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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bum genius review.

a few weeks ago i was blessed to be sent a super cute butternut colored bum genius diaper. i just get to review it for you all.

in one word. LOVE. as in love the diaper!!

i tried it out on all three kiddos. and only used the microfiber inserts that came with the diaper. i was so impressed!! they worked. no leaks. on all three kids. from dustin at eight months. caitlyn almost two and breigh at three. it fit them all perfectly!! and it absorbed perfectly.

i know now why my friend loves these diapers SO much!!

i also SO love that the buttons of the 'one size' fit are the color of the diaper. they blend in better and do not scream ONE SIZE DIAPER HERE!! plus there is a great selection of colors of diapers. so that's super great too!! if i wouldn't have a boy sharing the diapers, i so would've went with one of the pink ones!! if we have another baby and it's a she...i may have to break down and get her one. :0) but we all know i'm hoping for another 'he' baby. ;0)

the only 'downer' i see to this diaper is the velcro. at eight months dustin was pulling at it and could get it open. so i have to make sure the velcro is covered at all times. it also sticks to the carpet if he is not wearing any pants...which also can lead to a poo filled diaper being opened on the floor!! ahh! :0) i can handle this down side though and just don't use the diaper when i know dustin is going to be going 'pantless'.

over all i love these diapers. and am going to be saving up some money to buy a few more! i highly encourage YOU to try the diapers too!! :0)

thanks to margaret from bum genius for the great diaper and allen's naturally sample of soap. we love that soap!! :0)

7 loving words from you.:

He & Me + 3 said...

Don't need diapers anymore...but that soap sounds cool...where can you get that?

Jut and Chris said...

Bum Genius has been my favorite diaper from 2 months through 26! ;-)

Tiffany Lockette said...

Tell more about these diapers. Where do you get them, how are they used, etc?

Candy said...

I have 3 BG's (blue, yellow and green) and and they are our overnight diapers! The aplix will wear out faster than you want it to but it won't affect the absorbency.

Enjoy the dipes!!

Momma and Her Doodle said...

When you order more BG look for snaps or buttons they have other options than just velcro.

Amanda said...

I have to say I love the BG diapers, but the Velcro SUCKS! After a year of pretty much using them the velcro no longer stays on the fasten tabs in the back when you wash them. They come out of the wash machine in "diaper Chains". I've finally started converting some of my velcro diapers to snaps with a snap pliers and a little work. Takes time but SO well worth it!

Christina@ingallslife said...

i also use bum genius. and am experiencing the velcro issues. mine are still under warrenty so i am sending most of them back to be replaced. but they are a great diaper. fit well and no leaks. two kids use them right now 7 months and 21 months, one boy and one girl. i have all the colors (excepting white) and they both wear whatever is handy. i figure they will never know. if in public, then we try to use "appropriate" colors, but i say...so long as the have on a clean one, what does it matter?
ps. i did not get your email about wildtree, could you resend it? that would be great...have a blessed week.