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Thursday, June 11, 2009


so it's been a busy few days. i have a bit of time to sit this morning. which is nice. my house is clean yet. yay. i like getting it really clean and having it stay that way for awhile. ;0) it always ends up messy again, but super nice clean is nice for a bit. not that it's spotless by any means. i didn't even have time to dust! lol. actually i just realized that now that i didn't dust. oh well. people came to eat not to stare at my shelves.

my party went well last night. i had a house full!! our house is not huge by anymeans but it isn't tiny either, but last night it felt that way. but it's all good. for those of you who got to come i'm so glad you did!! :0) my mom is having her party tonight, so i'm excited about that as well. last night was just open house style come and eat and talk. tonight i'm going to do a demo type thing. so i better get figuring that out i guess!! i've sold candles and jewelry before, those were super easy to talk about and such. food is probably the same. i hope!! :0)

shaun got to try more of the food as well. he really liked the dill dip. i really like it too. except i don't eat many veggies, especially raw. (i don't like the crunch) so i dip the bread in it. and it's all good. i call it bread, technically it's called 'beer bread'. but i don't make it with beer. so bread works. or sprite bread. that's what i made it with last night. i've made other breads before with more flavored sodas, then it flavors the bread a bit too. like grape soda, orange soda, etc. i should try that with this....

my giveaway ends tonight. so be sure to enter that if you so desire. i'll announce the winner tomorrow. i will also announce the cloth diaper giveaways tomorrow. :0) i have two different ones to do.

speaking of cloth diapers. i bought some of the pre production gro-baby diapers. i must say. i like them! i don't have extra inserts so i've been changing the entire diaper each time. where if i had extra inserts i could just change that and use the same cover. but really it doesn't matter much to me! i'll keep you in the dark about the other two dipes i've tried the past few weeks..you'll find out tomorrow! ;0) speaking i should start a draft of those posts so i don't feel so rushed. yeah. i say that, but that usually does not happen.

ohhhhhhh remember when i said about my sunglasses!! and how i had a story about them!?! well i do. a sweet blogging buddy read my post and said that she had a pair of sunglasses she didn't wear/like anymore. i could have them. isn't that so nice! so she sent me an adorable pair of coach sunglasses with a case. so now when i take them off they go in the case and hopefully i won't lose these!! basically i won't let my kids play with these. :0) that's the key i guess. so thanks so much sara! and speaking of sara she's having a giveaway on her blog for a jumpstart three month membership. i got to give one away awhile back and was given a year subscription for doing so. we love the jumpstart online stuff. so go enter at her blog. or if you don't want to enter you should just go visit her. she's super funny! and super sweet. thanks sara!! :0)

because i'm too lazy to go to the van and get them to take a picture you'll have to wait. and besides that i'm still in jammies and have bed head. not a sight you want to see!!

i've also fogotten to mention this week is breigh's birthday. SUNDAY. SUNDAY she'll be THREE. THREE!?!? years old. i can't believe it. she knows her birthday is in june, but if you ask her now when her birthday is she says sun-ay. she's adorable. and i can't believe she's three already. which also means i should plan something huh? i'm not all into having big honkin' birthday parties with all those decorations and such. we usually just have the grandma and papa and nana and aunties and uncle come. small. easy. and nice. :0) for breigh's birthday we usually do two seperate things though. because her birthday is usually on father's day weekend. so next weekend we'll do the party with my parents on father's day. and we have to think of something for shaun's family yet.

last year at this time we also found out dustin was a boy. i can't believe that's been a year either. i look at his seven month self now and think it's crazy he was all in my belly at this time last year. caitlyn was also super sick at this time last year. puking all over. blech. we also went to a waterpark hotel for breigh's birthday. that was fun. i feel bad it's not feasible this year. but it's summer sometime hopefully. and we'll get to the beach. so it's all good. besides that breigh calls the beach a waterpark anyways! i also need to get her a gift!! i have no idea what to get her! i'll have to talk it over with shaun and see what he says. the girl loves flip flops and baby dolls. i know my sister is getting her flip flops and some baby doll stuff. because i told her about the flip flops. maybe i'll get her some other colors. shoes are fun. :0)

not much else to say. well i really could say A LOT about the whole you know what scam blog thing. i'm not going to. i've been staying 'on top' of it mostly. but i also just want the truth. but really at this point who knows if the whole truth will come out. either way a LOT of people were hurt and misled. but GOD is good. and thankfully he's the judge of us. not me or you or her or him or whoever...GOD is. we'll all be judged one day and PRAISE JESUS that i have the blood of JESUS to cover my sins!!

and if you don't know the you know what scam blog. be thankful. i'd rather not say what it is only because i don't want a whole bunch of searches coming here looking for more info. i don't have any. ;0) okay let's move on.

and that means i must as well. dustin wants some breakfast. he's talking to me in the bouncy seat. so i'm off to feed him some cheerios.

so....CHEERIO. in a british accent of course.

and again...i will apologize for not being around much the past few days. i hope to get caught up on my blog reading and will try to comment as much as possible!! :0) i hope you understand. :0)

11 loving words from you.:

E @ Scottsville said...

Uhhh, with four LITTLE ones, I think we all "UNDERSTAND". =0)

No worries!!! Sounds like you've been a busy woman and had lots to say. Glad your party went well and hope the one at your mom's goes well!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WEIRD! I was just on your blog reading about the cart incident and I got a comment from you! hehe You have been busy!!! I'm glad your party went well! I need to dust my shelves too. I feel like I just did it though... and now the dust is back. So why bother?! haha

Oh and Dustin and the cart? I never buckle my kids in either... like you said, half the time the buckles are broken... or missing. Glad he was ok!!! I just LOVE his big blue eyes!!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Hope you enjoy celebrating Breigh's birthday....how great it is to be THREE!

I didn't want to venture into that blog scam or whatever it is. I try to stay in a bubble for the most part. I like it here. ;)

I do have a gist of what pretty much went on, no need for details. Deception, right? So sad. in all areas....for the people deceived and also for the deceiver.

How she must be bound by the enemy and His wickedness. I chose to just pray for her.....she surely needs God's grace and forgiveness right about now if I am getting the story correct.

I still have to get my "not-as-saggy-as-it-was-thanks-to-The-30Day-Shred-workout" butt in gear and place an order with you and your Wild self.....def. want the artichoke dip dealio....gotta go over your site. I might just send you $20 and have you surprise me (but it has to include that artichoke dip)

how is that?


Jennifer W. said...

We have 2 birthdays within a week-Emmie on the 7th and Jacob on the 13th-so I know how you feel about needing to plan something! But we are like you, no big productions, mostly family and a few close friends. It feels more personal that way, and the kids don't get overwhelmed with presents! Hope Breigh has a wonderful 3rd!

Julie said...

SOOOO jealous of your clean house! I'm doubting mine will ever be clean & organized. Congrats on the party! Glad it went well!

He And Me + 3 said...

So glad that the party went well. How awesome about the sunglasses too. Neat. coach? those are some nice glasses. Enjoy them.
a soon to be 3 year old. How fun! Can't wait for the birthday post.

Jennifer said...

Enjoy Breigh's birthday! Hang on, it goes faster from here. :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I'm glad your parties are going so well! Don't worry about the dust...mine is so thick you can write your name in it! Breigh and I have the same bday! How cool is that! I always hated that my birthday was around {and on}father's day! I hope you have a fun day with your little 3 year old!!

Alicia said...

Wow..what a blessing about the glasses!!!

We have 3 birthdays coming up here too! They are little within weeks of each other!!

Glad your party was a success!!

Veronica said...

How awesome about the new sunglasses!!! I know what you mean about the whole party planning thing. Alyssa's birthday is in one more week. When she was born, we got to take her home on Father's Day...good memories!

Glad your Wildtree party went well. Can't wait to get my stuff and try it all out!

-stephanie- said...

Glad to know your party went well. Hope your mom's is great too. I was going to come to her party tonight, cuz Perry is home, but then the girls went to grandmas for the night, and I thought "oh...date night" then he got called out of town, and grandma came late to pick them up, and now it's too late to come. So here I sit alone, when I could be eating. Got all that?