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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

win a free oil!!

yep. another giveaway!! this time it's over at malissa's blog. you get to pick out your very own favorite flavor of wildtree grapeseed oil. from of course, yours truly!! :0) so head on over and enter that!!

i love the grapeseed oil! my favorite is the butter oil by far. i use it for/in almost everything. did you know grapeseed oil is the healthiest oil you can cook with? and it has the highest flashpoint of 419 degrees!!

as long as i am on the wildtree tangent. i wanted to be sure to also let you know that you pay 7.00 for a jar of taco seasoning....BUT it is for way more than ONE meal of tacos!! you only use five tablespoons (more or less depending on YOUR taste) of a THREE OUNCE jar. when you make the tacos. it actually works out to be about .34 cents per serving. did you know that is EXACTALLY the same amount per serving of the stuff you buy in the store. BUT it's healthier for you. because unlike the stuff in the store wildtree has NO preservatives.

i also want to let you know that ALL of wildtree's products are peanut free. the products are also made in a facility where NO PEANUTS OR TREE NUTS are allowed. so if you have or know someone who has a peanut allergy...ALL of our prodcuts are safe for that!

i just think this is great. we also have a ton of gluten free products. there are products with little sodium and no sodium as well as little sugar and no sugar. it's so nice to have the opportunity to offer such great products to my friends and family!!

i'm also excited to tell you all that there are new fall products being released on august 15th. i'm SO stoked about them!! three of them are skillet meal seasonings. ((mexican, cheese & herb, and stroganoff)) i'm 'thinking' they're like hamburger helper-ish...but without all the preservatives and yuck. i for one. LOVE hamburger helper. shaun...not so much. so we never have it. i'm hoping this stuff is super yummy and we can eat it!! i will be getting my new fall mini-catalogs and new fall sampler products hopefully this week sometime!! so PLEASE consider inviting over a few friends and myself...then i can share them all with you. of course travel is a bit of an issue if you're way outside my area. but i can and will send you some books and samples to make. so you can still have some friends over...i just don't get to come. :0( unless i can write it off as a business expense...hmmmm....

i have a wildtree party tonight. last night i went to an arbonne party my friend had. and i booked a wildtree party there too!! actually the girl is going to do an arbonne and wildtree party together. so her friends get to soak their feet and eat!! doesn't that sound fun? i think so. i also think it was so cool to have booked a party when i wasn't even 'trying' to. i also got to share my business card with another girl there. so fun!!

i think that's enough of the wildtree huh? sorry to overwhelm you. i'm just SO excited.

i'm also excited. because tomorrow i get to go to the eye doctor. i have been out of contacts for awhile now. but since this weekend is girls weekend and we'll go swimming, i wanted some contacts. i'm pretty much blind without my glasses. no joke! so i'm excited to go to the eye doctor and be able to have the option of contacts again. i have been getting used to my glasses and feel okay in them. i used to feel like i looked like a slob when i wore them. mainly because i dressed like a 'slob' on the days i did wear them. funny how that coincides huh?

i watched my friends' two girls yesterday as well. it was crazy fun for a few hours at our house! I had SIX kids under FOUR all here. my sister came for the last half hour or so. they all had a lot of fun. and it helped that caitlyn slept for most of the time. it also makes me realize...i could easily have more kiddos...i know it's not easy all the time. but i just love the 'controlled chaos'. i really do. and i also think that not everyone feels that way. i think we're all our own bit of 'crazy'. and my 'crazy' is just wanting lots of little kiddos. i'll take it. :0)

so i suppose. i gave you lots of info on wildtree but not much else. sorry. but dustin wants his bottle and nap. and then it's off to play with amelya.

on a quick side note though...i was playing outside with the kiddos this morning and we got to see a really cool 'air show' EAA is going on this week, across the lake from us. and planes have always flown over in the past. but never three of them practicing a routine. it was SO neat. and FREE! even better right?

have a super fantastically great day!

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Cope said...

have fun controlling your chaos-- i am too:) good for you and booking parties.

Lara said...

oops, that was not my account:)

Jennifer said...

Wow, six kids under 4? That's crazy!
The only thing we know about EAA is that you can't get a hotel room or rental car within 150 miles. Blech. We did go to that museum once though, and that was fun.

Thanks for your prayers for my Dad!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Yum...the skillet meal seasonings sound good! I like hamburger helper too {it's so easy} but worry about all the stuff that is in it! 6 kiddos under four must have been chaos for sure! You are one brave momma!

Alicia said...

I really need to check out your Wildtree site! The more you write about it, the more it sounds so good!!!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Oh i am soo excited because I just won the Spagetti sauce mix!!! I need to see what else is on there for sure!!

Love your blog. It is sooo fun and exciting!!! Great pictures!


He & Me + 3 said...

I am loving all of my Wildtree stuff. YUM! I will have to place another order in the fall.
6 kids under 4? Holy Moly...you are brave! If anyone could handle it...it's you.

christy rose said...

6 kiddos under 4? Wow You are brave! I bet your kids had fun though!
And the free air show? That is a blessing! :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

THose do sound good! When my kitchen is in? You totally should road trip over here and we'll have a party!