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Monday, July 27, 2009

a giveaway...

well. not on my blog. but on sneaky momma's blog she's giving away a wildtree hearty spaghetti sauce blend. which is really being given away by me. she reviewed it for me. and LOVED it. so go over there for your chance to win. all you have to do is comment!! so it's easy. and yummy. so perfect. go enter. now.

i really don't have much. i could tell you about our weekend. there isn't much to tell.

saturday we went grocery shopping. exciting. ooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. it was nice though because we travelled to appleton to go to woodman's. they have like twenty different kinds of one item. i was a bit irritated at my hubby when he told me i'm being brainwashed by organic stuff. i told him i was just looking. i'm not 'oh it has to be organic or i'll die'. i'm going to die either way. i just like some of the varieties the organic selection has. i found these really yummy blue corn/flax seed organic chips at target. and some super yummy flax seed cracker things at woodman's. they're good. and good for you. and i try to get breigh to eat them to help with her pooping issues. shaun apologized for the organic brainwashing comment and we went on our merry way. at the checkout we always try to guess the total. i won. i was ten dollars UNDER. he was FIFTY dollars OVER!

sunday we went to church. and we went to the park to play. to walmart to buy a few things that we didn't get at woodman's. and then we came home. not our original plans for the day at all. but it's what we did. and it's all i feel like getting into right now.

today is a super busy day! we have mom's group this morning and then dustin has his 9 month check up. i still am in disbelief that he is nine months old. his second tooth is coming in. i hope. he's been up early again the past two days. and fussy and chewing on his finger. he is by far the 'worst' teether. as in...he gets the fussiest and has taken the looooooooooooooooongest to pop out the tooth. but he's still manageable. so that's good. lol.

i have a lot on my mind today. i can't really put it all into words right now. so please just keep it in prayer if you feel so led. it's personal stuff, family stuff, just stuff stuff. thanks.

this week is super busy as well. tomorrow a friend is having an arbonne party that i'm going to. on wednesday i have a wildtree party to do. thursday i have to close a wildtree party. and friday we're going to my mom's camper for girls weekend. my mom's sisters and my sister and my four kiddos go. so this year it's girls and dustin weekend. :0) i figure next year if shaun isn't working dustin could stay home with him. this year shaun works. actually he always ends up working girls weekend. which is kind of nice. because then i know he's busy and i don't miss him as much. but i always end up missing him a lot. but i also think that's good. i don't want to be excited to be away from my husband for an entire weekend. that's a LONG time!! i haven't decided if i'm coming home saturday night or early sunday morning for church. we'll have to see what works out. i hate driving at night. so i'm thinking it'll be early sunday morning. which will mean more of a pain and work for me. but oh well.

my wildtree party on friday night went well. i was excited because it was in town so not too far to drive. she had two people book. one for september and one for later on. so that's good. but i didn't get the bookings i wanted for august. lol. it was my goal to book a party for august. failed that one. but at least i got some bookings. my business has been doing very well. i'm on track to hit around 1500 for the month. whoo hoo. if anyone is interested in doing a show for august let me know! i'd love to help you earn FREE food!! if you don't live around here...i'll send you some books and samples to do a book party. you still earn the food you just don't get my rambling along with it. :0) seriously though. let me know.

okay. enough. i have to go get ready for the day. dustin seemed to think before seven was a fine time to wake up. so it was an early day at our house.

10 loving words from you.:

~*Michelle*~ said...

Will be praying for you, my friend....I too am going on a camping retreat, and let me tell you girl....it is a MUCH needed getaway for me. I am overdue to unplug and regroup with Jesus!

Sending you prosperous blessings with your shows......

talk soon'

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I've been trying to be a little healthier with our food choices lately...and I actually bought some flax seed meal to add to some of our food! My hubby thinks I'm a little crazy because of it...lol! We ended up hitting walmart after church yesterday too....we can't not have milk in our house! I'm glad your wildtree sales are going so well! And I hope today is a great day...even with all the stuff you have going on!

Jessie's Girls said...

Its definitely worth hopping over to enter the contest for the spaghetti seasoning! That stuff is awesome. Just got my order in the mail on Saturday. I can't wait to try it in a gourmet pizza sauce too.
The one family that has received their gift so far was thrilled :).

Lara said...

praying for u. glad your business is doing well. have fun this weekend-- it seems it'll be a nice getaway for you! happy 9 month b-day to dustin :)

christy rose said...

Glad to hear that your business is doing well. I tried the stawberry powder as dip and cheesecake. Both were great! Have not tried the stew yet. I will let you know when I do and I will give you another order soon! Have a great week!

Veronica said...

Hey! Hope you end up having a good day. I was totally thinking of you yesterday when I had my niece over here with us and had to get all three girls fed and ready in the morning. It was almost overwhelming at one point. At that very moment, I had so much respect and admiration for you! There are days when I so want to have another baby and then I have a day like yesterday when I am completely overwhelmed. I know God knows what will end up happening but I realized that it is no easy feat to do what you do! Hoping you have a great week and I'll be praying for you! Sending a big hug your way right now!!! :)

-stephanie- said...

Had to buy those yummy blue corn/flaxseed chips you brought over the other day. In fact, I'm eating them right now with the red bell pepper/garlic flake dip. But here's my review on that. I had some sour cream here and not cream cheese. Don't use sour cream. The cream cheese brought out the flavor of the flakes more.

Thinking of you a lot lately, and keeping you in prayer.

Mommies-Miracles said...

Hey again, I'll definitely check out the giveaway! I've also got mine up! Hope your having a great week!

E @ Scottsville said...

You sound like one busy little mama! How could you NOT be busy even if you stay at home and do nothing --- when you have four little ones. =0)

Been there done that! *sigh*

Hope you're having a great week.

natalee said...

I love your blog natalee http://totmama.blogspot.com/