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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what are you 'in'?

i know i know. super bad blogger. AGAIN. i guess it's my trend lately. :0) and it's okay. i'll continue to apologize for lacking in commenting. but know that i've been doing my best to keep up. :0)

we've been super busy. and it's been good. shaun's been working way too much as well. i know that i am very grateful that he HAS a job. i just wish he didn't have to work so much. on friday he worked his normal 12 hour day. then got called in at 11 at night because something broke. he didn't get home until 10 saturday morning. so it kind of shot our saturday. he slept most of the afternoon. which is good. sunday he made it home in time for church. but had to go in again after that. only for about an hour or so. but still. grrr. i guess what frustrates me the most is that he doesn't get paid overtime. because he works in 'agriculture' he doesn't have to be paid overtime. so it seems sometimes that it's a waste to work so much. you know? like take his last pay check. for TWO weeks of work: 136.75 hours. that's almost 69 hours per week. with no overtime pay. that kind of stinks. but oh well. like i said. i'm happy he HAS a job. and should learn to not complain. so i'm sorry.

at church on sunday i grabbed a couple CD sets of bob coy. he is a calvary chapel pastor in fort lauderdale. he's also very good. god totally spoke through him to me yesterday.

do you know how fast the fastest person can run? about 27 mph.
how fast can I go? well IN my car, even though i've never been THAT fast, i can go 120 mph.

how well can I fly? not very.
how well can I fly? well IN an airplane. i'd say pretty well.

how well can I go deep sea fishing? not very
how well can I go deep sea fishing? well IN a boat. i'd say pretty decent.

do you see a trend? it all matters what i am IN that makes me be able to do things.

how well of a mom am i? i'd say okay.
how well of a mom am i? well IN CHRIST i'm a great mom.

how well of a wife am i? okay.
how well of a wife am i? well IN CHRIST i'm a great wife.

how well of a friend am i? okay.
how well of a friend am i? well IN CHRIST i'm a great friend.

it's when i am 'out' of christ i'm not so good at things. that things seem harder. not as well accomplished. IN CHRIST. i can do ALL things. i can accomplish ALL things.

i just have to strive to stay IN him. it's a daily struggle for each one of us. we have the world temting and prodding us to do things 'their' way. it's a choice we have to follow and be IN christ.

so i ask you. what are you IN? i know it's a question i've been asking myself ALL day. and it's changed my attitude and my heart A LOT. and i've only been awake four hours!! (god totally blessed me with a late sleeping breigh today!!)

i have to keep this short, for me, today. i have a lot to get ready for my sister's wildtree party tonight!! she has for sure like EIGHT people coming. i'm totally stoked! if you're in our area and would like to come check it out just let me know and i can give you some directions. :0)

and i get to meet another blogger tomorrow!! i'm so excited!! jessica and her family have been on a road trip all summer (like 7000 miles round trip, road trip!!). well they just so happen to be coming through wisconsin tomorrow. so we're driving a few hours to meet up and play. i'm so stoked!!

and if anyone is interested in placing a wildtree order, you have til tomorrow to get FIVE DOLLARS OFF your order. just let me know through email. thanks much!!

have a great day guys. and i promise to try and comment during any free time i have this afternoon!! :0) love you guys!!

11 loving words from you.:

Lauren said...

What a great reminder! Very Phil. 4:13!

Sorry about your hubby's work schedule! That must be so hard on your family!

I am hosting a Grobaby giveaway on my blog. Be sure to check it out!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

My hubby had to work this weekend because something broke too! And he doesn't get paid overtime....it stinks, but that's his job! Lucky you getting to sleep late...I only had one kiddo at home this morning and he woke up before 7! Have fun at you party tonight!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Ugh on the NO overtime.......I feel your pain. Josh is on salary and it's the same deal. And he gets "rewarded" with more work when others drop the ball on responsibilities. great!

How cool is Jessica's roadtrip! WOW!
So cool that you are meeting up with her.

OK, sweetcheeks......talk soon! :)

Mommies-Miracles said...

Amanda, I'm sorry about the way your husbands work schedule is at the moment. Schedules bite, sometimes I wish everyone could make their own schedule but then nothing would get done I don't think lol. Thankfully right now I don't have to worry about anyone's work schedule! I hope things start working better for you :)

Martha said...

No fair ((folds arms)) I live far away :( I want a visit toooOoo!!

Hopefully your husband's work schedule calms down a bit. My husband used to work out of town for weeks at a time, it was rough. Know what helps? Thinking about army wives who haven't seen their husbands in 6 months or more :(

aaand I prayed about it. Keep praying, the Lord wants us to work for things that cannot be burned in a fire. My husband keeps forgetting that part ;) but we are blessed to have hardworking husbands that's for sure!

Jennifer W. said...

Sorry about your husband's schedule-I can totally relate-Paul was on 7-12's before vacation and worked 7 days last week too. Lucky for us he is in transition with his job right now. He has not officially been interviewed for the salary position but is doing the job anyway so he's getting paid for the overtime. Once he's officially got the job, the OT goes away too. Bummer. I keep saying I just wish we were independently wealthy-that would solve that for us! LOL.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That was really good..the whole in thing. Made me think!!

christy rose said...

I love your "Oh well I guess I am just thankful that he has a job" attitude! but just remember this is only a season, it will get better! have a great week!

He & Me + 3 said...

My hubs during the school year works 69+ hours a week too...so I totally feel your pain.
Being IN Him is so true! We can do everything when we remain IN Him. Just beautiful! I love that you wrote that.

Alicia said...

Hi Amanda! That is alot of hours, but yes..how thankful he is working!! I'm sure that is very tiring on his body. What a hard worker!!

I love guest Pastors when they come to our church! Don McClure was just there last Sunday, and his message was on faith. It's not about only having faith to "go out" but what about keeping that faith when you're there and it's not what you expect. Anyway, it was powerful, and the Holy Spirit really used him that morning!

Anywho...have a great party and I hope you get tons of orders!!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

What a great reminder my friend! I can do all things IN Christ!

Sorry about hubby's work schedule. I completely understand! Hope he can get some relief soom!

Have fun @ your party & with Jessica!

Oh and don't worry about not commenting. I've been terrible about it too!