!) at my party the other night i got to try the chocolate mousse. i'm not a huge chocolate fan...but that was SO good. i also got to try the pound cake. mmm. YUMMY!! and the jalapeno pepper blend. that was pretty good. you know in a burn your mouth and throat kind of way. if you like HOT you'd like that. :0) if you're interested in any more wildtree info/stuff check out my button on the left sidebar.

guess what!?! tonight shaun and i are having a date night. :0) i am not sure what we are doing yet but he wanted to take me out on a date. so that's what we're going to do. i'm sure we'll eat somewhere. and then who knows. maybe mini golf or something. it's always fun to have that time together!!

so i'm off. wait before i go. i want to share something i read this week that really spoke to me. in galatians i was reading and a verse that stuck out to me was in 2:6--god doesn't play favorites. sometimes i feel like 'they have it better' etc etc etc. and then i realize those are thoughts from the enemy not from god. because god doesn't play favorites!! he does all things for the good. the good of his kingdom. yay that.

okay. so now i'm done rambling. hope you all have a great weekend!! i know i'm excited for date night and no 'work' for shaun weekend!! woo hoo.

19 loving words from you.:

Melissa said...

well, i am glad you can get your date night in tonight! have fun! i am trying to find a sitter for saturday night so we can go out with our friends to do a birthday dinner...so hopefully someone says yes....lol....enjoy your time out tonight!

Jennifer said...

Have fun tonight! Oh and btw, I love,love, LOVE the pics of the kiddos on the left sidebar! Adorable!

Veronica said...

Amanda...please do not apologize for not emailing me back. You know I just have some of those rambley ( is that even a word?!?) kinda days myself and just need to get it out....I do appreciate you lending an ear.

I have also been meaning to tell you that I've already tried out the Wicked Good slow cooker sauce. Have you tried that yet? To die for yummy!!! I also made the beer bread and me and my Hubby almost ate the whole loaf by ourselves on the same day...so good too!

Thanks also for sharing that verse in Galations. I told my Hubby last night about how I want to start reading my Bible more so this morning before he went to work, he woke me up and said, here's your Bible, wake up and start reading it!!! I was all confused and so sleepy still, but when I finally did wake up, my Bible was right there! I read the book of Ruth, so that was a start!

And lastly...I am SO excited for you that you guys are getting a date night today. I will try not to be jealous of you, LOL. Enjoy yourselves tonight and have a great weekend with the fam!!!

Julie said...

So glad that the kiddos are enjoying the pool & are such good friends as well.

Yay for date night! I hope ya'll have a great time!

Glad your Wild Tree is going well! I hope the girl sells it too...that means commission for you right? :)

Ashley said...

Have fun on date night and an even better weekend with the family!!!

Lindy said...

We live in Minnesota and my son hates the sand, but the loves the water. We found some inexpensive "water socks" at Payless. I did have to order them online and have them shipped to the store for free, but this was early in the season. They may have some in the stores by now. He wears them all the time when we're by the water. I hope you have a wonderful date night!

E @ Scottsville said...

Hey, just an FYI... thought you'd appreciate that we're supposed to hit 102 degrees today. =0)

Now that's HOT!

Hope your Friday gets better and hope you have a GREAT Weekend, too!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Hey my friend....why doncha come on over to CT and share all that cooking talent with us!? My kids/husband could use a good homecooked meal, LOL

so you are so right about God not playing favorites.....thanks for that reminder. I need to know and remember that He blesses us all....in different ways....and trust that He knows best and has it all under control.


Anna Gray said...

Wowzer! It sounds like you have a busy day. That's funny that today's your cleaning day, because it is our cleaning day today too. Luckily I am all done though. I had to clean my room, clean my hamster's cage, dust, and later on vacuum. So wait, actually I'm NOT done cleaning yet.

I wouldn't think of WI being hot. I don't know why; but it just seems like it would be kinda chilly. But that's great that the weather is nice up there! My BFF is actually up in WI for a visit right now. Most of her fam lives up there.

Is it just me, or does it feel like it's Saturday? I mean, I'm still in my pajamas and my hair still isn't combed! Happy Friday!

P.S. Have fun on your date tonight! :D

Jennifer W. said...

We were at 100 with a heat index of about 108 yesterday! Miserable. But today it actually rained a little and it's only 86 right now!! I hope you have a wonderful date night!!

Alicia said...

Hi Amanda!

Date night..how fun!!!!!!!

Have a blessed weekend, my friend!!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Don't you just love when the kidddos are so sweet to each other! My boys can fight like cats and dogs and then turn around and be SUPER sweet to each other a few minutes later! I'm SUPER jealous of you date night...though my hubby and I just went out last week, so I really shouldn't be! Have a great time and enjoy your weekend with Shawn off work!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Amen! Great thoughts!

I bet your little ones are cute in the pool!

Have fun on your date my friend!

C.C. and Double T said...

Tag, you're it! I have challenged you. Check it out... http://his-heart.blogspot.com/2009/06/challenge.html


-stephanie- said...

Enjoy your date. You should go swimming. Pools around here have free swimming from 7 to closing.

Five Moms & A Blog said...

I love the hard plastic pools better too. So much easier.
Have fun on your date tonight. Wish I was going on one too.
Love the pictures on the side of the kiddos. Too cute.
Thanks for stopping by the 5 moms blog and letting me know that I am not alone.

Megan R. said...

I feel you on not wanting to do anything when it's hot. With the heat index, it got to 117 in Omaha this week. Ick. BTW, I LOVE the pics of your kiddos on the left sidebar!! What editing tool did you use? SOOO cute!

Martha said...

oOolala, have fun on your date night!! When I filled out the Husband Tag, it made me realize that I need to 'date' more often lol and of course you can copy anything you want. I don't mind at all :) miss you girlie!

mittelmommy said...

hey! have you missed my comments?!?! lol ok probably not, but malia just finished eating and gage and nathan are watching sprout tv and dad and cheryl are at work so i FINALLY can get online. tried twice while camping and it would let me on for a few minutes and kick me off! argh! anyway, so now i'm going to try to catch myself up on all your posts...i'm sure i'll read about it in a minute, but hope you guys have(had) a great date night! fun, but i know what happens on date nights!!!! lol =)