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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hat winner and such.

so should i start out with the winner of the hat and butter grapeseed oil or the and such? :0) i'll do the hat winner i guess...but i'm really lazy today and will just tell you the numbers and commenter. i used random.org to pick the winner. it picked number 51 out of 71 valid comments. and number 51 belong to:

holly and jessie have three adorable girlies all 'close in age' like our kids are. it's always nice to relate to another mommy of three girls, and one who's girls are also close in age! you should go check out her blog and see the humungo bug they saw on monday!! it's a huge one!!
holly you have 48 hours to respond. :0)

speaking of 48 hours. i had to repick the applecheeks diaper winner. the original winner didn't respond to me. sorry!! so the new winner is: number 87 belonging to....

stephanie is someone i've been blessed to meet in real life! she has a cute little sweet pea and is expecting a baby boy!! it's been so cool to meet someone in real life you met 'through blogging'. people's reactions are always fun!!
so miss stephanie 48 hours to respond. :0)

now some and such stuff. :0)
we took advantage of the super hot, hasn't been this hot for THREE YEARS, weather and went to the beach yesterday. amelya and breigh and dustin LOVED it. caitlyn hated it. well hate is a strong word. she more or less does not like the sand on the bottom of her feet. she sits down and holds her feet up in disgust! even in the water she doesn't like standing and putting her feet on the bottom. which means she wanted to be held. which means it was a bit difficult for me. i took the kiddos alone, but shaun's aunt and cousins and sister and another friend were all there as well and helped as much as the could. so that was nice. i know that i will never go to the beach completely by myself for a few years. i missed shaun being there with us too. he had to spend the hot day at work.

he's becoming an insurance liability at work. yesterday he ran into a pipe and has a partial black and blue eye. he for sure knows the pipe is there and it isn't moving! :0) his finger is looking okay. actually it looks quite nasty. but is becoming less and less painful so that is good! poor guy.

i got a teensy bit sunburnt yesterday too. today it hurts a little, but nothing i'm going to complain about. besides i didn't put sunscreen on. THAT is what happens when you don't where sunscreen, you get burnt. it's just my shoulders and my neck, so not really that bad at all.

so yeah. not much going on here. i feel like i'm boring myself. which mean you all have to be asleep by now. so i'm going to let you go. my post below this is more interesting. so if you missed that just go read that one instead. have a happy wednesday. (yay already wednesday two more days of work for shaun and it's the weekend!)

11 loving words from you.:

Jessie's Girls said...

Yay for me! I'm off to the website to pick out my (*ahem* my girls') hat now!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

It has been so hot down here too...like record temps hitting 100 yesterday! Too funny that Caitlin doesn't like the sand on her feet! I'm glad you had a fun time at the beach. I got sunburned this week too...partly because I didn't put on sunscreen and partly because we were outside a ton!

-stephanie- said...

What beach did you go to? Maybe the girls and I can meet up with you someday.

Jennifer said...

Oooo.. the beach. It's gonna be 90degrees over here, that's sounds like a good idea. I think I'll run it by my kiddos. :) And, you're not boring. It's summer. Time for just enjoying the nice weather.

Veronica said...

Hey there,
Thanks for the comment! I woke up this morning and went straight to the computer to see if you'd picked a winner yet. Yeah for Holly!!! It will be fun to see what she picks out! Congrats to Stephanie too...so excited for her too!

Glad you guys had fun at the beach. I get burned easily too but the weather here in CA has been so weird lately. It's been cloudy and ugly a lot this month and I keep wondering, are we really in June?

Hope you have a great day and I'm so glad the girls are enjoying their hats!!!

Jennifer W. said...

Glad you had help at the beach-that's one I would be terrified to brave on my own! And we haven't been yet, but I'm sure Emmie will be the same way with her feet. She hates grass!! She hates to walk or sit on grass at all, so I'm sure sand won't be much different.

Rachel said...

seriously your new sidebar pictures are to die for!!!!

Sneaky Momma said...

Your poor hubby! I'll bet he had an awful headache. :(

christy rose said...

I am so glad that you had help at the beach. I can not imagine going by yourself. When went to Myrtle Beach for vacation a few years ago and my kids were much older at the time than yours and I still remember always being so conscietous about where they were all the time and unless they were all out of the water and up by me in the sand, I really could not relax that much. My husband was with us all the time. It would be a bummer to do fun things like that and him not be able to come.

Congrats to the winners of your giveaway!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh my. What would I have done if one of my kids didn't love the water or the beach. {{horrors}}

Luckily all of mine do! We spend all summer in the water - as much as we can. Course it's ALWAYS HOT here in Texas, so our summers are LONG! =0)

Congrats to the hat winner!!!

Jennifer W. said...

I tagged and awarded you!!